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Chapter 16

Adira POV:

We stay quiet and the boys come to hold our arms.
We exit the auction and head to Damien's car. How the hell did he get his car all the way here? I don't question what he was doing these last weeks because I had a feeling I would know sooner or later. I see that there is another car and Daniel holds Cassidy's hand, bringing her to the other car. I look over at Damien and whisper.
"How the hell did you get these cars here?" He looks me in my eyes and softly smiles, followed by a chuckle.
"That's for me to know and for you to dot, dot, dot sweetheart." I smile at him. How much have I missed this. How much have I missed him.
I go infront of him, wrapping my arms around his neck and bringing his head down for a kiss. He responds by bending down and wrapping his arms around my waist, picking me up. I wrap my legs around his waist and he cups my ass.
"Do you want to go home love?" He asks.
"My house would be fine for now." I say dismissively. He walks to the car and sits down in the drivers seat with me still wrapped around him like a cuddly koala.
"Move in with me sweetheart." He says and I look at him questioning the action. Move in? Are you ready for that Adira?
"Are you sure Damien? I really can't do it if you are going to joke around with me." He smiles and rubs my back under my shirt.
"When have I ever not been sure?" I shrug at the question. Although I know what a hard headed man Damien can be, he has been nothing but respectful, kind and caring towards me. I might have been silent too long because he asks a question that I am not even sure how to answer.
"Do you trust me Adira?" He asks. Trust in anyone was something hard to give or to be earnt.
"Should I trust you Damien?"
He furrows his eyebrows at me and looks down, thinking about that question.
"I don't know myself. Trust isn't something I give out easily." He says. I think he does know that I can relate to that a lot.
"Same here." I say.
We stay silent for a moment. The atmosphere tense but calm at the same time.
He shuffles a minute and gets something out of his pocket.
"This was my mother's engagement ring. It is the only thing I have left to remind me of her." He says.
"You mean she's...?" He nods sadly with a frown on his face. I take his face in one of my hands and kiss him sweetly on the lips.
"If she loved you before, she would love you now. She is watching you from above Damien, believe it or not. She is always watching you. Isay assuringly and he chooses this moment to joke around.
"Hopefully when we are not having sex." We laugh at the silly phrase and I huddle against him.
He puts the ring on my finger and holds my hand close to his chest.

"Are you sure?" I whisper whilst looking up at him.
"I'm always sure with you in my arms baby." He whispers back. I smile and kiss his jaw.
We stay silent for a few moments before I start to complain.
"I'm cold Damien." He chuckles and kisses the top of my head.
Do you want me to warm you up Baby Kitten?" His husky voice whispers. I try to remain calm and still as his fingers dance down my arm to the hem of my dress, fingers reaching higher and higher up my thigh.
"Yes please daddy." I say almost instantly.
His fingers rub through the damp fabric of my panties and he gets close to my ear.
"What does this pussy of yours do sweetheart?" He touches my entrance through the fabric and I get of his lap. He seems confused and looks at me with the same puzzled expression.
"You've got to wait until we get home." I say with a smirk.
He clenches he jaw and sighs, trying to hold himself together.
"Can people from outside see." I ask, an idea coming to my mind.
"No. They are tinted windows. I got them in the darkest tint for privacy."
I smirk and start to take off my clothes peice by peice until there was nothing left there anymore.
"Holy fuckk..." He mutters this while staring at my breast. He looks back up and you could feel the lust radiating from him.
"I thought you were cold." He says. I shrug and pull the seat back, spreading my legs and feeling myself whilst staring him straight in the eyes.
"I changed my mind." I look behind his seat to spot a box. I reach over and open it to see a pair of chains, a whip and fluffy cuffs in red- my favourite. As I dig in the box, i also see a vibrator and a butt plug.
I grab the vibrator and put it over my nipple whilst my other hand rubs my clit, slowly and in circles.
"Jesus Fucking Christ Adira! Are you serious?!" I look back at him and he is staring down there intensely. I smirk and move one finger inside me. His Adam Apple bobs up and down as he gulps and I look down at his lap to see his bulge perfectly outlined through his jeans.
He gets a text message and his hand goes up to grab the phone. His eyes were not leaving my body once..
"Who is that?" I ask out of genuine curiosity.
"Daniel. He said he is taking Cassidy somewhere, looks like we have the house to ourselves."
He looks back at me and smirks. I smirk too and bring the vibrator to my wet core.
"You better make it home before I cum, because if I do, you aren't having any pussy tonight."
I lick my lips and he touches my folds. His hands were so cold I moaned in pleasure.
"So fucking wet..." He mutters.
He was probably saying that to himself and thought I couldn't hear. He looks back at the road and starts the car,weaving through traffic and making his way to my house.
All truths, the vibrator, my fingers, the bumpy road and his fingers from time to time made it all feel great. Everytime I was close to cumming, I would stop myself because I do actually want him to finesse me at my house, making me not walk AT ALL the next morning.
We soon arrive and he grabs his long coat and puts it out towards me.
"Put this fucking thing on right now. By the time I am done with you, naughty kitten, your are going to be SHAKING by the morning."

I gulp and smirk. That was exactly what I wanted.
"Yes Master." I grab the coat and as soon as it is on, he gets out of the car over to my door.
"I will fuck you so hard that the only word you will remember is daddy."
He grabs my hand and grabs the box with the toys in it, pulling me towards the house. I laugh and try to keep up with his pace.
As soon as the door opens, he closes the front door and we head to my bed, where all the kinky shit are. I let the coat slip and it falls on the floor.
"Sit Kitten." He commands and I sit infront of him on the bed, look up.
I know what you are thinking. No, Adira is still a brat; just not for him.
He grabs the chains and ties them to the ends of the bed.
"What are you doing daddy?"
He clips the ends of the chains on my nipple, my clit and legs.
"Mmmm," I softly moan. He squeezes my breast a little and smirks.
"Are you going to be a good little slut for daddy?"
He puts the chains on my wrists and reaches up to put them on the high bed post used to hold on.
This makes me stand tied infront of him and he takes out a whip.
"Do you want me to fucking hit you baby?"
He wraps the whip around his hand.
"Yes daddy-"
He hits me with the whip on my stomach and I yelp at the suddenness.
"What was that Kitten?" He says raising an eyebrow.
"Yes PLEASE daddy." He hits my bare ass and I moan. He places his cold palm over my buttcheek and goes down my arsehole to my aching core.
He feels me and I move in my chains, making me hiss when the chains attached to my nipple bite through them.
"Did I do this love? Did I make you wet?"
He enters me and I stiffen in my chains a little. It has been time since I had done this.
"Just breath love. What is your safe word?" He asks assuringly.
"Berry Blue." I respond.
"Good girl." He praises. After hitting my G-spot repeatedly and making me nearly fall on edge, he exits and I whine.
"Damien! Not this game again!" He hits me hard with the whip again, but this time on my leg.
"Maybe you forgot love, but I am in charge." He says with a chuckle.

His fingers dance along my thighs and belly then he kisses my shoulder.
"Do I have to remind you who that is?" He uses the whip to trace my skin and I open my legs further apart.
"Yes daddy. Your Baby Kitten needs a good beating for disobeying you." I say like it is the most obvious thing.
"I won't beat you Adira. I am going to punish you." I shrug.
"Same thing." I say keeping my point relevant.
He hits me on my back with the whip and I yelp at the suddenness.
"This is how it is going to work. Every mistake you make, I will hit you."
I bite my lip at the thought of letting Damien use me.
"Is that clear Kitten?" He asks and I nod.
"Good." He says.
He walks around me in circles and I just stare him in the eyes whilst he does this.
"Did you think I forgot about you?" I stayed quiet and just kept on looking at him.
How do I say yes without actually saying yes?
"Well...?" I nod and look down.
I see the whip flash before my eyes as he hits me on my stomach. I jump a little and look at him.
"Hey! You said if I did something wrong then you will hit me." He smiles and nods.
"That was a mistake Kitten. You shouldn't have thought that." He says and I scoff.
"Well, it is kind of hard not to believe that when you were IGNORING me for THREE weeks."
I emphasise the words to make my point clear. Ignoring people isn't cute.
"I know love." He brings his fingers to caress my cheek.
"And I am sorry. I just... I don't know... needed time to adjust to this feeling of missing someone." He says.
"And it took you three weeks why?" I ask.
"I don't know. I guess I was also trying to find a way to get you back without getting into trouble." I am lost in thought for a moment and then I shake the loss from my head.
"Please forgive me love. I just... I'm not even sure..."
I smile as he furrows his eyebrows to think of an explanation.
"Its fine Damien. I forgive you. If we are confessing, I am glad you ignored me for some time, it really let me think for a while."
He smiles and walks closer to me. Placing the whip on my bed and bringing my lips in for a kiss.
"I'm going to make this the night of your life." He whispers.
He slowly takes of every chain on my body and cuffs off my hand while peppering kisses all over my body.
"Have you ever made love Damien?"
I softly moan as he places a kiss over the top of my core.
"I'm about to." As he takes all of them off, he gathers me in his arms.
"My beautiful baby kitten." As he rests me on the bed he kisses my inner thigh.
I moan and he brings his face up for another kiss.


ARE YOU FOR FUCKING REAL?! Damien groans loudly.
"For fucks sake! People are always ruining a special moment!"
We get up and get dressed, heading to the front door. When I open it, I see; Imogen, Cassidy and Daniel together- just the people we were expecting(!)
"Hi people!" Imogen cheers.
I see Cassidy with the biggest smile on her face. I haven't seen this happy this month, I am glad she has found her happiness.
"All of you are such cock blockers."
I giggle, Daniel rolls his eyes and Imogen raises a dismissive hand.
"Get used to it Damien. You know I am here to ruin your fun, that includes the sexual ones too." We all laugh except Damien that is giving his sister a stern look.
"I will throw you upside down in the the bin Imogen if you don't shut that big mouth of yours."

She walks past us into the house and we all follow.
"You don't have the guts Damien. When we were younger I always had the bigger balls than you." IImogen looks at Damien and Damien stops.
"Would you like to test that theory?" Imogen smirks.
"Yes big brother. I would very much like to."
Damien leaps toward Imogen to try and catch her and she screams in surprise. But Imogen is like a snake, dodging every move Damien attacks her with.
"Told ya!" She says and Damien growls.
"I am not going to loose to you Imogen!"
He keeps chasing her and Me, Cassidy and Daniel laugh on the sideline.
"Don't let him catch you Imogen!" Cassidy cheers.
"Come on Damien! That is EASYYY!" Daniel teases.
Damien growls at Daniel.
"Come do this with me if you think it is so fucking easy!" Damien hisses and Daniel chuckles.
"I'm good." He turns to Cassidy and holds her by her waist.
"Are you happy my love?" He looks at her with so much adoration in his eyes.
"Yes. Very much." She looks at him with the same adoration.

Well, they got there happy ever after.

I look back at Damien that is jumping over my sofa to still catch Imogen.

I think I got mine too.
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