Master (18+)

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Chapter 17

(It's been 2 years. They got married last month. Adira has started to work in Damien's office- no one knows that. The problem is, they can't keep their eyes to themselves.)

Adira POV:

We’d been glancing at each other across the office all morning, I’d even made extra trips to the coffee machine just so he’d talk to me. And now, an email from him pops up in the corner of my computer screen. It’s a blank email with the subject ‘Check your phone.’ I slide my phone across my desk. There’s a message from him. “Far left cubicle”. I look up from my desk to see that he’s gone from his. He startles me as he walks past.

My heart starts racing. I look around to see if there’s anyone who would suspect anything. Nobody is about because it’s a Friday night and the only reason we’re both still at work is because we knew this would finally be possible. I lock my computer and get up from my desk.

He’s standing at the end of the corridor by the disabled toilet looking down at his phone. I clear my throat and he looks up. He throws me some serious side eye as he turns and opens the door to a cubicle. I follow him in and lock the door behind us.

“I’ve been waiting so…” he cups his hand over my mouth cutting me off and grabs my breast in his hand firmly. He puts his face right up close against mine so I can feel him breathing on my neck, my cheek and then my ear.
“You are going to bend over and pull your arse cheeks apart and you are going to let me do whatever the fuck I want to that sweet little ass” he whispers. I try to swallow but my throat is so dry.
“Yes sir” I splutter.
“Now be a good little girl and be quiet” He says, turning me around and pulling my skirt and panties straight down to my ankles. I lean over the sink and spread my legs. I’m shaking so much that I almost lose my balance trying to lean forward with both hands on my ass. I feel his tongue caressing my asshole and it makes me twitch with excitement. He gets his face right up in my ass and I feel his tongue slip up there. I let out a little moan and he grabs at my thigh making a muffled ‘shh’ sound. He rubs his face right into my dripping wet pussy getting my wetness all over his face and my ass. I feel him move away and he turns me around. He stands up and kisses me, his soaking wet beard presses again my cheek.
“Do you want it in the arse?” He asks, looking at me with one eyebrow raised. I don’t know what to say, we haven’t got any lube but my pussy is soaking. I stutter for a second, unsure whether I can take a cock in my ass without some ass play. He takes over “You’ll take what you get.” He swivels me back around and guides me hands onto the basin. I hear his belt jingle as he undoes his trousers and I look up to see his reflection in the mirror pulling his hard cock out of his trousers. I bite my lip as he pushes it into my wet pussy and reaches over to cover my mouth.

His cock pounds me until I can’t take it anymore. I reach down and start rubbing my clit and then start moving against his rythm so his cock slams into me even harder. He’s slamming right against my G spot and it’s driving me wild. I do want it in my arse. I stop rubbing my clit and grab his hand away from my mouth.
“Let me suck your cock.” I beg.
He responds “Let me suck your cock…?”
“Please daddy” I say, getting on my knees. I start sucking on his hard dick painfully aware of how much I’ve wanted this. I force it down my throat until I end up with a mouth full of saliva. I spit it into my hand, stand up and rub it all over my arsehole while turning back around to bend over the sink. I reach behind me with my still wet hand to guide his cock in. It hurts for a second and then slides straight into my asshole. I instantly feel like I’m going to cum. My whole body tingles as I rub my clit harder and harder while he rams his cock into my ass harder and harder. I cum hard letting out a loud muffled groan under his hand.

We hear someone walk past the door and he stops fucking me and cups his hand harder over my mouth and nose. I try to let out a giggle but I can’t even breath. He let’s go and spanks me before proceeding to fuck me even harder than before.

“I’m gonna cum” he moans.
“Cum all over me” I moan back, reaching behind and holding my cheeks open with both hands. I look up in the mirror and watch the look on his face as he blows his warm creamy load all over me. I rub his cock against my cum covered asshole and slide it in one last time. He shudders from his orgasm and I shudder from mine.
“Anyway, I’ve errr, got a spreadsheet to get back to…” I say and we both laugh as I look in the mirror and realise I’m pink in the face.
"You better get cleaned up, you look like a mess." I send him a side eye and he raises an eyebrow.
"Your fault." I say and he moves back against me. That moment, I realize he is hard against my ass.
"Damien, are you...?"
He rubs his hands against my curves.
"Yes I am." His face moves to my neck and starts to softly kiss it.
"You know, this would be a lot more easier if I wasn't pregnant." I say softly and he hums against my neck.
"Why would it be easier?" He asks and I mentally roll my eyes at him.
"I need to use the toilet." He stops as soon as I say this and he looks at me through the mirror.
"Seriously?" He says.
"Don't look at me! You were the one that used a broken condom on our wedding night!" I hiss.
"Ok, first of all I didn't see it. And second, you said you were on birth control!" He hisses back.
"Well I forgot!" I say, not wanting the blame.
"I did too!" He says.
We stay quiet just looking through the mirror before my face breaks into a smile and I turn around, catching his lips into a kiss.
"I love you." I say in awe.
"Oh, so now you love me? When was that when we were fighting?" I smile and squeeze him tighter into a hug.

"Shut up. I love you Master. That is all you need to know."

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