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Chapter 2

Adira POV:

We finally arrive to the airport and I hop out of the car. Daniel goes to Cassidy's side and opens the door for her.
Now I definitely know there is no such thing as two brothers being respectful.

I walk in first. Despite the respect Daniel has shown, I still have a record to keep up with. I stop and look behind where Daniel is holding Cassidy's hand. If I am telling the truth here, they would definitely make a good couple.

"So Daniel, I have never seen you at the auction before and we have worked there for a few years." I interrogate him but he seems unfazed.

"I have been around observing the Sub's. I know the boss personally." Well that makes sense, no wonder he is allowed to basically buy two.

"Um, Master." We both look at Cassidy who looks nervous that she interrupted our conversation.
"Yes, Bunny." He smiles.
"I think someone is calling you over there." We look over at where Cassidy is pointing to see a woman waving our direction.
"Thank you Sweetheart." He runs his thumb on the bottom of her lip and kisses her forehead. She is looking forward, frozen.
Oh no, I know that face from a mile away. Not her 'fuck I'm in love face'!

"Come on." Cassidy follows Daniel and I roll my eyes, smiling at the fact she has a good Dom this month. I follow behind aswell to the woman that was waving a second ago.
"Hey there Imogen!" Daniel exclaims as he pulls the girl into a bear hug.
"Daniel!" She squeals and hugs back.
"So which one is which?" She asks examining both me and Cassidy.
"Well Cassidy is mine."

"Hello ma'am." Cassidy says quite shyly.
"Hi." The woman chirps happily.
"And this is Damien's." Daniel introduces me to the girl.
"Sup." I greet.
"Ohhhhh, you are a bad one. I like it." Huh, whoever this is I like her too.
"I'm Adira." I introduce myself.
"I'm Imogen but I'm sure you heared. PLEASE make Damien's month a hell loop!" Yep, I definitely like her.
"That's what I plan on doing." She throws her hands in the air and spins.
"Yes!" She exclaimes whilst looking her arms with mine.

"We are going to make his month hell together!" Wait...
"Are you a Sub too?" She looks at me for a moment before throwing her head back and barking a laugh.
"No, of course not!" She giggles throughout her point. How was I supposed to know that?
"Imogen, leave her alone. And leave Damien alone, he is going to hate you." Damien? My Dom maybe? Oh yes definitely.

"Oh please! He couldn't hate me if he tried! And besides, I'm his baby sister and he loves me!" Well that explains everything.
"So y'all are siblings? Good to know." Imogen rolls her eyes playfully.
"I know that you think this is confusing, me being white and Daniel being black and all." She says.
"I was adopted Adira. Me and Damien were friends and I got kicked out of my house for some reason. He asked his mother if she could adopt me and she accepted. They are really good people."

I put a hand up and he falls quiet. "I didn't need and explanation because it is your life not mine, but thank you." The corner of his eyes crinkle as he smiles and he let's out a soft laugh.
"No problem." He turns to Cassidy and rubs her back.
"Shall we go now Bunny?" His smile remains wide as he smiles at Cassidy. If all men were like this, I would have a hard time living.
"Yes Master." Cassidy says obediently and Daniel leads her inside. I soon enter too and when we get in, I'm surprised by the empty seats.
"Um, isn't a plane supposed to be full?" He laughs at me. Can you believe it? AT me. Not cool.
"It's a private plane." Of course it is(!) They have money but you don't care Adira, remember? We make our way in and take our seats.

"How do you know eachother except from maybe working together?" Imogen asks and I am quick to answer.
"Well I was an orphan. If Cassidy wants to share her part of the story it needs to come out of her mouth. It's not my story to tell." Daniel turns to Cassidy.
"What do you say Bunny?" He lightly taps her thigh with his palm whilst giving her a warm smile. She looks hesitant but tries not to show it.
"You can say no sweetheart. I won't push you." Options. Definitely not what some Dom's give me. You know, some people just don't know how to be Dom's.
"Well, my parents died in a car accident and since I was a lonely child, I was sent to the Orphanage. I was getting bullied and Adira got rid of them. People would try and adopt me but Adira made sure they stayed away. We have been best friends ever since." Imogen turns to me.

"Did anyone try and adopt you Adira?" I shake my head.
"Nope. They said I was a difficult child." Daniel laughs.
"Looks like you were a brat when you were a kid too." He exclaims and I click my tongue.
"Got that right." I say and Imigen squeals.
"My brother's going to hate you. I love it!" We laughed and talked until the plane landed.

...After the plane landed...

We got up from our places and headed out. I stretched my frozen muscles. It was a 4 hour flight and I HATED crammed spaces.
"So," I start, clapping my hands together to get their attention then rubbing them.
"Is your brother here or is his buttocks waiting at home waiting for you to bring me to him?" When they don't respond, I wonder if they glitched.

"Such a big mouth for a sub, you know that don't you?" I turn around and a bloody Greek God is standing there blessing my eyes. I look into his eyes and I recognise him quickly. Mr Mysterio. He bought me? Damn, this month is going to be good and I know it.
"And you have a big attitude for a Dom with a small brain, and I'm guessing a shrimp too." I put my index finger and thumb together with a little space between them. Boy, was that a lie.
Daniel spits a laugh and Imogen is full on barking one.
"Damn brother, I like her!" Imogen exclaims. Greek God clenches his jaw and walks over to me. Welp I am scared of him. Why? Ask my stupid brain.
He stares in my eyes and he lets out a threatening growl to make me cower.
Me, being the brat I am, challenges him by not breaking eye contact.

"Kitten..." He says warningly. Do I give a shit? No. Did it make me wet? Oh GOD yes.
"You don't scare me Mr Mysterio." I say challenging him and he let's out a low chuckle.
"I should scare you. You don't know half the things I can do to you." This. This is why I hate men. Is he talking to do it without my consent? I dont know. Some Dom's have tried to do that to me. Things without consent, but I didn't let them.
A relationship between a Dom and a Sub is different. Full of respect. Looks like they don't know that. Or they don't care.
"Now be a good Kitten."

"Or what?" I challenge again. Oh, do I love my bratty side.
"You are going to get in trouble." He puts simple but I scoff.
"Yeah ok. Can you move your butt so I can get through?" His nostrils flare and eyes are full with anger but a hint of amusement flows through them.
"Let's." He says through gritted teeth. Good. I make him angry. What did he think he was going to get? An angel? Pfffft! In his dreams.
We make our way to a black Ferrari. Oh, yeah. They have money. Forgot(!)

"Get in." He commands.
"Rude." I mutter under my breath.
"I heared that." He sends a glare.
"You were supposed to." I assure.

His jaw clenched as he looked straight into my eyes.
At this moment all I saw was us. We were in silence. Just looking. Reading each others souls.
"You know, this is nice and all but I want to get home to love my Bunny." Daniel cuts in.
"Yeah, stop whatever this is because I want to get home to my roomie!" Imogen continues from Daniel's statement.
I looked at them, still feeling his eyes on me. Damn I creamed my panties. Good thing I packed my vibrater with me... No, wait... I didn't. Fuckk! I look back at him and I see the way his eyes darken as they bore into my soul.
"Get in." He orders again.
I got in. I actually followed his orders. Just once. Don't do it again Adira. You have a reputation to keep. We arrive to this HUGE penthouse.

"Wow..." I say in a daze and I hear Damien chuckle.
"Looks good?" I nod in amazement.
"The inside is better." He notes and I grab the set of keys hanging out of his pocket, leaving the car and making my way to the penthouse. Don't mind me just entering his house, I don't care about his opinion. As soon as I enter, my jaw hits the floor.

Not even a minute later, he comes in and bends down to whisper in my ear.
"How is it?" His gruff voice made me cream my panties all over again.
"It's beautiful." I whisper and he chuckles against my ear. I could almost swear my knees turned to jelly for a moment.
"Come on, I will show you to your room." He suggests.
"Ok... Damien..." He stopped everything he was going to do and turned his full attention to me.
"I am your Master. You will not call me by my name." Hell no! I haven't called anyone Master. What makes him think I will call him Master? Other than his perfect body and beautiful face that makes me want him to be with me 24/7.

"Oh please! I really don't care!" He takes a few steps towards me before my back eventually hits a wall. Yay(!) It's always like this.
"My beautiful kitten, you will call me Master sooner or later whether you like it or not." He whispers making me whoozy.

He grabs my wrists and pin them both over my head.
He is so close to my face I can smell his minty breath mixed with his cologne. Normally I would smack the shit out of the Dom for doing this, but this is... different.
"I won't ever call you Master. It's not my thing. If you are asking for respect, the best I can do is call you sir." I whisper.
His eyes flick down to my lips and my eyes do the same to his. Urgh! What is this man doing to me?
"Good enough for me." He whispers back. He backs up and walks to the kitchen like that encounter we just had didn't happen.

I let out a silent breath I didn't know I was holding.
"I thought you were going to
show me to my room."
He looks back at me with a smirk on his face.
"Why are smirking? Did I miss
the joke?" He only smirks harder.
"We are sleeping in the same room."
"Like hell I am! When you are the last person in the world, then I will sleep with you."
I practically scram and he chuckles.
"Get your ass in my room." He says impatiently.
"No." I stand my ground.

"Now Adira."
His eyes turn cold when he said my name. I don't bloody know what men can do when they are normal, so how the hell would I know what this one will do? To say i am scared would be an understatement.
"No." I still stand my ground.
"Do what you are told." He orders.
"NoOoOooOo." I say in a singing voice.
"You always have an attitude you know." He complains.
"Well do something about it." I say out of nowhere. I put my hand over my mouth. I didn't mean to say that out loud!

He walks closer to me and wraps his left hand around my throat. The other, he slowly starts to rub my inner thigh. Shit I haven't done this! Come on! Where is a distraction when you need it.
"So were ba- Woah."
I look behind him to see Imogen standing there with two happy meals. Then Daniel comes after with Cassidy. Daniel doesn't seem surprised but Cassidy has her eyes popping out of her head.
I look back at him to see him clench his jaw. Hehe. He looks mad. Just my type of tea.
"Are your ready to let me go SIR?"

I emphasize the word sir and he tightens the grip on my neck. I whimper a little and now it is my turn for my eyes to pop out of my head. What the hell was that Adira?! Oh My God, No!
Go to the last door at the corridor, love.
"Go take a shower and come back."
I see him smirking. Fucking Bastard.
"HMPF! Whatever." I scoff out.
He takes his hand away from my neck and walks towards his sister. He grabs the Happy Meal and I cup my neck while looking at him.
He turns around and raises an eyebrow.
"Yeah, still not sleeping in the same bed as you."

His eyebrow that was raised goes
back down and he opens his mouth
to say something. Before any words
came out of his mouth, I walked
away to the room, headed to the
bathroom and locking the door
before entering the shower.
After the shower, I went to a cabinet
and took out a few towels. I realised
I forgot to bring any clothes so I
headed out with my towel wrapped
around me.
When I opened the door, Damien
was sitting on the bed with his hand
at the back of his bed, on his phone,
and wearing no shirt.
In trouble? Yes.
He looks at me and sits upright. His
v-line is so defined. He definitely
works out.
He has a dirty smirk on his face. Do
you ever just get the feeling to
just... hit someone so badly?
"You were naughty kitten. You
definitely know that." He taps his lap.

"Spread over on all fours. It's
time for your punishment." He says and I am debating whether I should follow his order or not. I am naked-
well half naked, I have the towel
around me- but I kinda want his
hands on my ass.
"I'm naked blind guy." I try to make obvious.
His smirk grows wider as he sits
back on his elbows.
"Well then the quicker you get here, the quicker you get dressed"
Are you-? Is he-? Is he serious? My
warm liquid is trickling own my legs
now. Damn it he makes me dirty as
"Thank you, but no thank you.
I'm good."

I was going to walk out of the room
so I could stay in Cassy's room, but
he gets up and grabs my by the
wrists, pinning them to the wall with
one hand. My towel falls and I am in
his full view. I gasp and he puts his
nose near my mouth and his other
rubs my clit in circles.
"Shhhhh my lovely kitten. When I tell you are going to get punished, it means you are going to get punished." He whispers against the front of my neck.

It feels soooo gooood! He does a
better job than I do! Kinda pisses
me off though. I gulp. First time a man has made
me nervous and SO FUCKING
"Damien..." I say out of breath as he circle my sensitive clit.

With no warning, he pinches it and I moan, eyes rolling to the back of my head and head falling back to the door.
"What did we say about name calling Kitten?" His husky voice whispers into my ear.
"Sir..." I whimper out and he only smirks.
"Good girl." He moves to my fold and traces them with his index finger.
"What's your safe word, love?"
At this point I am out of breath. I really want to do this, but I am afraid.
His smirk turns into a smile and I forget where I am for a moment.
His beautiful eyes hold a spark of mischief and control. That was hard for the Dom's to have when I have been bruising their ego repeatedly for the days that I have been with them.
"You know how it works, don't you?" He asks. He catches the juices that are flowing out of me and spreads it around my clit.
"Mmmmm, yes." I moan.
He slaps my pussy and I yelp at the suddenness.

"Yes s-sir." I continue obeying his command in his question.
Stutter? Are you fucking serious Adira?
"Good girl." He praises.
He brings his face to my neck and places soft kisses on it. I whimper and move my head the other way to give him more space.
His thick finger starts to enter and I clench around them. I am not used to another finger entering me.
"Let go sweetheart. If you don't want to, the safe word is there for a reason." He whispers.
I decide to follow and unclench myself, letting him enter me.
I moan and move in his grip. He pumps in and out of me and I am so close.
He must have fucking felt it because he removed his finger and I whine at the loss of contact.

"No, don't. Why?" I whine.
He chuckles against my neck and I shiver at the contact.
"Because it is time for your punishment." He roughly kneads my breast and I moan in pleasure. He placed one kiss on my neck and walks over to the bed, sitting down.
Damn bastard. Trying to make me follow him.
"Come here kitten." He beckons.
I go over to him and spread over on all fours, ass in the air.
What? I want to feel his hands on my ass. They are so soft yet so rough at the same time.
"I want you to count baby girl. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes daddy." I look him straight in his eyes and his jaw visibly clenched.
He slaps my ass with the tip of his fingers. Damn spanking me like that hurts and it is going to leave marks.
I yelp at the contact but keep myself up.
"Count." He orders.
He slaps me again.
He slaps me again.
He slaps me again.
He slaps me one final time and lays his hand over my, probably guessing, red buttcheek.

"We are going 5 for a start. Next time, it will be more." Bratty Adira, here I come!
"It doesn't even hurt." I tease. He pauses for a moment before looking down at my face. His eyes darken but whether it was anger or lust, it will remain anonymous.
He squeezes my buttcheek hard and I moan.
"What did you say?" He asks.
"What did you just hear?" I challenge. His nails dig into my cheeks and I feel pain and pleasure mix for the first time.
"Watch your attitude with me Kitten. I may not always be forgiving." Well sorry not sorry but I have a reputation to keep up.

"Don't confuse my attitude with my personality hun."
Yes. I just did that. I just 'hun'ed this bastard. He just responds with a chuckle.
"If you were a normal bratty sub, I would have given you a lesson. But you are not normal." What?

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" He just chuckles again.
"Get on your knees." He commands and slaps my buttcheek. I thought spanking was over.
"Hey! Spanking is over!" I hiss.
"Get on your knees kitten."
Bastard. I get down infront of him- bare in mind I am still naked- and look up at him on my knees. He gets up and puts his finger below my chin.

"Though you may kneel before me, you will never be below me kitten. Remember that." He says. Does he mean that?
"Do you want more hits Kitten?" He asks and I am aching for some.
"Yes sir." I say honestly.
"You will need to beg for them." He says but no, Adira doesn't beg for anyone or anything.
"Please sir I need more!" Fuck you obedient side! Are you seriously going to do me like that?!

"It's so pathetic how you get so needy and turned on by me hitting you a few times. As much as I like that you are being obedient, I expected a fight from you." I look down. I couldn't argue with that. I was pathetic when it comes to him.
"Look at me." He demands and I look at him as he crouches down to my level.
"I just love the pain I give you Kitten."
Damn I loved it too.

He kisses my forehead and makes his way to the bathroom. He isn't going to give me any swats, is he? I cringe at how I begged him to do it.
He comes out with a fresh towel in one hand and brings the other one down to help me up.
"Stand up Kitten, you did good." He praises. I push his hand away and grab the towel from his hand. I get up wrap it around me and head over to Cassy's room. As I am about to exit, I turn around and say.
"Your hand was soft anyways."
He gets up and I dash to Daniel's room. How did I know which one was his? I didn't. I just ran to the door furthest away from his.

As soon as I enter, I see Cassy kneeled on the floor with Daniel patting her head like a dog.
"Nice." I praise. Their heads turned towards me and Cassidy looks down in embarrassment. Daniel on the other hand gives me a warming smile.
"Did you need anything Adira?" Daniel asks.
"Well, I came to stay with Cassy because your brother was being a pain in the bum, but I see you are busy so I will see you tommorrow.
Is Imogen here?" I ask and he shakes his head.
"She has gone to her apartment with her roomate." He answers.
"Oh, well have a good night."

Daniel looks down at Cassy with a smile on his face.
"Do you want to talk to Adira Bunny? We don't have to do this today." Cassy looks up at Daniel in surprise.
"Will I get punished Master?" Daniel only chuckles.
"No my love. You won't. It is your decision." He says softly.
"Yes please Master." He rubs her cheek with his thumb and bends down to kiss her forehead.
"I will go sleep in the guest room. If you are more comfortable to sleep with Adira, I will let you."

"Thank you Master." She says thankful. He smiles and walks to me. "Goodnight Adira." He says.
"Goodnight Daniel. And thank you." I say back. He smiles, pats my shoulder and walks out.
"You have got a keeper right there my friend." I say as soon as I close the door. When I look at her, she is blushing. She gets up and I walk over to her for a hug.
"You're in a towel. Care to explain what happend?" She asks. We sat on the bed and I told her everything.
"Well that is new." She says.
"Very new." I agree.
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