Master (18+)

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Chapter 3

Adira POV:

I wake up the next morning and I realised I slept in Daniel's/ Cassy's room and now I need to go back to the devil. Yay(!) I look at the King Size Bed and see that Cassy isn't there.
"Hey!" She comes out of the toilet with her head wrapped in a towel and fully clothed.

"Hey girl!" I respond back.
"You know you are going to get punished by your Dom for not sleeping in his room." She says and I only shrug. I really didn't care. As much as I hated that I was being submissive to him, I enjoyed it so much.
"Cassy, you should know that I don't care." She raises an eyebrow at me after I say this and I know what she is about to say.
"No! Don't say anything." I say before she can say anything. She giggles at me and I roll my eyes playfully.
"I'm coming in a bit." She says. I hug Cassy and make my way to the living room. Damien is sitting on the sofa, doing some computer work.
"Morning Adira!" Damien turns his attention to me. To say he was mad, would be a fib.
"Morning Daniel." I say and Damien smirks.
"I hope you enjoyed your little sleep over." I am mentally swearing at him.
"Yes I did very much." I say. Daniel struggles to hold in a laugh. Damien clenched his jaw. Probably annoyed with my statement and Cassy walks in the room.
"Good morning Master."She says this to Daniel while looking down and blushing.
"Good morning my love." Daniel smiles and gives an open arm for Cassy. She walks over to him and hugs him.

Awwwww, they are sooooo cuteeeeee! Daniel kisses Cassidy's head and rubs her back.
"Me and Damien need to go for work. We trust you not to do anything weird." Daniel says.
"No promises there Dan" I say and I look over at Damien that kisses his teeth together. Daniel chuckles at my statement.
"Just don't mess up the house, ok?" He says.
"Yeah, ok." I say dismissively. He laughs even more and Damien gets up to come closer to me.
"I will see you later Kitten." He kisses the top of my head and grabs his bag.
"I need to go out too love." Daniel says to Cassidy. He kisses the top of her head and grabs his things.
"Bye bunny." Daniel says.
"Goodbye Master." Cassidy says. They smile at eachother and Daniel leaves with Damien, meaning we are home alone.
"That made me hot." Cassidy says.
"Yeah..." I say in thought.
"So what are we going to do?" She asks.
"I am going to have some alone time with myself in a few minute." I say.
"Damn you are nasty." She says and I roll my eyes.
"Oh please! Don't act like you don't do it." I respond with sass.
"You are right. We are both nasty." We laugh and talk for hours. We have cleaned the whole house and we are just waiting for them to come back. It was 6 something in the afternoon and they still aren't back. Not once have I been able to get him off my mind. Beautiful face. Hot body. Possessive yet slightly caring personality. His v-line. Ahhh! I just creamed my panties thinking about him.
"Are you going to go do it now?" Cassidy asks out of the blue.

This grabs my attention and I snap out of my little daydream.
"Do what now?" I ask curiously.
"Mastrubate. You seem to be lost in thought, and by biting your lip, you are probably thinking about him." She notices.
"I don't even know what it is. I mean, he is ONE boy!" I say with a huff and a sigh.
"He might be one boy, but you are going to love one boy sooner or later Adira."
"No. Love isn't in my dictionary." I say sternly and Cassy sighs.
"Why do you hate it so much? You have never told me why."

I will Cassy. I will tell you now. Because if I keep it to myself, you will keep asking me to give it a go.
"Because I was raped by a guy when I was 15." I say. She shut her mouth and stared at me in shock and sympathy.
"Don't look at me like that Cass. I don't want your sympathy. I am having fun just hating every man I see."
"Adira..." She starts.
"No sympathy, remember." I say.
"Why didn't you tell me before?" She asks.
I shrugged. I don't know. Maybe I was afraid of her blaming me.
"I think it was because you might have judged me. Maybe you would tell me it was my fault it happened." I say truthfully.
"Adira. Why would you think that? We are like sisters. We are very close, so why on earth would you think that I would judge such a bad thing that someone else did to you?" She asks a little annoyed.
I shrugged again. I really didn't know. Cassidy sighs.
"I'm going out to stay in the garden." Cassy hugs me and leaves through the front door. That makes me home alone. It's the second day at his house. I go to his room and his scent instantly hits me.
I feel like he has more power over me he can do whatever he wants to me. I hope he does.
I take all my clothes off and sit on his bed in my underwear. I can feel myself getting wet just thinking about what he's going to do when he comes in here. I start rubbing my clit through my damp panties before sliding them down to my knees and sliding one finger into my dripping wet pussy. I'm startled by the door opening. There he is.
"What do you think you're doing babygirl?" He says in his deep, serious daddy voice.
Be obedient Adira. I really want his fingers everywhere on me. I want his lips on every inch of my body.
"You must only touch when I say because who's pussy is it?"

Fucking yours.
"Daddy's pussy." I say obediently.
"That's right. Now get on the fucking floor. I'm going to teach you a lesson." So this is my punishment for this morning? Got it. Thank you Lord.
I crouch down in front of him obligingly with my panties still down and my pussy exposed. He runs his hand across my cheek and then pulls it back, slapping me round the face lightly. I smile and look up at him. He slaps me again a little harder and then moves his thumb into my mouth.
I swirl my tongue around his thumb and flicker my gaze between his eyes and his crotch area. He gets the hint and undoes his trousers. As he pulls his pants down his cock pops up and I giggle in delight. He is so big! No that is proof he isn't a shrimp. Before I get a chance to put my lips round his helmet, he grabs his cock with one hand and slaps me round the face with it.
"Put your hands behind your back." He commands.
"Yes daddy." I put my hands behind my back and link my fingers together so I can resist playing with him or myself. He gathers my hair up in his hands and holds it in bunches at the sides of my head.
"Open wide."

I open my mouth and he pushes his cock in, giving me minimum control of what happens. He moves his cock in and out of my mouth until there's enough saliva for him to choke me with the whole thing. He pushes it so far down that I gag. I release my hands from behind my back and grab onto his thighs. My spit is dripping all down my chin and neck and running onto my bra.
"Hands behind your fucking back!" He shouts. I move my hands behind my back again. He releases me just as I choke. He puts his hand out in front of me.
"Spit." I spit into his hand and he gets down to my level and wipes it all over my dripping wet pussy. He rubs his hand up and down from my clit to my arsehole, teasing both holes as he goes. I can't stand it, I just want him to put his fingers inside me. Fingering is so underrated. I start begging him for it. Pathetic, I know.
"Please daddy, please go inside!" I plead.
"Not yet." He says. He is teasing me by gently rolling my slippery clit between his fingers. He moves one finger down and slides it into me just a tiny bit before pulling it out again and going back up to my clit. It's driving me crazy. He moves his hand to my shoulder giving me a chance to turn my head and bite him on the wrist. He jumps a little as I bite him and then gives me a slap right across my pussy. I squirm.
"Bad kitten! You need to learn to be patient!"
"But daddy I just want you to let me have it." I say.
"No." He says one last time before picking me up and looking at me sternly.
"I'm going to bend you over my knee and teach you a fucking lesson."

He sits down on the bed and I bend over his knees with my ass up in the air near his right hand. I squirm as he spanks me firmly on the ass.
"Now babygirl, I want you to count." He says.
"One." I say. He spanks me again, this time harder.
"Two." I say.
Harder again.
"Three." I say.
Harder again.
"Four." I say.
He spanks me hard one last time and then holds onto my ass cheek.
"Five." I say.
"Good girl." He whispers as his hand trails down to my pussy and he finally slides two fingers up and hooks them down onto my g-spot. He rubs at my g-spot moving his fingers in and out until I'm moaning and then all of a sudden just as I'm reaching climax, he pulls his fingers out and spanks me again, making me jump.
"Count." Damn it he wasn't finished spanking! Not the time to be a brat Adira. Wait for the end.
"Six." I say as he slides his fingers back into my pussy and moves his arm up and down hitting my g-spot repeatedly. I feel myself peaking again and the blood rushes to my head. I moan out and he stops once again.
"Fuckkkk!" I yell out, kicking my legs. Oh shit! I swore out loud! Oh my God, no Adira! He spanks me hard to shut me up.
"Fuckk does not come after six does it?"
"Seven." I say.
"I'm going to keep going until we get to ten and when we get to 10, you can cum, okay?" He says.
"Yes Master. Thank you daddy." I say. I can feel him tense for a moment. Oh shit I called him Master! How the hell am i making these mistakes?
"Don't get any idea's. That was a one time thing." I say. He chuckles and teases me and toys with me over and over and every time I beg him to let me cum. Each time he lets me get closer and closer before denying me the pleasure of an orgasm.
After I count out ten the final time he stops, he pushes me off him and stands up. I lay on the bed dying to have an orgasm. He leaves the room momentarily while I catch my breath and returns with a vibrating butt plug. It's already buzzing away when he walks in holding it proudly. I giggle as he lubes up my arsehole and pushes it up.

I hold my legs up behind my head as he teases my dripping pussy with his cock. Every time I think he's finally gonna fuckk me, he pulls the tip back out and rubs it against my clit. I end up begging him profusely to enter me but he toys my arsehole with the butt plug instead. I beg one last time.
"Please daddy! Please just fuckk me with that big hard cock of yours!

He gives in and enters me. It feels
so good with the butt plug in my ass and it's forced his cock to an angle that hits me just in the right spot. I feel like I'm going to cum straight away but he sees it in my face and pulls out just in time to leave my tipping on the edge of orgasm. He lingers there for a moment stroking his cock before plunging it deep back inside me.
He fucks me harder and faster than I've ever been fucked before and as I feel myself reaching climax again, he looks me in the eyes and nods.
"Cum for me babygirl."
He rubs his hand over my clit side to side and I left out a scream as he pulls his cock out and I squirt all over it.
"Good girl." He moans.
"Good fucking girl."
I am panting heavily and completely out of breath. Is that how sex is supposed to feel like? The first time, my nightmare, was just that. A nightmare. This on the other hand, felt so fucking amazing.
"How are you feeling love? Did it hurt?" He looks worried now. Damn he is cute when he worries. I am so tired I can't even talk. I am just panting.
"Baby girl? Did I hurt you?" He comes to my face and strokes my cheek with the back of his hand. I smile at him and nod. He seems to relax slightly.
"I will be back in a moment love." He whispers and I close my eyes as he kisses my forehead. He smiles too. Urgh I hate that Cassy was right. This, THING, I am feeling is love. It's no doubt.

Damien walks into his bathroom and I am left on the bed. My heartbeat goes back to normal and I can slightly feel the soreness in my pussy. I cup my pussy and turn to my side. It didn't hurt a lot, but it did a little.
Despite not being a virgin, you could say that this was my first time.
Damien comes back in the room and he frowns at my position.
"Baby? Are you okay?" He asks.
"Yeah I'm fine. Just a little sore." I say.
His frown is still stuck on his face while he spreads my legs to wipe my pussy with a warm towel. I hum at the feeling and he smiles.
"Get some sleep kitten. You look tired." He says.
I would argue with you if I had the energy to do so.

"Yes sir." I say. He puts his hand on my forehead and brings my hair back to the pillow. He kisses my forehead puts on some clothes. Truthfully, I forgot he was naked.
"Goodnight my love." He says.
"Goodnight Damien." I tease.
He looks me straight in the eye and I giggle.
"Sir." I correct. He smiles and rolls his eyes playfully. Then he leaves the room.
Looks like I am not going back to A&C anytime soon.
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