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Chapter 4

Adira POV:

Its been a week since me and Cassy came to Damien and Daniel's house. Since the day me and Damien had that encounter, I haven't let it happen again.
I had told Cassidy and she was proud of me. She said that it was good that I was moving on.
I didn't want to say that she was wrong. I didn't know what went on that day. It was like it wasn't me. Thinking of that day makes me want to lock myself in a room and never come out. I am scared of men. I don't let them know, but I am.
Right now, Bratty Adira was in charge. I wanted to piss of Damien. I haven't left the house in a week and I am running out of idea's to piss him off.
The boys are out to do work and have an amazing idea. I don't want to drag Cassy into this idea because I actually like Daniel. Cassy and Daniel would actually make a good couple.
I go into the living room where Cassy is watching TV.
"Ok, so listen." I say. She turns to me and smiles.
"Hello to you too Adira." I roll my eyes at her sarcasm.
"I have got a new way to piss Damien off." I say. She laughs and switches the TV off.
"Tell me."

"Well, you know how we are not allowed to leave the house because it is London and we don't come from here, well I am thinking of going out. I don't want you to come because I actually like Daniel and I don't want you upsetting him. But when they come back, tell Damien that I am out. Tell him to wait for me at the train station because I will be coming back on a train." I say all in one breath.
"Wow... You have got everything planned out, don't you?" She asks.
"Yes I do." I say proudly and she laughs.
"So what do you say?" I ask knowing what the answer will be.
"Count me in!" She exclaims.
"Thank you!" I go over to her and hug her.
"See you later girl!" I say.
"Byeee!" She responds laughing.
I walk into Damien's room and get changed into this floral dress. I then grab my phone and his second credit card. You might be wondering how I found it, well, me being the snoop I am, searched his room and found it on the top shelf. Who in their right minds would hide their credit card on the top shelf? Damien. That's who.
"I'm going out now! Be prepared for trouble and an angry Damien!"
"I have to give you that advice. I am not the one that is going to get punished."

I laugh and head out of the door.
I end up getting to the train station and just looking at how big the station is.
London is truly beautiful. I get myself a ticket and head in one of the trains. As it moves, I spot buildings, cars and other trains. I look out of the window in awe.
"Sir, I'm pregnant." The sweet lady says.
"I DON'T GIVE A FUCK! IT'S NOT MY FAULT YOU DECIDED TO GET PREGNANT! LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT!" Everyone is now watching them. The audacity of some people like him.

"Sir, please. I can't stand up while it is crowded and people are standing up. It will hurt the baby." She says politely.
"I. DON'T. CARE." Who the hell raised him?! The devil?
"Ma'am, come sit down." I give her a big, sweet smile and she relaxes. Her eyes were getting glassy from all the shouting. Fucking dickhead. Doesn't he know not to stress a pregnant lady?
"Thank you so much sweetheart." She comes to take the seat and I help her sit down on the seat.
"Are you here alone? Do you need help getting home?"
She gives me a warming smile.
"No sweetheart. Thank you but I am getting off in five stops. My husband is waiting for me. We are going back to India to live with our family." She says. I smile but I am still worried.
"Ok, I will help you get off the train and find your husband. You need to be careful." She laughs lightly and holds my hand.
"You don't need to do that sweetheart. You need to go wherever you need to go." She says and I shake my head stubbornly.
"I was just going exploring. I came here yesterday. Helping you won't be an option. I am coming with you whether you like it or not."
"Thank you darling." She says. I smile and rub her hand.
"Just take care of the baby." I say.

We arrive 20 minutes later and the random person that was being rude to the lady got off at the same stop. Fucking disrespectful little bitch. I help the pregnant lady get off and her husband is there too.
"Thank you darling." She says again.
"Be safe." She nods and walks away with her husband. Just then my phone rings.
I looks at the caller ID and there is none. I decide to pick it because what do have to loose?
"Hello?" I say.
"Where the fuck are you?!" Oh shit. How did he get my number? Oh yeah, Cassidy.
"Out." I tease.
"Out where?" He asks sounding pissed.
Wow. His anger radiates through the phone aswell.
"Out exploring London." I say. You can hear his teeth scrape together through the phone. He is definitely going to chip a tooth one day.
"Give me your damn Location. I am going to pick you up right now."
"Just wait at the train station. I will be there soon." I say dismissively.
"For fucks sake." He mutters. I was going to tell him that I can hear him but he hang up before I could. I snicker a little and think about how sexy my punishment is going to be.
I sigh and look back at the timings of the next trains. They are coming in two minutes. Perfect. Although I couldn't see shit today, it still is going to be and alright day.
I look infront of me to were the people are walking and do a double take at what I see.
That fucking bastard is here.
He is here in London infront of my eyes.
He turns his head in my direction and as soon as we make eye contact, he smirks.

He puts his phone in his pocket and makes his way to me. My heart beat is increasing by the second. The door on the train that was waiting to leave, was closing. I ran up to the doors and slipped through the crack, leaving him on the other side.
I am breathing heavily as I try to process what the hell I just saw.
"Are you ok baby? You seem pale." I look at the sweet lady and I instantly feel safe. I don't know what it is, but everytime a black lady calls you baby, it makes you feel safe.
"Yes ma'am. I'm ok. Thank you." I say reassuringly. She smiles and goes back to her kids that were watching the both of us talk. They are all beautiful. The train stops and I get off. Get ready Adira, you are either dead, or definatly in trouble.
There he is, waiting right outside the train station. This is so risky. I open the door of his car and throw him a quick smile as I jump in. He waits for me to close the door so the internal light to goes off and we're shaded with darkness.
He has a gag on his lap which without speaking, he secures over my face. I bite down on the gag as he reaches up my skirt and rubs my clit through my underwear. I fasten my seat belt.
"You shouldn't have done that. You are my little fucking slave." He says whilst pulling a scarf from his pocket and securing it over my eyes. He starts the engine and pulls away. I hang my head as we drive through the city with a gag in my mouth. We drive for ten minutes in silence. I'm getting wet just thinking about what he's going to do to me when he eventually stops this car. I sense us pull in somewhere and the engine stops.

He pulls the blindfold off. I have no idea where we are but I can't see anything but darkness out the windows. He's got a bag on his lap. I hope it's full of toys.
"Get in the back seat." He orders. I undo my seat belt and climb through to the back seat of his car, perching myself right in the middle. "Take your underwear off." He says and I pull my panties down to my ankles.
"Spread your legs." He commands. I spread them. Then he hands me a butt plug
"I know how much you love these up your ass you little slut."
I should be offended, but I am not. Damn him! It made me WET, not offended.
He opens his door and gets out the car before getting back into the seat next to me.
"I want to watch you play with it." Oh yes sir. He pulls the gag down so I can speak.
"Yes daddy." I say obediently. Now I know that everytime I am "in the mood" I call him daddy.
He pulls the gag back up and squeezes some lube onto my finger. I rub it all over my arsehole and slide my finger up letting out a muffled moan. Then I take the butt plug and suck on it while looking straight into his eyes.
I can see how turned on he is from both his face and from the giant bulge in his trousers. I move the butt plug down and tease my arsehole with it. He watches intently while rubbing himself. I push it up a little and breath out another little moan.
He grabs my hand and guides the butt plug right up my arsehole. Then he reaches into the bag and takes out some hand cuffs.
"Take off that silly little dress." He says. He cuffs my hands behind my back and my feet to my hands. I'm hog tied on the back seat. My pussy is dripping wet. He rubs his fingers through my wetness and I feel his huge hard cock rubbing against my butt cheek. I try to lift myself up to his cock but he grabs my ass and pushes me down.
"You're going to have to wait for it."

He teases me and I let out a muffled groaning. I want it so bad already. He pulls at the butt plug gently so it pops out. I feel him spit on my arsehole before sliding the butt plug back in again.
He continues teasing me until I'm squirming. I need his cock in me. I try to shuffle towards him again. He spanks me. He finally slides a finger in my pussy and quickly locates my g-spot. I squirm again. I want him inside me. Properly.
He slides a second finger in and pushes them both right against my g-spot. I moan pretty damn loud for someone with a gag in their mouth. He turns me round so I'm laying across the entire back seat.
I scream out with joy as his cock finally plunges deep into my pussy.
"Your so wet." Did I just hear delight in his voice?
"Good girl." He says.
I forgot how big his cock was. It feels so good sliding in and out of me with my butt plug in my ass too. Just as I'm about to cum, he pulls out. I let out a muffled scream and start squirming.
"Not yet." He says.
I rattle the handcuffs and spit the gag out my mouth.
"Please daddy I need to cum, your cock is so good!"
'Seriously Adira? Begging? I already told you it is pathetic. Even Damien said so.' My thoughts say.
'Shut the hell up bratty side! Unlike you, I want him and his juicy cock in me. That's why I get it and you don't!' My other thoughts argue.
'Whatever.' My bratty thoughts say defeated.
"What did I tell you before this?" He asks.
"That I am going to be a slave." I respond.
"Who's slave?" He asks.
"Your slave." I say obediently.
"Well then..." He starts.
I am so turned on just arguing with him because we both know I'm not in the position to negotiate anything. He grabs me by the shoulders, lifts me up and pushes me back against the door with his huge muscular arms. I gasp. He kneels up so his cock touches my lips. I pout at him and look up.
His cock is covered in my cum. I lick it off obligingly as he runs his hand through my hair and grabs it up into a ponytail behind my head. I place his helmet in my mouth and run my tongue bar over it before taking his whole shaft down my throat until I choke.

"Good girl." He moans out. I look up at him, he looks so turned on. He holds onto my hair and starts fucking my face until I choke again. I spit and it runs down onto my nipples. He grabs my breast hard and pinches my nipple as I continue ramming his cock down my throat as far as I can. He grabs me again and flips me over, this time pushing my head down into the gap between the seat and the door. I feel so used and filthy and it's turning me on so much. He pushes his cock inside me from behind and starts toying my arsehole with the butt plug. He's hitting just the right spot.
"Go on baby girl. You can cum." I go light headed and before I know it I've squirted all over his car. Just as I finish squirting, he pulls the butt plug out again and I feel his warm cum splashing all over my arsehole.
"Damien..." I say completely out of breath. Damn he is so fucking good at this.
"Why did you leave love? Were you getting bored?" He asks. I get up and look at him. His hair is a complete mess and he is looking at me with his eyes still lust filled.
"I was trying to find out ways to piss you off." I laugh. "Looks like it worked." He chuckles and picks me up, putting me on his lap.
"You are a naughty kitten. You know that don't you?" He says. I smirk and look down at his lips. I haven't kissed him yet. At least I think I didn't.

"Yes I know, but I am your naughty kitten." I run my nose on his Adam's apple and it Bob's up and down when he gulps.
"My naughty kitten..." He says slow, almost savouring the taste of the phrase.
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