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Chapter 5

Adira POV:

We headed home after that intense moment in the car.
I just don't understand how he makes everything so sexy. And why the hell do I let him do this?!
"Looks like you aren't dead yet." Daniel comes in laughing with Cassidy next to him.
"Yeah your right. I'm here an alive!" I spin around and smirk at Damien before walking over to Daniel to grab the drink he was holding.
"Sorry not sorry if this was your drink." I say and Daniel only chuckles.
"All yours." He says with a smile on his face.
I take a sip and eye Damien up and down.
"We are going out Adira." Cassidy whispers at me and looks at Daniel. Daniel smiles.
"Good girl Bunny. Don't be shy to speak." Daniel encourages. Cassidy gives him a small smile and walks up to him for a hug. He takes her in his arms and hugs her tight. I stand there smiling at the thought of being in the same position but with the love of my life.
A frown etched across my face at the thought of not finding anyone to love or to be with.
I am not sure how long I was out of thought because a felt a thumb roll across my face. I flinch at the contact and look to see Damien there with his eyebrows furrowed confused.

"Are you okay love?" He asks. I don't know...
"Why wouldn't I be?" I ask but i know why he might say that.
"You seem off." He notices...I am off...
"I'm absolutely perfect!" I lie through my teeth. I put a smile on my face and he still looks concerned. Oh yeah(!) Reputation Adira.
"Anyways, are you getting out of here too? You are annoying and I need some fresh air from you." I say, Daniel laughs and Damien rolls his eyes.
"Yes I am going out. I am coming back in two hours." He says but I don't want him to go. It was a joke.
"Good for you." I throw my drink in the bin and head to his room.
"See ya people!" I put my hand up not bothering to look back at them and enter his room.
I close the door and look out of the room's window. Not long after I see Damien, Cassidy and Daniel walk to the Black Ferrari. Daniel and Cassy gets in but Damien turns around, blows a kiss, then winks at me. My face falls in disbelief. Son of a bitch is gone now in his car smirking.
I see the car drive off and I sigh falling onto his bed. I gather the sheet and inhale the scent he had left on there.
"Fucking hell what are you doing to me?" I whisper to myself.

Damien POV:

Fuck me.
My feelings are flying all over the damn place, all because of this woman that I am supposed to be "using".
Don't get me wrong. I am a Dom and I don't do anything my Sub doesn't want to or doesn't feel comfortable doing, but they would just let me do my thing.
Ever since the first day I saw her, the first time I made eye contact with her, I could feel the effect she had on me. I think she felt that too. I know people that tried to 'tame' her because she was an 'untouchable wild animal'.
They hadn't even got to fuckk her because she was either being an annoying brat or she was always taking charge.
I didn't see that. I think she trusts me. She didn't give her body to me just once, she was being submissive to me and me only.
That makes me feel powerful. That makes me feel good. That makes me feel... in love?
"See you later man." Daniel snaps me out of the daydream I was having. I apparently drove and parked the car without crashing it while I was thinking about her.
"Yeah, cool. See you later." I say keeping my eyes on the road while tapping my finger on the steering wheel.
"What's wrong Damien?" Daniel sighs but should I fucking know?

"Nothing." I say.
"Dude..." He says knowing I am lying and I roll my eyes.
"Nothing is wrong with me Daniel." I say stubbornly.
"This is about Adira isn't it?" He says and bingo. I stop tapping my finger for a moment and glance at him. I stayed silent.
"You had sex with her didn't you." No words come out of my mouth. I just nod.
"Did you hurt her?" He asks and I shake my head in disagreement.
"Then what is the problem?" He asks and I just stayed silent. I look at the rearview mirror and see Cassidy looking at the back of my head with her eyes wide and mouth opened. Damn it I forgot she was there!
"Aren't you supposed to be somewhere?" I say hoping to end the conversation. He looks down at his watch.
"Oh shoot!" He says, rushing over to Cassidy's side to open her door. If we are talking all truths, they would make a great couple.
"Calm down Master." Cassidy laughs.
"I'm sorry my love. The movie starts in 5 minutes." He says rushing.
"Its fine!" Cassidy assures.
"No it isn't." He grabs her hand and kisses the back of it.
"Master..." She says blushing a little and that makes Daniel chuckle.
"Let's go my love." He help her out the car and he throws me a look. I know that look from anywhere, and he know I am not going to listen to him. Now time to sort out the buissness I came out to do.

Adira POV:

It has been an hour and a half of doing literally nothing. I now can't wait for him to be home!
I look myself up and down in the full length mirror. I've wanted one of these crotchless fishnet body stockings forever and I look hella good in it.
My rock hard nipples poke through the fish netting. I tuck my silky black hair behind my ears before reaching across to the table for the kitty ears and placing them on my head. I tilt my head left and right pulling cutesy faces in the mirror for a moment.
Then I reach back to the table for my tail and lube. I lube my pussy and asshole up and slide the cold, metal butt plug in. The tail dangles down onto my legs.
I look back at myself. Something feels incomplete. I grab my makeup bag from the counter and fumble through it for an eyebrow pencil. I draw an upside down triangle on the end of my nose and fill it in black.
Why is it that women always look super cute with a kitten nose drawn on? I always loved Halloween for that. I get on all fours in front of the mirror and parade around, turning my head side to side and batting my eyelids. I'm ready for Daddy.
I hear a knock at the door and jump despite having been expecting it for the past 20 minutes. I open the door inwards, hiding behind it as he walks into the room pretending to look baffled.
"Kitten? Where are you?" He asks.
"I'm here daddy!" I say, jumping out of the corner playfully. He fakes a surprised look and wraps his arms around me.
"I have something for you kitten."

As he lets go of me, I notice a pink gift bag in his hand. I grab it from him and look inside. I pull out a pink collar with a leash attached.
"Thank you Daddy! It's puuuurfect!" I joke, instantly cringing as he laughs. He takes it from my hands and stands behind me placing it round my neck.
"Hold your hair up babygirl." He commands.
"Thank you daddy." I say as he finishes clasping it up. I slowly drop to the floor, first onto my knees and then to all fours as the leash slips through daddy's hand to full length.
"You look so fucking sexy kitten." Daddy says as I parade around on all fours, wiggling my ass so my soft tail brushes against the back of my thighs through the fishnets. I perch in front of daddy on my knees and look up at his face. He reaches down and puts his thumb into my mouth. I suck obligingly and lift my hands up into paw position. He pulls his thumb out and I sit there with my tongue dangling and puppy dog eyes.
He stares down at me for a few moments almost in a loving way. I break the eye contact by locking my eyes on his erection that I can see forming in his trousers. I reach for his belt buckle and he stops me.
"Kitten I'm not giving you any cock tonight unless you can take it in your ass." He says.
"Ok daddy." I say obediently.

I nod, finally ready to attempt taking his huge cock.
He pulls me up by the collar and pushes me onto the bed.
"Spread your legs my love." I lay down on my front and open my legs as wide as I can so I'm spread eagled in front of him. My tail falls against my pussy. He lifts the tail up and rubs his fingers across my wet pussy down to my clit.
He focuses his energy there for a moment, getting me riled up and ready for his cock. But he's not going to give it to me in my pussy. I feel him squirting cold lube all over me and he starts rubbing and spreading it up to my ass.
He slides my butt plug tail out and then pushes it in again. I twitch in delight and let out a small moan.
"Do you want my fingers in your pussy baby?"
"Yes what?" He teases.
"Yes PLEASE daddy." I say and as the words had barely touched my lips, he slides two fingers straight inside my pussy and I let out another moan. I try to turn my head around to look at him but he pushes my head down into the pillows.
"Now before I even think about putting my cock in you, I need you to cum for me baby girl. Do you think you can do that?"
"Yes daaa..." I moan as he finger fucks me hard, rubbing right against my G spot so I can't do anything except let out squeals of excitement.

He pulls at the butt plug with the other hand sliding it in an out of me until I can't take it any more. All the blood in my body rushes to my head and I let out a scream.
"Fuuuuuuck!" I say not even caring that I swore infront of someone.
My whole body tenses and every nerve in my pussy twitches. He pulls the butt plug out while I'm still coming hard and he slides his cock straight into my lubed up asshole. I scream out again and when I eventually stop cumming a few minutes later I realise how huge his cock feels in my ass.
"Oh Daddy! No one has ever fucked me this good!" No one was ever supposed to fuck me at all.
I moan at him, excited to see how he's gonna come from this.
"Well you're a very bad girl and you need a good punish fucking." He says, slapping my ass hard.
"Fuck me harder then Daddy!" I moan. He pounds against me. I can't believe I've got such a huge cock in me this hard and it feels this good. He spanks me again, he's going to leave a hand print.
"I am going to cum soon Kitten. All over your pretty little face." He says and pulls his cock out my ass. He quickly shuffles up the bed while working his cock still and I turn myself over to find his huge member right in my face.

He rubs his cock up and down as I lick at his balls playfully. I rub my clit while I lick at his balls, moving my head further underneath him. I start licking towards his arsehole and he lets out a moan. He twitches a lot as he cums.
It turns me on so much knowing I'm the one who's made him cum so hard that his face crinkles up and he lets out a yelp. He blows his load over my cheek, lips and tits while I stare up at him in delight, rubbing my clit. I twitch a little too as I have clitoral orgasm and taste a little of his cum as I bite my lip.
His head his thrown back and I rest my hands that were on my clit to his thighs. He looks down at me and strokes my head. I close my eyes and whisper.
"Master..." He stops stroking my head for a moment and when I open my eyes, I see him looking down at me.
"Master." I say trying to make a point. He had to be mine. He was the only one that managed to tame the untouchable. He was the one that made me feel things I shouldn't.
He brings his head down to where I am and kisses me on my lips. Full of love and longing. Things I promised I wouldn't get or give to any man.
"My love..." He kisses me again and picks me up without breaking the kiss. I wrap my legs around him automatically and we head to the bathroom.
We shower together and MIGHT have had a few other rounds until I was tired out of my bones and collapsed in his arms.
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