Master (18+)

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Chapter 6

Adira POV:

I wake up the next morning by an
naughty dream with a heavy arm
slung over my waist.
I turn around to see Damien
sleeping peacefully and naked next
to me whilst I am in a dress with no
panties on.
I see his monstrous cock stand
upright, he must be having a
naughty dream too.
I get ontop of him, still naked, and
rub up against his thigh. My juices
spread against his thigh and I rub
my clit.
I let out a soft whimper as I imagine
him pinching my nipples through my
shirt. Whispering in my ear. "Who's
a good little slut?" Grabbing me by
the throat. Pinning me down.
"Who's in charge?" Putting me on a
leash. Telling me what to do. "That's
a good girl" Forcing his cock down
my throat. Holding my hair in
bunches. "Open wide"
I moan a little at these dirty
thoughts and start to rub my clit
faster and grinding on Damien's
thigh faster.
Moaning as I suck his cock. Praising
me while I do it. "You suck my cock
so good" Throwing me down on the
bed. Holding me by the wrists. "You
are so wet baby girl" Teasing me
until I beg. Thrusting himself deep
inside me. "Take my big hard cock"
Slapping me while he fucks me.
Sliding his finger up my ass. "You
are so tight kitten" Pounding
against me. Rubbing my clit. "Cum
for me daddy's girl"

I throw my head back as my clit
twitches and my pussy clenches. I
moan loudly as I release all over his
Fucking hell! He hasn't left my mind
since forever!

Damien POV:

I feel little hands move my arm and
instantly know who it was. My Baby
Kitten positions herself on my thigh
and starts to grind on it.
I pretend to be asleep because I
enjoy that she is pleasuring herself
on me. I just woke up from a dirty
dream too, but this is her time that I
am going to give her.
All her moans are like music to my
ears. Her sweet juices are trickling
down my thigh and I am holding
myself back from taking her right
When she releases I could feel her
pussy beat on my thigh as she is
panting heavily. Whatever she was
thinking must have been so damn

"Do it on my dick baby." I say.
I hear her gasp and I open my eyes.
"When were you awake?" She says flustered.
I chuckle at her blushing. I had never
seen her blush before. She was all
strong and tough.
"Ever since you started that very sexy mastrubation session on me."

She hold her eye contact with me
and wraps her hand around my
cock. I hiss at the way she squeezed
"Well you are going to feel and see a lot of that so you better get used to it."
I look at her and she lowers her
head to my cock whilst still
maintaining eye contact. She spits
on the head of my cock and spreads
it around with her tongue.
I close my eyes and groan while she
moves her tongue all around my
Her small mouth wraps around my
cock and starts slowly taking it in, bit
by bit.
"Baby, faster." I say desperately. She takes her head off my cock and I instantly regret opening my mouth
to speak. She outlines my cock with
her finger, her other hand playing
with my balls. URGHHHH! THIS IS

"I don't think I can do that Master." I look her straight in the eye. Ever since she has started calling me that, I couldn't help but get the feeling she was all mine.
"Why not love?"
"Because." She says shrugging.
She licks the tip and my dick
twitches. I hate the way she makes
me feel. This is all new to me.
"I'm in charge for now." My heart beats faster as I think she is going to finally take me all in, but instead, she comes closer to my face and kisses me on my lips. I respond immediately and we break the kiss. My hand comes up to her face and make her rest her forehead on me.
"I fucking hate the way you make me feel." She whispers. My eyes go wide. I had heard she doesn't swear. Although she has said it twice infront of me, I know that they were both mistakes.
"I know. I do too." I whisper back. She looks down at my lips.
"Why did you swear love? I heard you don't swear." I keep whispering. She looks at me and an emotion hits her. I can read it clearly. Realisation. She looks around then back at me then gets up.
"Where are you going baby?" I asked worriedly.

I reach out for her and another emotion is seen. Fear.
"U-um, I'm going to go." I stop in position as I try not scaring her.
"Ok love." I assure whilst the relief is clear on her face. She makes her way quickly out the door and I am left alone in my room. Did I do something wrong? I put on my clothes and wait a few minutes before heading to the living room. There I see Daniel with no Cassidy and Adira. I start to worry.
"Where did the girls go?" I ask and Daniel looks at me with sadness embedded his face.
"They are out for fresh air." He looks back at the tv and scrolls through the channels.
"Why are you sad?" He slams the remote on the sofa and looks at me with rage in his eyes. Never have I seen my brother mad- at me nonetheless.
"Adira came to the room with tears rolling down her cheeks and asking POLITELY to go out with Cassidy for some air." He says and I am frozen in my steps. She was crying? When?
"What the hell did you do?"
I'm not even sure.

"I don't know Daniel. I asked her why she was swearing and she looked like she remembered something. Then when I asked if she was ok, she was scared." I say truthfully and Daniel clenches his jaw.
"Do you want to know why I am so fucking angry with you?" Yes I do. Daniel didn't swear in anger. He only did it jokingly. I stayed quiet.
"I wanted to be with Cassidy. Cassidy loves Adira so fucking much and couldn't bare her getting hurt. Now, that what it looks like, she is hurt emotionally, I can't be with her. Cassidy would do anything for Adira. It is the same the other way around. Now that YOU hurt her, how would she be able to spend her life with me if I have a brother that hurt her sister?" Although it was obvious, this was a confession. A confession about his love for Cassidy. I ruined his chances for a happy ever after. I ruined my chances with Adira.
"Where is Adira?" I ask. He rolls his eyes and gets up.
"Leave her alone Damien. You already damaged her. Give her some damn time."As much as I hated it, he was right. I had to give her some time.

"She is in the garden with Cassidy. Don't ruin things even further." He grabs the car keys and walks out of the front door. I sigh and rub my hands over my face.
"Fucking hell." I mutter under my breath. I decide to go and talk to one of my most hated clients. The quicker I get this over the quicker the day will go by.
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