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Chapter 8

Damien POV:

I am sitting at the office waiting for the son of a bitch I hate so much.
"Well, well. Finally decided to call didn't you?" I clench my jaw at the sound of his voice. You might wonder why I hate him so much, well he tried some things with my sister that i didn't exactly enjoy.
"Just sit down Atlas. I want this over with." He smirks and sits on the seat opposite to me.
"What did you want this 'meeting' for?"
"Well,"He puts his elbows on the table and looks at me.
"We have a ball to celebrate our success, coming there will be good for your image." He says.
"Why couldn't you tell me this over the phone?" He just shrugs and gets up. Son of a-
"It doesn't necessarily mean that we are friends, but I know your payments are dropping." He says. Mother fucker.
"And why would you help me?" I ask and he smirks.
"Call this even for helping me start my company."
More like stole the company from me.
"I'll go." I say.
"Good." He walks over to the door, stops and turns.
"Oh, and bring a date. It doesn't matter who. 7 o'clock this Friday at my company. Don't be late." With that he walks out of the office and I am left alone in my seat. Do I have to? Image. Power. I mentally sigh. I guess I do. What he said was true. My payments are dropping. Fast.

I grab my phone and call Daniel.
"What's wrong Damien?" Daniel says from the end of the line.
"Are you still mad at me?" I ask and he sighs.
"No. Cassidy told me what was wrong. Adira wants to speak to you when you get home." My heart rate was increasing by the second because whatever this was, it would be big for Adira.
"Was that all you were going to say?" He asks.
"No. I had a meeting with Atlas and he said something about going to a ball."
"And why would that be important?" He asks.
"It will be good for the companies image. We have to go with a date." I say.
"Well that's good. I will bring my sweetheart." He says. I hope I can bring my sweetheart too.
"This Friday at 7 o'clock at HIS company." I hate it when I refer to my company as his; it's not, nor will it ever be.
"Ok. We will be there at HIS company." He says mimicking my anger. Guess I deserved to get pissed off after whatever I did to Adira.
"Shut up and goodbye." I hear him chuckle before I hang up and sit back on my seat.
I finally decide that I am going out for some time, then I am going to Adira.

Adira POV:

I have sat out here for hours now. Just me and the butterflies.
"What do you thing Butterfly? Should I tell him?" The butterfly flaps it's wings and I sigh. I walk over to a flower, leave the butterfly on it and sit in my spot I moved from.
I rest my palm under my chin and look at the view of the garden. Just then, I hear the garden gate open with some footsteps following after.
I don't turn around to see who it was- I already knew it was Damien. He sighs and sits next to me, then we both stay silent, just staring at the horizon.
"I'm sorry." We both say at the same time. We look at eachother and I blush.
'Really Adira? Blushing? I didn't teach you that.' My left side of my brain says.
'Shut up you demon! I am in a tough spot! I just need you to be quiet for now!' My right side of my brain argues.

"You go first." He says. I sigh and fiddle with my fingers.
"I'm sorry about what happened this morning Damien, I had a little panic attack." I say.
"It's fine. I'm sorry if I did anything wrong. I didn't mean to do whatever I did." He says.
I look at him with my eyebrows furrowed at the apology. Despite not knowing what happened, he still apologises.
"You did nothing wrong Damien." I sigh and lie down on the step, looking up at the stars in the sky.
"I was 15." I could feel his gaze on me, full of concern. Great(!) I have his full attention. Now or never Adira.
"I was walking home from school... alone."
He lies down next to me and grabs a strand of my hair, twisting it round his finger.
"This man, was WAYYYY older than me and cornered me."
Damien tensed for a moment and stared at the side of my face.
"He, um, took my virginity." My voice cracks as I look at him with tears pricking the back of my eyes.
"The reason I became a Sub, was to teach men that they can't control women. I hated men, all until you and Daniel." His eyes soften and strokes my cheek with his index finger.
"I don't swear at people because that idiot was swearing in pleasure while I was screaming for him to stop." His eyes droop in sadness and he looks down at his finger on my cheek.

"When you asked why I was swearing, it triggered that memory and i was scared. I was scared of you, that you would do the same things he did." I say
"Adira..." He whispers.
"Please no pity. I don't want sympathy. That's all in the past now." He still looks sad and I turn to my side, cupping his face.
"I-I didn't know love, I-I'm so, so, so sorry Adira." I laugh and get up closer to his face.
"Of course you didn't know my sweetheart. I never told you, I have always been secretive." I say softly.
He frowns and I tut. I bring my lips to kiss him sweetly and he responds to me, putting his hands on my hips.
I move so that I am on top of him while not breaking the kiss.
We both moan in the kiss and his hand slides up my bare back under my shirt.
"Hey Adi- WOoOOoOah. OO00000Kkkkk." We both look up to see Daniel cocking his head to the side and Cassy quietly clapping at the both of us.
"Open your eyes Daniel. Don't you see we were about to do some things? Stop being a cockblocker and get your butt out of here!"
Daniel and Cassidy stare at me before throwing their heads back to bark a laugh.

"Well we will be on our way." Cassidy says.
"Don't mind us. Sorry for interrupting." Daniel says.
"Go away apologies not accepted." They both walk inside laughing and I look down at Damien that had been quiet through the conversation.
His hand was moving up and down my bare back whilst staring at me with adoration.
"What?" I say shyly.
"You changed from fierce to shy for me sweetheart. I love it." He whispers.
I look him in the eyes and kiss his lips sweetly.
"So are we going to spice it out here?" He says. I look around and smirk. I look back at him and he has an eyebrow raised.
"As much as I want to, I made a new friend, and I do NOT want to traumatise her." He chuckles and I get up from him, walking over to my butterfly that had been sitting on the flower.
"I'm going to go butterfly. See you tommorrow!" I stick my index finger out and the butterfly stands on it. I use my other finger to lightly touch the top of her head.
"You are seriously talking to a butterfly?"

I look at Damien that just stood up with his bulge in my sight. I lick my lips at the size and look back at him with lust filled eyes.
"Just give me a minute to sort her home out, then I am coming with you." His eyes turn a shade darker and I smirk. I walk over to a little tree and place the butterfly on it.
"Is it okay?" I say. The butterfly flies to one of the logs, turning herself upside down.
"Goodnight." I whisper to the butterfly who flaps her wings.
I look back at Damien whose eyes were on my ass all the time. I walk up to him and wrap my finger around his tie, pulling me closer to him.
"Are you going to complain about my attitude or fuck it out of me?" I go to his ear and whisper.
"I am not wearing any panties." I whisper. Damien's eyes go wide for a moment but I don't know whether it was that I swore or that I am not wearing any panties.
"I know. I am trying to accept it happened and swear like a normal person would." I say. Damien nods understandingly and puts his hands on my hips.
"Are you sure baby? You just shared, you know, with me and I don't want to-"
"Scare me?" I interrupt.

He nods and looks down. I cup his face and caress his cheeks with my thumbs.
"After that, I haven't let any man touch me sexually. Only you have Damien." I could see the joy he had written in his eyes. Yes Damien. Only you.
"Good. I would like to keep it that way." He whispers. He goes to the side of my neck and bites my neck. I moan in his ear and his hands grip me tighter.
"You know what? Fuck it. Fuck me righ here, right now."
He chuckles and I let out a sigh of relief. Damn it felt good to express myself like that.
"You know, you are sexy when you swear. I could get used to it." He sucks my neck hard and I throw my head back to give him more room.
"Take me now Damien. Here in this garden... please sir..." He picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. He places me and the garden table and slowly starts to undress me.
Damn, this is good. He was what I was missing all these years.
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