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Chapter 9

Adira POV:

It's ball time.
Yes you heard it. Adira goes to a ball with a man.
I don't know what this ball is about, but if I go with Damien, that is all I need.
"Baby? You ready?" He walks in the room, stopping in his tracks. I take my time to admire him. Damn I think I creamed my panties. I JUST had a shower, is he serious?!
He looks me up and down. He licks his lips as I am still in my bra and thong.
"Hello to me." He walks up to me, cups my ass and brings me closer to his chest.
"Damien, get out" I say. He pouts and it is the most ADORABLE thing I have ever seen.
"Stop being a baby Damien." I say with a laugh.
"I am a baby. Only for you." He nuzzles his face in between my neck and I moan as he kisses it.
"Damien... no, I need to get ready."
He groans in annoyance and holds me tighter, whining. This makes my goosebumps form head to toe.
"Sorry." He says against my skin and I feel him smirk.
He is definitely not sorry.
"I want to get dressed Damien. It is not everyday you see me get ready for a ball." He kisses my neck once more and leaves the room.
I sigh and walk over to the wardrobe. Damien said my dress was in it, and when I open it, I gasp at the beauty.
"Wow..." I say amazed. I put the dress on and do a little twirl infront of the mirror. I've got to admit, Damien does have good taste.

Just then a knock on the door distracts me from the beauty I am wearing.
"You done Adira? The boys are waiting for us in the living room." The voice says from the other side. I open the door and see Cassidy in a dress equally as beautiful.
"Wow! Look at you Cassidy!" She giggles at my dropped jaw.
"You look beautiful Adira! Damien's jaw is going to scrape the floor!" She says.
"And when Daniel sees you, he is going to have a hard on for the rest of the afternoon." Her eyes go wide and swats my arm, she looks down blushing.
"Shut up." She mutters and I laugh.
"Okay, let's go."I say. We walk in the living room and see Daniel and Damien drinking. As soon as their eyes land on us, Daniel chokes on his water; eyeing Cassidy up and down whilst Damien spits his water all over the table. Dramatic much(!)
He wipes his hand across his lips and looks me up and down.
"Wow..." Daniel says dazed.
"I did not expect that at all..." Damien mutters. Me and Cassidy laugh as they get up and make their way to us.
"Thank you Master, you don't look so bad yourself." I see from the corner of my eye that both Cassidy and Daniel is looking at us- well me. Damien on the other hand smirks and brings my hand up to his lips.
"Shall we beautiful?" He smirks and I smirk too.
"We shall." I say. We go our hand in hand and he helps me in the car. Me and Cassidy sit in the back whilst the boys sit at the front.
Damien turns on the radio and Cassidy brings her face to my ear so that she can whisper something.
"Master?" She asks.
"Yeah?" I whisper questioning her next actions. She smiles.
"I'm impressed. You go girl." She whispers. I roll my eyes and we sit properly in our seats.

"What are you girls whispering about?" Daniel asks.
"Nothing Master." Cassidy says.
"Don't worry about it Daniel." I say.
We start little conversations until we reach a company that had decorations outside.
We get out of the car and I shiver at the coldness. Damien comes up from behind and wraps his arms around me.
"You okay baby girl?" He says against my neck. Oh My God! Not the time Damien!
"Mmm, yeah. But can we wait until after? I really don't want to change my panties Damien."
He chuckles against my skin and kisses the soft spot on my neck. I softly moan and he rubs his hands up and down my arm.
"Um, you guys? I would much rather go and finish this day before I see you having sex."
I look back to see Cassy holding Daniel's arm and both of them looking at us like we were just wedded.
Are you...? Ok. Nope.
"Let's go." I say quickly.
"Wait Adira." Damien says. Um, nope. I don't want to.
"Please Master." I say provokingly. He looks at me and I hold my gaze like the first time we met.
He clears his throat and I already knew at that moment that I won.
"Let's go." I smirk and look down at his bulge. It is perfectly outlined through his pant and I walk infront of him.
I wrap one arm around his neck and bring him in for a kiss. He responds but my other hand squeezes his crotch and he chokes in the kiss.
I break the kiss, smirk and walk away first.
I hear him clear his throat and shuffling; probably fixing his suit and adjusting his pants.
I stop at the entrance and wait for him to catch up to me. As soon as he is in level with me, he snakes his hand around my waste and we walk in.
All heads turn to us and Damien pulls me closer to him, GROWLING, at the men looking at me. I have got to say, possessive Damien is HOT!
"Calm down tiger, I'm not going anywhere. These men aren't going to do anything." I whisper.
His grip on my hip hardens for a moment then he caresses my side.
"You know what? You right. Let them see what they can't have." He whispers.
His hand moves to my ass and squeezes it. I quickly swat his hand away and give him a stern look.
"Damien control yourself." I hiss out. He laughs and rests his hand on my hip.
"Damien! Your here!"

Damien POV:

Great(!) I was hoping not to see this son of a bastard here, but stupid me forgot we were at HIS company and this is his party.
I feel Adira tense besides me. I glance over at her and pure fear is written in each part of her body. I look back at Atlas confused and he is smirking and eyeing my sweetheart up and down.
Not on my watch. No one does that to her when she is mine and mine only.
"Hey. Keep your eyes to yourself mother fucker." I say in a cold and 'relaxed' tone. I see him turn to me and see confusion that is quickly replaced with an even wider smirk on his face.
"So. Are you going to introduce me to the lovely lady or shall I do it myself?" Atlas says.
Adira squeezes my hand, hard, and I look over to see her not blinking and just staring at Atlas, watching his every move.
To be honest, I haven't seen her this scared since Wednesday. That time she was scared because my actions made her remember her... ..Rapist...
Rapist? Oh Good Lord, please don't. I look at Atlas and he still has a creepy smirk on his face, looking Adira up and down multiple times.
If this fucker is who I think he his, i will honestly beat him dead.
"Shut it you son of a bitch. You saw me at the train station." At this point, my hand is turning white from Adira squeezing it so hard.
"You changed Adira, I hope I didn't do that." He says with a smirk on his face. Oh I think the fuck not.
"Mother fucker!" I get out of Adira's grasp and grab him by the collar, pushing him violently on the table with the cuisine on it.
The table leg breaks and he falls down with the cuisine all over him.
I hear Adira but I ignore her. He; He did that to her when she was a CHILD! If rapeing kids is what it takes to be a man, I don't want it.
I hear gasps and people form a circle around us.
I walk up to him and grab him by the collar again, this time, I drag him up and slam him violently to the wall.
"She was a fucking child! What the fuck is going on in that brain of yours?! You don't go around rapeing kids to psychopath!"

The gasps we louder and I hear footsteps rushing towards me.
Atlas just chuckles. Son of a-
"I was going to go buy her next months auction, can't wait for that to happen." I kiss my teeth together and raise a fist to hit his face. I feel hands wrap my arm and I see Adira looking worried. Daniel pushes me off Atlas and drags me to the exit. Adira is grabbing Cassidy's hand and dragging her to the exit too.
Didn't mean to cause a scene, but the people deserve to know his true colours; true colours I didn't know he even had.
We enter the car and it is silent. All the way, until we get home, is silent.
"Thank you Damien." My angel says, startling me.
"I'm sorry angel. I didn't mean to cause a scene." She puts a hand on my shoulder and I lay my hand over hers.
"Don't be sorry Damien. It is just a night of crazy. Look! We didn't even do anything with these dresses.," She laughs trying to lighten the mood, but I still feel bad.
"Damien stop thinking. Just switch your brain off. As sexy as you look while you are thinking, you tend to overthink. So please." She says. Now I laugh and turn in my seat to look at her. There are dry tear streaks down her face.
"My love..." I whisper unintentionally.
I cup the side of her head and she leans into it, closing her eyes.
"Let's go Master." She whispers.
Again with the word Master. It gives me so much control and LOVE, from her and for her.
Daniel and Cassidy are just seeing this from the side line'. It is like in a story and Me and Adira are the main characters whilst Daniel and Cassidy are the extra characters in the story.
I exit first and open the door for Adira to help her out. As soon as she gets out, she loses her balance and falls into my arms.
I could honestly stay like this forever. I take the hairs away from her face and her expression changes from adoration to tiredness.
She does an adorable yawn and her eyes go big for a moment before accepting that she is tired.
"Damn I am tired." She mutters.

I chuckle and pick her up bridal style in my arms.
"Let's get you to bed my love." I whisper. She smiles and rests her head on my chest.
"Goodnight Master." She softly whispers.
"Goodnight Baby Kitten." I whisper with the same softness.
I put her in my room and undress her carefully not to wake her up.
I was going to have to let her go in a while. Am I really ready to let her go though?
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