Maliks ropes and roses

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Warning 🛑⚠️ This story contains gore, violence, abuse, harsh language, rape, I’m not the best with grammar so if you cannot handle please don’t read if your triggered please don’t read. Ari gets a job at a big company Run by a father and sons ( more than one ) by the names of Harris Malik ( father ) Greyson Malik( one son ) Justin Malik ( another son ) Dylan Malik her life just might change when Greyson take interest in her.

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Chapter 1

6:30 am September 7
Ari was woke up to her alarm she went back to bed for another few minutes the she slowly sat up a glimpse of the early sun shined from her curtain she got up and made her bed she had always slept in her comfy shorts and a little tank top she walk to her bathroom in her tiny Seattle apartment she started the water she liked her showers hot she took a 30 minute shower she put on black skinny jeans a white t shirt and a light pink pull over coat black flats she grabbed her car keys that were hanging by the front door and her backpack which had all of her stuff she thought she was prepared for the day she left her apparent and got into her grey Ford Focus and drove to her new job

She parked on the bottom of the parking garage and walked across the street to the a big building she walked in and felt totally out of place what was a little 98lb 5’2 20 year old doing in such place of business she walked to an elevator and pressed the up button * ding *

the elevator doors opened she stepped in an empty elevator she waited a few seconds as the doors started to close she heard a voice
A tall dark haired 27 looking man ran into the elevator in a rush he made it just in time
“ you couldn’t have just held the door “ he said rolling his eyes
“ I’m sorry I .. I ..I “
“ whatever save your breath “
Ari reached over and hit the button 15
The man looked at her
“ you must be the new intern “
“ yes I’m Ari Wendell “
“ I’m Justin Malik “
“ Justin ... as in like “
“ yes” he said with a sense off anger
“ sir I’m so sorry It’s just my first day and I’m so sorry I just I ... “
He cut her off
“ yah I really could care less further tip next time you come to work don’t dress so cute it’s distracting”
With his rude comment been said she sat back an thought about it while she was flattered she was also offended *ding*
The doors opened

Ari walked out in-front of the man
And proceeded to walk to the front desk
“ hi I’m Ari Wendell I’m the new intern “
A blond tall fierce women looked up
“ the Maliks would like to see you in the room over there “ she pointed to a set of black double doors
“ okay thank you”

She walked to the doors took a deep breath and though don’t fuck this one up Ari she opened the doors and walked in she seen 4 men 1 obviously older than the others they were all muscular tall dark hair

“You must be Ari I’m Harris these are my sons and Business partners that’s Justin , that’s Dylan , and that’s Greyson ”
“Nice to meet all of you “
“She’s nervous “ (Greyson )
A cold voice said
“ look who talks “ ( Justin ) Greyson looks at him with a glimpse of shut the fuck up
“ I’m sorry I I .. I didn’t mean to cause any uh “
Greysin cut her off “ shut up and sit down so we can get done with this pointless meeting “
“ uh yes sir “ she picked the seat closest to her
“ now Ari we hired you as an intern but that really means assistant and ..” ( Harris )
Greyson cuts him off
“ she’s mine I want her “
Before Ari can even comprehend what he just said Justin pops off
“ you seriously want her shes hardly 100lbs no ass and no tits she’s probably a virgin “
Dylan chuckles a little bit are you a virgin Ari
She sat there shocked
“ um I I .. I “
Answer the fucking question commanded Greyson
“Yes sir I’m a virgin “
She couldn’t believe she just said that she wanted to get the hell out of that room but rent dosent pay it’s self

“ I want her though “ Justin said with a stressed voice
“ no I want her all Greyson gonna do is beat her and make her hate her life”
Dylan said while beginning to stand up
“ it’s called BDSM dumb ass “ Greyson responded
“ don’t call me a dumb ass ! We both know id kick your ass “
“ please I’d like to see you try I called her first she’s mine back the fuck off “
Dylan reaches over and touches her thigh “ who do you what to fuck you “
Greyson got up and punched Dylan the boys fought for a few seconds before hairs and Justin pulled them off ari had watch the whole thing with dear in the headlights look on her face she stood up
“ what the hell “ she didn’t know what to think then Greyson picked her up and threw her over his shoulder gripping her waist tight

He walked out of the doors
Ari squirmed around a little “ put me down ... let go of me !”
He ignored her he had walked out to the elavator and pressed the button *ding* the doors open with Ari over his shoulder he walked in the second the doors closed he threw her on the ground
“ ow .. that hurt “
“ shut up and stand up !” He said with a tense voice
Without a thought of what Greyson had said in the conference room “ I don’t take orders from you * she stood up he quickly griped the roots of her hair and pull her into him her back on his chest he tilted her head and kissed her neck “ your my little fuck toy now so yes you take orders from me “ she tried to move but his free hand griped her throat “ accept it little one for being such a brat you’ll revive your first punishment when we get to my penthouse

*ding* the elevator doors open.

( this is my first time writing I promise it’s only gonna get better )
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