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His Little Slut

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"Down." "You know that you don't own me" "I said get down. Don't you understand what i'm saying?" "My whole life i've been trying to protect you from your own father, Riddle." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Draco Malfoy love story. WARNING! THIS STORY INCLUDES UPSETTING, SEXUAL SCENES, IT CAN INCLUDE DRUGS, ALCOHOL, RAPE, PSYCHICAL AND MENTAL ABUSE, EATING DISORDER! DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE! Also English is not my native language so if there are any mistakes in sentences please let me know! MOST OF THE CHARACTERS ARE OWNED BY J.K. ROWLING, MATTHEO RIDDLE IS YASMINES CHARACTER FROM POSSESSIVE! Have fun babes x -Robe

Erotica / Romance
Age Rating:

-chapter one-


Another year. Another fucking year here, at Hogwarts. I can’t do this anymore. I was way too pissed at Malfoy and all those other jerks in Hogwarts, I wanted to finish this shit and live a normal, common life with someone from the muggle world.

I got in the train, looked around, and saw that there’s one empty carriage, I walked inside it, sat on the couch, turned my head to the side and watched through window, hoping that no one will come inside, and my drive to Hogwarts will be peaceful.

Few minutes late I drowned myself in random thoughts, and literally had no idea what was going on in a train, but then I heard, that, my carriages door opened. I heard two strong voices. One of them I immediately recognized, of fucking course it was Draco Lucius Malfoy.

I tried to ignore them and not make an eye contact, I tried my best to leave both of them alone because they, but especially Malfoy were bullying me all those years here, no matter with who I was and where we were, he always tried his best to hurt me emotionally.

“Oh look this slut is here” Malfoy said, and smirked, of course, that special ‘The Malfoys’ smirk, every Malfoy had i. No... Please not again, can’t this fucking bitch and his friend leave me alone? For fucks sake, for once, that is all I’m asking for.

“Hah” Zabini laughed and looked at me and then at Malfoy, this son of a bitch wont leave me alone for the rest of the year again, it will be so fucking hard, even harder than last few years, but I have to stay strong.

“Very funny, Malfoy.” I said without even looking at him, I didn’t want to see his ugly face, well did I really think that he was ugly? No.

“I know, I’m not that stupid, Riddle.” Malfoy said and smirked, the smirk gave me butterflies for some reason which made me fucking mad because I was about to crucio that mother fucking bitch, he was way too annoying.

“Just one thing, Malfoy, no one cares.” I said and looked at him with completely no emotion in my face, I was trying to show that I don’t care, but deeply in heart I did care, and a lot, I wanted to live in peace, not with a thought that he will harass me over and over again.

“Well, if you don’t care, doesn’t mean that everyone else doesn’t.” he winked at me and I rolled my eyes because I was literally trying my best to show him that I do not fucking care about him and his little fucking games.

“Oh please, I bet the only people who cares is your little girls aka your toys.” I uttered and he looked at me with a disgust in his face, he was so fucking hot especially this year, he had a big glow-up over the summer.

“Well atleast someone cares, and by the way I still have friends, babe, not like you, always alone.” he laughed and looked at Zabini, this one hit hard and deep, it hurt me, but once again I was trying to show him that his little useless words does not affect someone like me.

“Hey, Zabini, wanna fuck some girls? I mean my dick was bored all summer...” Draco added as a joke, or atleast I thought that it was a joke, well yeah, I was dumb for thinking that he was joking like this, of course he would not joke around like this.

“If you will do that then get out of this carriage and go fuck your Pansy- I mean pug or one of your dolls” I spat to him and smiled slightly with the corner of my lip, he looked at me with a weird look on his face, I have never seen this face on him, it was impossible to desribe it but it was something familiar to disgust.

Draco stood up, fixed his fancy black suit, walked up to me, leaned to me and whispered to my ear “Listen you little slut, talk shit about my friends again and you won’t walk for months, I promise you, you know that Malfoy’s does not break their word, don’t you darling?” he smiled and backed off a little bit, we weren’t breaking an eye contact.

“You call your toys friends? You fucking friendzone those girls after you fuck them and then take another ones, and of course friendzone them again or just never talk to them again. You are pathetic.” I spat and the look I got just screamed that I was in trouble, Zabini was trying his best to hold his laugh in because he already knew what was going on.

“Well, you’re right, but atleast someone wants me, you know” he smirked once again and I was so pissed at him, I wanted to kill him, and I actual mean KILL HIM.

“Oh god, do you know your dolls bank will end soon?” I asked him and looked at him again, he shoved another disgusting face at me.

“Yeah, but there will still be one girl.” he laughed and looked at Blaise, Zabini was of course laughing because ‘it was a very funny joke’ you know?

“Hmmm.... I wonder, who?” Of course I knew who he was talking about, I was trying to act dumb as fuck so he can finally fuck off but apparently this did not work. Not even a bit.

“Don’t act dumb.” He murmured and looked at me with a pissed off face, congratulations, Elle, you pissed Draco fucking Malfoy off.

“Yeah, of course.” I rolled my eyes, my face was facing his face. “But you will never get her” I added and the emotions in his face completely changed, from smirky face to confused and also shocked at the same time.

“We will see, Riddle, we will see... You know, that I get all girls, right?” He noted and I smiled a little bit again, it was actually crazy, because he didn’t knew what he was doing to my body while he was talking with me at the moment.

“Because every girl wants you, but not that one, Malfoy, I don’t want you.” I replied to him and he once again looked shocked because he got his first reject.

“Oh yeah?” He looked at me and raised his eyebrows, fuck that was actually so hot.

I nodded my head because I didn’t know what to answer, of course I didn’t had any words for a few minutes until I heard his annoying but calming voice.

“You know what? You talk too much. Blaise, leave.” He snapped out of nowhere, Blaise already knew what was going on so he just smiled, stood up and left carriage. Malfoy immediately locked it and smiled at me with his ugly little smirky smile, no I’m not saying that his smile is ugly but the one with his little smirk was. Can I just yeet myself off the Astronomy tower right now?

“Down.” Malfoy said pointing his wand to the ground, Igor shocked and did not understand what she meant for a second, well I did but I was so fucking shocked and confused what was going on.

“You know that you don’t own me” I spat through my teeth but he clearly didn’t care about the was the he doesn’t own me, I wanted to give him a head, but not in a fucking train or whatever, I wanted it to be in our dorms and calmly not when we are fucking fighting!

“I said get down.” he repeated. Shit shit shit someone please walk in and stop everything, but the door was fucking locked, I wished for this to end. I didn’t want to do anything to him right now. Especially give him a fucking head. No. This is not happening today.

“Don’t you understand what I’m saying?” Draco complained because I wasn’t getting on my knees for him, this stupid fucking whore

“No, I’m deaf” I said jokingly because I wanted to play around with him for a bit. I mean why not hmm?

I saw how mad he got. His eyes from grey turned to black. He pressed his wand on my face and pushed me down, and I fell on my knees, not gonna lie it did hurt, I hurt my knees and a lot.

“Malfoy, don’t-” I tried to stop him but he did not give a fuck about what I was saying, of course Malfoy’s being Malfoys, like always, wont stop what he just started.

“Shut up whore, you know your job.” he said and smirked at me, I did NOT want to do this, I hated him then, but I didn’t have a choice.

“Can you repeat again? Like I said, I’m deaf.” I joked again, but I knew that I was in trouble and I made it even worse, but either way I’ll have to suck his tiny little dick.

He slapped me, but not hard, to be honest I kind of enjoyed it, enjoyed how he used me, but I didn’t want to fall into his traps again, maybe after this he will leave me alone?

“Don’t play games, Riddle. Unbuckle my belt.” he squealed and I flinched a little bit but he ignored it, I was actually scared.

“Let me just tie my fucking hair then” I almost shouted at him, the look I got from him gave me slight goosebumps, I loved this feeling, but not when Draco gives me them.

“No, I will hold it.” he added and I looked at him and spat aggressively “No, I will tie it.“, of course he had principles so he did not give up, show me a Malfoy who gave up. “I said I will fucking hold it.” he spat through his teeth but he still had his little smirk on his pale face.


She unbuckled my belt and slowly adored it, I saw the look in her face, I bet this fucking hoe did not expect it to be this big, of course, it was eleven inches long, how could anymore think that it’s small?

He slowly sucked the tip of my dick, it felt good, especially after this summer, I had no one to fuck or no one to suck my dick, I only used my hands, which didn’t really affect me much.

“Fuck” I groaned, and I forgot about the fact that I need to hide how good her lips feels around my hard cock, even though she didn’t even take all of it in yet, it already felt way too good.

She wrapped her hands around IT and I slightly smiled as she sucked it, she didn’t take all of it at first and gagged a few times, but then I held her hair into a ponytail and forced her to take it all in, once again she gagged again, but it felt so fucking good.

She sucked it in a few timed and I came in her mouth, she gagged one more time because she was disgusted that I came in her mouth, but it was only the beginning, sooner or later I’ll come inside her, I fucking know it.

“Swallow it you stupid slut” I spat in her face as she took my dick out of her mouth and swallowed my cum, I was still in the middle of my orgasm, it was the fucking best orgasm I have EVER had.

“Good girl.” fixed my uniform, put my length back in my dress pants, wiped my cum off her bottom lip with my finger and left the carriage while she was still on her knees, I didn’t want her to do this to me but I lost control.


Oh my god finally... I hate my fucking life, I hate Malfoy, WHAT THE FUCK DID JUST HAPPENED? I actually gave a fucking head to Malfoy. MALFOY, DRACO FUCKING MALFOY.

Last year I got diagnosed with depression, and now I have trauma, and all of this because of Malfoy. He knows that he doesn’t own me and never will. I need to stand up for myself, i’m not his fucking little toy like other girls.


“Bro where you were that long? We’re almost here.” Zabini said, I didn’t even notice that he was near me at first, then I turned around and saw his face, Zabini was a bit taller than me, but I wasn’t that short either.

“It doesn’t matter” I laughed a little bit and Blaise looked at me and raised his eyebrows, he knew exactly what she did but he didn’t want to say it out loud “Did she?” Blaise asked and furrowed his eyebrows even more.

“Yes, she did.” I smiled and shook my head. “Dude I’m jealous, this girl was the hardest to take, respect. How was it?” Blaise asked me curiously, I felt safe talking about it with him because we always talk with each other about this.

“You know, Blaise? You just need to control girls a bit, and you’ll get them. And not gonna lie, she did really good job.” I smirked and he smiled, he was actually jealous, you know, he was a hoe, just like me.

“If it’s THAT easy I will fucking try it on her bro too bro” he continued and looked at me, as soon as he said this, anger and jealousy hit my chest.

“No, don’t touch her, she’s mine now.” I said with anger in my voice, what the fuck was I doing? Why am I overprotective over... Elle?

“Mhm I’m sure I am” i heard a voice behind me, it was her, her voice made me melt but I didn’t show it, I was trying to stay strong.

“Shut up, whore” I said and tried to look as rude as possible so I don’t catch feeling for her, or maybe it was already too late, I think that I already fell.

“Good luck, Malfoy” she said, and I kind of lost hope, I have never felt this feeling before, I have never had this feeling in my chest, not even once.

I felt that the train suddenly stopped, we were here.

“Thank you, Riddle.” I winked at her and left the train because we were already at Hogwarts, I saw Hogwarts castle, it was as beautiful as always, my only home, the place where I felt safe.

Everyone walked inside the castle, there were way too many people but I did not give a single fuck about them, I only wanted to see her and look at her, but I couldn’t.

We walked to our dormitories, unpacked our bags and went to the great hall.


I went to the Great Hall and sat in the very end of the table, alone. Blaise came and sat near me, he was the last person in my ‘want to see’ list, if he wouldn’t’ve left the carriage I would not have been sucking Malfoy’s dick.

“What do you want, Zabini?” I asked him with an emotionless voice, I wanted him to back off as soon as possible, I wanted him to die right here in front of me.

“You, baby” his answer shocked me, I didn’t expect him to say that, I kind of thought that he was normal, but then I realized that his best friend was Draco Malfoy, so of course he’s as dumb as Malfoy.

“If Malfoy got me one time, doesn’t mean that you will get me too.“I spat but didn’t eat anything because I wasn’t hungry and it was hard for me to eat something when I know that there’s like thousands people looking at me.

“Uuuuu so he really owns you now” he smirked and looked away for a second, I was so pissed that he wont fuck off.

“If you’re deaf, that’s not my problem. I said one time dumbass.” I tried to defend myself but it clearly didn’t work, of course I was too fucking weak to defend myself.

“I don’t think so.” He mumbled to himself and smiled, he wanted me and it was really visible, he didn’t even try to hide it.

While arguing, Draco came up to us, I didn’t expect him to come right now but he sort of saved my life and also my nerves.

“What is going on here?” Draco asked and frowned, he was clearly confused and didn’t know what was going on right there.

“Blaise, I dare you to touch me, I dare you.” I yelled at him, because I couldn’t hold it anymore, I wanted to kick him, to beat the fuck out of him right now and right here.

“Can you shut up?” Malfoy yelled at me, not going to lie that was fucking hot, Draco Malfoy yelling at me, damn.

“Touch me once, Zabini, and you’ll be dead.” I repeated it again and Draco laughed, he found it funny.

“What if I touch you? What will you do?” Zabini asked and I ignored his question, I didn’t want to start this, because I’d break his nose or something, I didn’t exactly knew what I was going to do to him but I knew that he won’t make this without a bruise.

“No words, huh?” Malfoy looked at me and asked me while raising his eyebrows, another thing that turned me on, he was so hot while he was doing basically anything.

“I’m not talking with you, asshole, I’m talking with Zabini now.” I spat to his face and the look I got from him gave me more goosebumps because he was so mad, he wanted to fuck me, clearly.

“Don’t tell me who you are talking with and who you are not because I don’t give a fuck.” He answered me and rolled his eyes, ANOTHER HOT THING.

Fuck you, Malfoy.

“I say what I want to say” I yelled at Malfoy. He can’t control my words nor my actions, nor could I, actually and it was pissing me off even more.

He came closer to my ear and whispered to it “No one asked, slut”, I shivered and he smiled at me while shaking his head, I was falling for him even more, more than I’ve loved him last year.

“Then next time control your ‘best friend’ because I will break his nose if he won’t shut up. And also don’t fucking slut-shame me because I’m taking to the boy who’s acting like a man who’re because you’re the one fucking every single girl here in Hogwarts, not me.” I didn’t let them to bully me. Not anymore. I was done with their shit, I had to fucking stand up of myself but it was really hard.

“Don’t worry, Riddle, he will control himself.” Draco spat and hit Blaise with his hand, as an action to shut the fuck up and calm down because he was way too sexually frustrated.

Breathe, breathe, breathe... Just fucking breathe... don’t do anything stupid because you’ll regret it later.

“But I” he pointed his finger to himself and hit his chest with it “I won’t control myself.” He replied to my sentence and smirked, with a hot smile and it was really fucking hot.

“If you think that I’m one of your toys, you are fucking wrong.” I said the same thing as I said in the train.

“You’re not my toy, babe.” He came up to me and our bodies were almost touching each other, he was way taller than me so I had to lift my head up to look at him.

“Let me guess, how many girls heard this line from your mouth? One hundred two? Two hundred four?” I asked him and rolled my eyes.

“Well, only one, and she’s standing right in front of me right now.” Draco said and looked around.

“Oh please, I don’t need your fucking lies.” I responded “And don’t fucking talk to me like that, also back off you’re fucking disgusting you know that?” I asked him calmly, I wanted to make him mad.


“Don’t call me a liar if you don’t know the truth. Good luck with me this year.” I said and sat with Crabbe and Goyle, without thinking I started eating and talked with Crabbe and GoyleZ

She stood up and left the Great Hall, her body looked perfect and she had a fucking glow up during the summer, it was so hot and her body was awesome.

“Finally she left oh my god” I spat to Blaise and Grabbe with Goyle laughed, of course they always been two idiots, I don’t know how I used to spend all day with them, was I actually as dumb as they were?

“Why are you so mean to her, man?” Blaise asked me and I nodded my head, also covered my face with my hands.

“I don’t know, I have a feeling that she deserves this, but there’s a part in me who needs her, not in a sexual way, but I need her.” I said and Blaise looked at me again, he was clearly so confused. “Man you’ve never talked about a girl in this way, are you sure that you don’t have any feelings for her?” He asked me and I just ignored his question.

Blaise ate some chicken and after about fifteen minutes we went to the Slytherin common room.

We didn’t noticed that Riddle was there, of course where I am, she’s there too because she’s a fan girl.


Don’t make a sound so these two won’t see that I’m here. I saw how Zabini walked to his dorm and Draco was the only one left in the common room with me, my heart beat slowly raised and I was panicking.

“Oh, what are you doing here? Alone...” I heard his soft voice, it calmed me down in one way but it creeped me out in another way...

Shit, he saw me.

“Don’t you remember your own words? I. Don’t. Have. Any. Friends.” I responded to him and tried my best to ignore his every single word he said, and not take it seriously.

“Oh yes, right, I forgot.” He laughed and sat down near me, I was reading a book and he was disturbing me. “I’m with myself and It doesn’t bother me.” I spat to his face and he frowned.

“Yeah, anyways are you exited for this year?” He asked me and I fake smiled “No, not at all.” I answered and he rolled his eyes at me again.

“I will change your mind soon, just wait.” He whispered to my ear, again, I felt goosebumps cover my whole body.

“No thank you” I said and pushed him away from me, I didn’t want his hands on me, I wanted him to back the fuck off.

“That was not a question, so keep your useless mouth shut, whore.” He spat aggressively to me and I got even more scared and he felt powerful, he felt powerful that he made me scared and I was even shaking a little bit.

A whore, but a virgin, interesting, of course. He was the one fucking every girl, I’m wondering what’s his body count.

“See you later” He said, and left me alone in the common room, finally. I wanted to be alone without his useless little words that did not matter to me, well they did I took them seriously but I knew that I had to somehow ignore him, and especially his little useless words, but they hurt me in one way, I liked the pain but it was a little bit too much I thing, I didn’t know. At all.

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