His Little Slut

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-chapter ten-


“Can we go out of here? I don’t feel comfortable in the boys bathroom you know” Elle asked me, and I looked at her with a slight smile, of course it wasn’t a real smile, I was too drowned to form a real smile on my face, but I was trying my best to keep it on my face no matter how hard it was.

“Yes, of course we can.” I said and as soon as I said that I grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the bathroom. There were no people in the hallway, so we walked there in peace, and of course we didn’t hurry because both of us were drowned, and it was still hard to breathe for me.

After a couple of minutes, we reached my dorm. I took out my wand, because my wand was the ‘key’ of my dorm, if we can say that. Only I can unlock my dorm with my wand, unless I give someone the ability to do that.

We walked in my dorm, as I remember we left it pretty messy, but now everything was perfect. There were no clothes on the floor, my bed was perfectly made, everything was just perfect. I looked at Elle, she looked like she was tired.

“Are you going to other classes?” She asked me, her face was sad, and I mean really sad. She looked like she was drowning in her own thoughts, maybe she was, maybe she was just tired, I will never know.

“Are you?” I said while walking up to the mirror, because I wanted to make sure I looked good, with the fact that my dorm was perfectly clean made actually no sense, Because I don’t remember cleaning it and I don’t think that Elle cleaned it either.

“I don’t know, I have no idea. I don’t feel really well, so probably not..” she said and I turned my head to her, she was sitting on my bed, with tears in her eyes. That view broke my heart. The girl I love, is sitting now on my bed almost crying.

“Then I am staying with you, I don’t want to leave you... But we- I mean you should really go to the class, we have a test today..” I said, looked back at the mirror, fixed my tie, because it was too lose and brushed my fingers through my pale hair. It was growing out, I needed a haircut.

“Then go, Draco, I will stay here and sleep..” she said and laid her head on my pillow, I smiled because she looked really adorable but also she looked very broken, maybe she looked like this because she just cried, so did I, of course.

“No, Elle, I will stay, I don’t want to leave you, you don’t look like you are okay, so I won’t go.” I said, walked up to the closet, took out black sweatpants and grey t-shirt, took off my suit pants and put on sweatpants, so I can cuddle her.

I walked up to her, she was still laying in the bed, her eyes were open but all red, because of how tired and drowned she was because of how much she cried, I mean maybe she didn’t cry for a long time, but she cried a lot of tears out, that’s why her eyes were red.

I got in the bed, carefully lifted her, laid on the bed and laid her head on my chest, hugged her tightly so she could feel safe. All I wanted to do is make her happy, I didn’t care about anything else. She was the love of my life and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, or maybe even with our kids later.

“Hold me” she whispered while I was trying to make myself comfortable, so she could sleep in a comfortable position. I wanted her to feel as safe as I feel with her.

“I will darling, I will never let you go, I promise you, and I am really sorry for today, everything that happened..” I said and held her. Held her as tight as I can.

She fell asleep in my arms. She was fucking adorable. I was happy and lucky at the same time to have her and I never wanted to loose her. She was the only girl who made me happy, besides my mother.

“You’re adorable, love, I will never let you go and I will always be with you, even if we will be far far away from each-other.” I whispered to her ear, I thought that she was fully asleep, but she was only half asleep. She hear everything and smiled.

I smiled too, because when she smiled my heart always melted. “I love you, Elle Riddle” I whispered again I love you Draco Malfoy. ” she said with a sleepy voice and I looked at her with a confused face, because I really thought that she was sleeping. What an actor she was, she always makes me smile.

“I thought you were sleeping, love, you’re good at acting, aren’t you?” I asked her and raised my eyebrows and also giggled a little bit, her eyes were closed but she was smiling and her face was facing my face, but again, her eyes were closed.

“I am half asleep, but I can hear you Draco, sometimes you’re so stupid..” she turned her head and laid it on my chest. Her sleepy voice was adorable, I loved it, as much as I loved her. She was a perfect girl, the girl I wanted to marry.

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