His Little Slut

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-chapter eleven-

“I love you, I love you so much Elle” I said. I was pretty tired, I wanted to sleep but I also wanted to be awake as long as she is.

After about ten minutes of playing with her hair and humming and also trying to keep my eyes open, even though it was hard, I looked at her, and saw that she was completely asleep. Her breathing slowed down, she was so calm and relaxed.

She was a sleeping princess, adorable as always, I loved watching her while she was asleep even though that sounded kind of creepy, like I was obsessed with her, but I was. I was obsessed with her.

After about five minutes I fell asleep too, my arms were around her, and she was on top of me, hugging me with her head on my chest. I felt safe, safer than with anyone else.

Elle quickly jumped off me, she was breathing heavily. I woke up too, because she scared me and I automatically woke up. I wasn’t sure what was going on, because I was half asleep, but my eyes were fully open because I was scared.

“What happened baby” I asked her, she didn’t say a word, she looked like she was about to have a panic attack.

“Tell me, love” I said again with a worry in my face. It was hard for me to speak because I was shaking, she was shaking too though. She looked like she was about to cry.

“I had a dream- They- they” she struggled with finding words, shaking. She sat on the beds very end and I sat besides her.

“They what?” I asked her, took her hands in mind, but she couldn’t hold them still, they were shaking. I’ve never seen her shake like this, she was so terrified.

“I had a dream that they- they killed you in front of me...” she said and her voice was shaking as much as she was and I saw that the tears were forming in her eyes, and one tear fell off and rolled down her cheek.

I quickly wiped it off, I held her hand tighter and tried to comfort her, to calm her down, I didn’t want her to worry nor to be scared because I was actually feeling bad when she was scared, I felt powerless that I couldn’t help her, or protect her.

I knew what happened to her. She had a night terror. I used to have those every single night when I wasn’t with her, when she wasn’t by my side.

“It’s okay, love, it’s just a dream. I’m alive, here, with you, I promise you that I will never leave you." I said and hugged her tightly so she could feel safe and loved.

She hugged me back and sobbed on my shoulder. I felt so bad, it felt like it was all my fault. I don’t know why it just felt like this.

“Don’t leave me, never, please, promise me” she said while crying, it broke my heart to hear her voice while she was sobbing.

"I promise you, I will never leave you.” I promised her once again, it wasn’t my first time promising her this, nor the last time, I knew that we will live together forever and that we will die together no matter what.

“I- I love you Draco” she said. I stood up, went to the table, picked up a water glass and a water bottle, came back to her, took the bottles cap off and poured some water in the glass and gave it to her, so she could drink it.

“I love you Elle” I said and she took the glass, took a small sip and swallowed it. I saw how she was struggling to swallow it, but she still did. Elle gave me the glass, it wasn’t empty. She calmed herself down and took the glass again, and drank all of the water that was in it.

“I’m proud of you, you’re my strong girl” I said and smiled, took the empty glass out of her hands. They were still shaking, but not as much as they were shaking five minutes ago, she calmed down a little bit.

She smiled a bit. I helped her to stand up and helped her to go to the bathroom, so she could wash her face from tears, she smiled at me and took my hand.

We walked in the bathroom and she washed her face and looked in the mirror. I gave her my towel and she wiped the water off. Elle looked way better now.

“Let’s go to sleep darling” I said and took her hand, and left the bathroom. Not going to lie, I was still scared because of her dream.

Maybe it means something?

Maybe it was just a dream?

Maybe it was a warning?

I had no idea.

She got into bed, so did I. Once again, she got on top of me, hugged me and laid her head on my chest. My heart was beating very fast and she probably noticed it. She put her hand on my chest, right where my heart was and traced circles. It actually felt really nice because she was doing it, If any other girl would do it as I will literally kill them or just throw them off the astronomy tower.

After a couple of minutes the tracing stopped, and I saw that she was asleep again, so I calmed down and fell asleep too, I felt warmth from her body and it made me feel actually very appreciated and loved, it was so fucking weird to feel this feeling because I have never ever in my entire life felt this with another girl, every girl I have been with, use me for my looks and of course how big my dick was. And of course I was the one who literally use them just to please myself and cum inside them. But she was like every other girl, she was actually special, she gave me something that I have never had, she made me feel loved and actually made me want to live, because all those years without her, were little useless.

I actually feel so fucking bad because I bullied her all those years when I could have been with her, I could have been as happy as I am now, even though we’re not dating yet, but I knew that we will date we will be an actual couple, The one couple who always does everything together and never leaves each other alone. Elle Riddle. The only girl. Forever.

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