His Little Slut

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-chapter thriteen-


I got into my suit, checked my watch again and it was 10am. We had one hour left. I helped Elle to stand up because she could barely walk but she did not talk to me, because again, she was MAD at me, and I mean really mad.

It was funny to see her like this but I tried my hardest to keep my laughs and smiles in. She took my hand and jumped out of bed, Elle was still naked and not going to lie, it turned me on again, but I tried to control myself.

She went into the shower and I took out some clothes to give to her and also her Slytherin robes and her tie. She was confused how I got them, but she didn’t say anything. I loved the way she hid stupid questions inside her but I could understand her. The body language was speaking really loudly.

After about ten minutes she left the shower with a towel around her waist and I passed her her clothes, she took them and went in the bathroom again, but them on and came back looking good as always, but she was holding her tie in her hands.

“Draco, can you tie my tie?” she said and laughed, like she didn’t know how to do it, but she did, I knew that she did. “Elle don’t act dumb you can do it yourself” I said also letting out a small chuckle and a big smile showed up on my pale face.

“No, Draco, I don’t know how to do this” she said while handing me her tie, I smiled and took the tie from her warm, small hands, came closer to her, wrapped her tie around her neck and carefully tied it around it.

“Good?” I asked her, to make sure it wasn’t strangling her, I did not wanted her to die, of course.

“Yes, love, thank you” she said, wrapped her arms around her neck and kissed me.

I did not expect her to do this right now, I thought that she still was pissed at me, for not letting her cum, but she was not mad anymore, she had a huge smile on her face.

I kissed her back, our tongues were dancing together with each other, they fitted perfectly in our mouths. I loved the feeling of kissing her, feeling her tongue in my mouth.

I broke our kiss, because we had to get ready for a class. “Love, we have to go” I said and walked up to my table, where were a lots of books, tests and homework papers and other school things.

“Yes” she replied and walked up to me. I got my transfigurations book, took my wand off the table and put it in my pocket.

I looked at my watch again and it was already 10:45am so we had to go, because transfigurations classroom was in the other side of the castle.

“Let’s go, love” I said, grabbed another book for Elle, took her hand and we walked out of the dorm.

“I don’t want to go to that class, McGonagall will take house points from Slytherin for no reason again.” Elle muttered while we were heading to the class, she also rolled her eyes because it was annoying.

She did not lie tho, professor McGonagall always takes our house points away for dumb reasons or sometimes just because you look at her.

We walked into the classroom, we were two minutes late, because we got stuck in the moving stairs.

Seriously, why are those stairs moving? There is literally no reason for making moving fucking stairs.

“And why are you two, love birds, late?” she asked with a creepy smile and a ‘nice’ voice, which we knew that she was disappointed.

“We-” Elle tried to speak, but professor McGonagall interrupted her. “I don’t care, actually, hundred points fro Slytherin” she said and looked back at the students in the classroom.

“HUNDRED POINTS, JUST BECAUSE WE ARE TWO MINUTES LATE?! YOU WOULD NOT TAKE EVEN ZERO POINT FIVE POINT FROM GRYFFINDORS FOR BEING TEN FUCKING MINUTES LATE” I yelled at her standing by the door and holding Elle’s hand tightly, she got scared for a second because I raised my voice, but as soon as I noticed fear in her eyes I calmed down.

Professor McGonagall did not say anything else just gave me a disgusted look, and continued talking with class how to turn water to poison.

I took Elle’s hand in my hand again and we walked to the very end of the class and sat on the last chair, and pulled Elle on me so she can sit on my lap.

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