His Little Slut

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-chapter fifteen-

- One week later -

Morning. Me and Draco were in a good relationship, no drama, no anything, I was really happy with him, I was happy with him.

One day we sat in The Great Hall, it was morning, before we had breakfast. Before eating, Dumbledore said a speech, like always it was boring at first, but then it got a little bit more intense.

“Good morning students and professors, I hope you all slept well, and I hope everyone will have a great day, but now, I have to introduce you two new students.” Dumbledore said and looked at all of us, everyone was gasping and talking quietly, because it was middle of the year and it wasn’t usual to have a new students in the middle of the year.

Draco put his hand on my thigh and squeezed it, as an warning for something, but this turned me on, a lot. I wasn’t scared of his warnings anymore, I got used to them, and I got used to him, I got used to his teasings, of course it still turned me on a lot.

“Let me introduce to all of you, Jessica Riddle!” Dumbledore said with an exited voice, but also with a slight fear in his eyes.

Oh fuck no.

She was my sister, my twin sister. I knew about her, because my father told me, and we have met once too. Draco looked at me with a curious, but confused face.

“Do you want to tell me anything?” Draco asked me and squeezed my thigh harder, now I knew that it was a warning to tell the truth.

“I’ll explain later” I responded and looked to the door, as a red-haired, tall girl, with red lipstick walked in.

I could already tell that it was her, because she looked like me, but we were not completely identical.
She was my heigh, maybe a little bit taller then me, but I could already tell that she was a bitch.

I kinda liked the way she looked.

As soon as she walked past me, she gave me a ‘hey’ look, but it wasn’t mean, it was a friendly one, but I saw the way Draco looked at her, and the way Jessica looked at him.

“Draco?” I tried to bring him back to this world “Are you okay? Are you here?” I asked once once again snapped with my fingers, trying to bring him back from drowning in his own thoughts and imaginations.

He quickly got out of his thoughts and looked at me.

“Wha?- oh- yeah yeah I’m fine” Draco replied and I didn’t like that answer. I was jealous. She was way hotter than me and had a way nicer body.

Isabella walked up to the sorting hat and took a quick sit. The hat didn’t even touch her head and as soon as she sat down, the hat screamed “SLYTHERIN!”

Everyone in our table started clapping as she walked past me and Draco, and sat near blaze who was sitting beside Draco.

Draco tried his best to not look at her, but I saw that he was trying to study her body without me noticing it. I was jealous.

And I mean I was really jealous and scared at the same time because I didn’t want to lose Draco but I wanted to be with my sister too, I mean I only saw her once in my whole life when we were like nine or ten years old.

Not going to lie she was really pretty and hot, she also had a nice body.

“And the other student is Orla Black!” Dumbledore said with an excitement in his face without any fear.

A gorgeous tall girl opened The Great Halls door, and as soon as she stepped into The Great Hall her eyes went straight on me.

I looked at Draco and saw disgust in his face, he clearly didn’t like her as soon as he saw her. She was hot, like really really hot.

At the time no one knew that I was bisexual, so I had to keep my thoughts for myself, but my gaydar was pointing exactly at her, she was a lesbian, or at least bisexual.

She gave me the ‘Hey baby’ look and I smiled at her.

Draco saw that I was smiling, so he squeezed my thigh even harder. I felt the pain there where his hand were, because he was squeezing it too hard. He looked at me with disappointed and disgusted face, like he knew that I was bisexual and that I like girls.

But I was pretty sure that he wasn’t homophobic.

I was a fifty-fifty, I like girls and boys equally, like oh my God, look at the girls they’re so pretty...

Orla walked up to the sorting hat and sat down. Professor McGonagall put the hat on her head and waited for it to sort her into a house.

Everyone thought that she will be in Gryffindor house, because Sirius Black, her father was in a Gryffindor.

“Hmm, you are brave, but also strong and you can protect yourself, you can also stand up for yourself and you never give up, always finish your work, you don’t like having high grades, but you like the feeling of being successful, like like attention..” the sorting hat said.

“Hmm, not easy... I mean it’s hard to put you in one house...” The sorting hat thought for a minute “Hmm, okay. SLYTHERIN!”

Orla stood up and proudly walked up to me. I freezed for a second, before realising what she was doing.

There was one seat left near me, so she sat down besides me. I could feel how quickly my face got warm, and I felt that my cheeks were all red.

“Hey, Riddle” she said and gave me a cute look. I don’t like when people call me by my last name.

“Uh hey, please don’t call me by my last name, I’m Elle to you and to others.” I said and smiled at her.

“Oh I’m sorry love” Orla said and looked straight in my eyes. Draco quickly turned his face to me and her, and gave her his disgusting look.

“Draco, what’s wrong” I asked him with a worry on my face because I know I didn’t want to lose him,
I had to protect him at all costs.

“Nothing” he said, completely emotionless, but with jealousness in his beautiful grey eyes, he was jealous.

I never saw him pissed like that, he looked at me like he was about to kill someone right away, someone who he didn’t like, this point it was Orla Black.

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