His Little Slut

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-chapter eighteen-

I sat on the bed, I was holding my cut so I doesn’t bleed too much, but I couldn’t hold the blood, it was rushing down my hand.

I heard someone open the door, the only one who had my key, was Elle. I looked at the door and she walked in.

As soon as she saw blood on the floor, she ran up to me and took my hand in her hands.

“Draco what did you do” she asked me with a fear in her eyes and she was completely terrified. The cut was deep.

“Oh Uhm- nothing” I said and I dropped my blade under the bed so she couldn’t see it, but she heard it.

“Why- why did you do that” she said stood up took a towel, few bandages and quickly ran up to me again.

“I was scared and the pain- it was uncontrollable anymore.” I said with calm my voice and she wiped everything off and put a few bandages on my hand. I felt safe that I was with her now.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you, love, I’m really sorry, I fucking love you with all my heart, all Orla did was helped me to calm down, I promise everything is okay Draco.” Elle said with calm voice and turned her head at me.

“Do you want to cuddle or something so you can calm down too? I know that you need me right now and I am right here, well I don’t know if you need ME but i’ll still stay with you, so you don’t know anything to yourself again.” She said again and laid on my bed.

She open her arms as a sign to come here and cuddle her. She was right I needed her I wanted to be with her and feel safe again, when I was with her the pain wasn’t that strong as when I was alone but it was still hurting, it felt like someone ripped my insides out, but it wasn’t physical pain, it was more mental pain.

I got into bed and laid my head on her chest, my hands were on her too, she hugged me tightly and didn’t let me go, I was okay with it, I didn’t want her to leave me I wanted to feel her, to feel that she was here, with me. She was still kind of shaking because of what I did to myself but I was completely calm.

“Promise to never do that again” she said with a fear in her voice again, but she tried to calm herself down. I hugged her tighter as a response and quietly said “I promise you, and I am so sorry I didn’t want you to see me like this.”

“Draco, you could’ve died, you lost a lot of blood, I am glad that I saw you like this, plus you would have been doing this every day without me even knowing.” She said with been in her voice and hugged me tighter again. “I promise you that I will never leave you.” Elle repeated.

“I love you” I said and slowly started to fall asleep while Elle was playing with my hair with one hand and with other hand with my rings. She slipped them on and off my fingers. She liked them.

“I love you” I mumbled and fell asleep on her chest while she was hugging me tightly. I still felt that pain but at least I felt safe in her hands. She probably didn’t want to see me at all but she wanted to check on me and saw me like this.

It clearly wasn’t the first time me doing this, I used to try to cut out my dark mark, but of course it didn’t work at all, I mean it’s a spell not a simple tattoo, it was impossible to get it out of my skin.

I woke up in her hands, she was sleeping too, peacefully. I was happy to see her like this, she was completely calm. I loved to see her like this.

I had a few weird dreams but I can’t really remember them, all I remembered was that I was with someone in the astronomy tower, but it didn’t really matter because it was just a dream.

I laid in her hands for about ten minutes and then she woke up. She was shocked that I was already up and I didn’t understand why.

“Hey love, how did you sleep?” I asked her as she rubbed her her eyes. She was still tired. “Oh good, how did you sleep, love?” Ella answered and asked me too.

“Oh I don’t know, good I guess, good because I was in your hands all the time.” I smiled at her and got out of the bed so I can get ready for dinner, we skipped all the classes today, because we both didn’t feel really well, well of course yeah..

She got out of the bed too and walked up to the mirror and fixed her makeup with a spell. When she did that I walked to the mirror too and fixed my hair, my suit with a tie, sprayed some cologne on myself and fixed my rings.

She was staring at me like she saw me for the first time, and again I didn’t know why, I looked at the mirror and checked myself out, I looked so damn hot, of course I always look hot.

I fixed my sleeve so you can’t see my bandages, came up to Elle put my hands on her waist and asked her with a calm voice “ready to go to eat dinner, darling?”

She nodded her head and looked me again, she was trying to say something by her look but I didn’t understand what.

“what’s wrong my love?” I said and checked her out, she wasn’t in her uniform anymore, didn’t even notice when she changed into these clothes.

She was wearing a dark green, short, but beautiful dress, it wasn’t elegant but it was still pretty, it was just a normal dress, but she looked really good in it.

I took her hand and we walked out of the dorm, to the great hall. We sat down and there were only several Slytherins sitting down, but Orla and Jessica wasn’t there, which made me kind of happy, I wanted to have some time alone even though I knew them only for one day they were already really really annoying, I mean both of them.

We sat down and Elle wasn’t eating again.

“Eat or I’ll put that food in your body through your ass.” I said and laughed a little bit, so did she. She put a noodle in her mouth and started to eat it.

“Good girl you are, aren’t you” I smirked at her and ate too.

And then I saw them. Orla and Jessica walked in the great Hall and sat on the other side of the table. It didn’t bother me because they were not close to us, but it was still annoying to see their faces.

To be honest, Jessica was pretty hot,but like I said not as hot as Elle. Elle was the prettiest and the hottest girl in this world.

Elle gave me a dirty look, when she saw that Jessica was looking at me with a smirk in her eyes, god, she was annoying. She didn’t even talk to me but she was annoying, she was just like Pansy, such a whore. I already saw in her eyes, all she wanted from boys was sex.

I rolled my eyes and looked at Elle, she was pissed that I was staring at Jessica for too long even though I didn’t notice it, I was just lost in my own thoughts.

Jessica was still staring at me, she wanted me to do something, so i did.

I looked at Elle, put my index finger on her chin, lifted it up a little bit, and gave her a soft kiss. I wanted to show Jessica that Elle owned me and that she won’t get me, and also I showed Orla that Elle is mine and mine only.

Jessica and Orla were talking with each other, laughing and eating. I think they were best friends before Hogwarts too, maybe even more than just friends.

I felt it tapping on my shoulder and turned around, it was Blaise, and of course besides him I saw Pansy, she needed a boy, that would fuck him, because I found myself a girlfriend.

“Hey, there’s a Slytherin party tonight, maybe you two want to join?” Blaise asked us and gave us a friendly smile.

“Oh a party? Yes! I’m down” I looked at Elle “Are you down, my love?” I asked her and saw, that Pansy’s face turned all red and she was jealous.

“Yes, Draco” she said and I took her hand in mine. I could feel how Pansy’s eyes were burning through our hands, she was staring them.

“Oh okay cool, it will be in the room of requirements, start is at twelve am, don’t be late or they won’t let you two in.” Zabini said again and left with Pansy.

I looked at Elle and she had a smile on her face, it was good to see her like this, happy. I stood up and helped Elle to stand up too, I gave her my hand and she stood up.

“Let’s go to get ready, right?” I asked her with a smirk on my face and checked what time it is, it was six pm.

“Yes, we should, I have to do makeup and blah blah blah, you know, girly things.” She said and laughed at me, took my hand and we walked out of the Great hall.

We went to my dorm, I quickly ran inside and took my clothes, and came back to her, so we can go to her dorm.

She was cutely smiling at me, I loved to see her smile, she looks very good with it.

We walked to her dorm, she opened the door, walked inside and she locked it.

I sat on her bed because it was too early to get ready for me, I had to do was change my suit, fix my hair and do all that shit, you know my whole routine.

She sat on her makeups tables chair and started to do her makeup. She was doing a lot of things and it was just confusing, I didn’t even understand what she was doing to herself, it kinda scared me.

I was bored so I stood up and walked up to her, looking directly in the mirror, how she was doing make up or whatever she was doing I didn’t even know.

Her table was full of makeup, it was everywhere, I mean everywhere, even on the floor.

I just stared at her, she already looked gorgeous, my little girl was stunning.

“Wow” I said and smirked, she didn’t understand what I meant by doing that smirk, she she looked at me and raised her eyebrows.

“Yes, Draco? What’s wrong?” Asked me and continued doing her makeup, I think she was doing her eyeliner or something I don’t know, I wasn’t good at make up sorting.

“Oh nothing, you’re stunning, darling” I said and looked away, I still had no idea what she was doing with herself, but if that’s what makes her happy, then I’m happy to, I guess.

After about forty minutes she stood up, walked up to me and gave me a soft kiss, I don’t expect her to do that, but oh well, and of course I kissed her back. I looked at her and her make up was awesome, she had green eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and a brown mascara on, also some foundation, and a lots of other things. I noticed that her eyes were different colours.

Her left eye was green and her right eye was blue. She was looking directly in my eyes, her eyes made my stomach hurt, I’ve never had this feeling before.

She took out a hair straightener out of her drawer and plugged it in the socket, it made a loud ‘beep’ noise and it hurt my ears.

It was heating up.

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