His Little Slut

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-chapter two-


“Can’t he just leave me alone like always” I said quietly to myself, I thought that I was alone in the common room but apparently I wasn’t. I wasn’t fucking alone there.

“And no, I can’t” Fuck. He was still there and I didn’t even notice it, I swear that I saw him leave, is he teleporting somehow or something? That’s actually crazy.

“Thank God I didn’t say another thing..” I whispered to myself, but he heard that too. I felt like and idiot. He had a really good hearing which made me even more mad and ugh, I wanted to kill him.

“What thing?” He turned around and asked me with a curious voice and horny face, this bitch was turned on. “You know I’m still here right?” he asked me again flirtingly, it was hot.

“Oh you are? Then nothing.” I said sarcastically and smiles because I thought that I did something but I actually didn’t. I made fun of myself, that’s it.

“No It’s your imagination” He rolled his eyes “Say what you wanted to say.“Draco repeated and I wanted to tell him that but I also didn’t because his ass would bully me even more and even worse day by day.

“Oh I forgot.” I lied. A lie. Yes. A lie. Fuck. He understood that I lied, how the fuck does he do that? He’s a manipulative bitch.

He grabbed my neck aggressively, and i flinched because I didn’t expect him to do this right now, he was clearly hard because I was giving him an attitude, dumb bitch gets turned on by this.

“Don’t. Fucking. Lie. To. Me.” I was scared of him, scared that he will hurt me mentally and psychically, but Malfoy will always be a Malfoy and it pissed me off more than it actually should.

“I don’t think you would like this.” I whispered to him and tried to catch breath because his hand around my throat was making me hard to breathe.

“Just fucking say it, I don’t give a fuck.” He rolled his eyes and took his hand off my throat, I tried to catch breath because I was out of it

“Oh you don’t?” I laughed “But the problem is that I didn’t ask, or atleast I don’t remember that I asked.” I spat and he got kind of mad.

“Yeah I don’t, and also you didn’t ask but I still said so keep that attitude to yourself honey” he said and smiled aggressively, it was an evil smile of course.

“Okay, I will say. I wish I never fucking met you.” I lied once again, AND ONCE AGAIN HE UNDERSTOOD THAT I WAS LYING.

He choked me again and squeezed my neck even harder. Not gonna lie, it did hurt and a lot, it was two times harder to breathe than it was at first. “Don’t lie....to me” he said and I tried my best to stop my wheezing that came out of my mouth.

“You will strangle me. I would like to die in your arms tonight.” I said and he let me go. I did not just said that... Shit shit shit! What am I doing, I’m not controlling my words that come out of my fucking mouth.

“I know you’re lying. YOU USELESS PIECE OF SHIT” he yelled at me and backed off, the useless piece of shit really hurt me,I didn’t even realise that I took it that deep in my heart, now it’s buried there, down there.

“And that’s why I don’t want to say that one thing. Because you don’t fucking care about people. Girls are just one night toys for you. One fucking night stands.” I quickly stood up and left the common room, because he was going way too far, if i wouldn’t’ve left, I think I would be sucking his dick once again.

I walked to my dorm with tears in my eyes. I finally said this to him. To Malfoy. I didn’t regret it. At all.

Well maybe I did a little bit but I didn’t care, I said what he had to hear, maybe he’ll think about it and stop doing this to girls.


She will be in so much trouble. I won’t leave her like this. I loved her. I said that she’s useless. I said this to a girl that I actually like and want to be with. I am an idiot. A fucking idiot.

I’ve never been THAT mean to someone. I broke her. I saw pain in her eyes. She was hurt. And the fact that I was mean to her, to that one girl who made my heart melt every time I see her.

How can I get closer to her without being with her? Without her knowing that it’s me? I saw a piece of paper on my table. Right yes I can write her a letter!

I sat down and after about ten minutes the letter was done. I was shaking. I was scared. A fucking Malfoy was scared. Weird, but of course I was nothing like my father, even though he was a fucking coward, he couldn’t do anything, well nor could I expect for the fact that I knew that I was good at fucking girls.

I gave that letter to my owl and told her to give it to E. Riddle.


Where are my fucking pills... Where are they... I found then and drank two pills, so I don’t have a panic attack. I sat down on my bed and saw, that an owl flew in my room through my window.

Who would send me a letter? That’s really weird, but let’s take a look. I took the letter from owl and opened it.

Hey Elle, or Riddle, I don’t know... You probably don’t know who I am yet. I am Alex Stone, from Hufflepuff house, I am in fifth year. I saw that you were sitting alone by yourself at dinner after everyone got sorted into their houses... Maybe you want to be friends? You seem pretty cool girl, even sometimes a little bit aggressive... I’m kinda shy to meet new people in person, but we could be friends through letters, because it’s safer for me.. I’m waiting for your answer.

-Alex x

Alex? I’ve never heard of one, especially in Hufflepuff. Alright, let’s try. I took paper from my drawer and wrote back.

Okay, so umm hey I guess... I don’t know anyone named Alex in Hogwarts but let’s give it a try. Well I don’t really like people and communicate with them, but sure I guess. I mean if not Malfoy I’d love to have real friends, lmao. So tell me something about yourself? And call me Elle, I don’t like my last name, because you know... My father is Voldemort, but I’m not like him. x



Oh my god... She’s so adorable... I took another piece of paper and wrote her back again.

Aww that’s cool! And I’m really shy so that’s why no one knows me I guess .. I don’t like Malfoy either, he used to bully me. When we were friends, but I stood up for myself. And I know that you’re nothing like your father. So.. I am in fifth year, but you already know that. I love my mom and I completely hate my father. He thinks that he can own me and control me... I feel like a toy our something... I love music and my favorite class is charms.

After about ten minutes I got another letter. She was a fast replyer... I took the letter and opened it.

Wow, cool... I hate Malfoy. He’s such an asshole! He uses every single girl in Hogwarts for sex. I can’t stand him. I fucking despise him. Last summer I was diagnosed with depression just because of his bullying. Anyways can we not talk about him? Because there’s this one thing that no one knows and I can’t tell you yet because we’re only chatting for about thirty minutes. Anyways, what do you want to know about me and how was your day?

She really has depression because of me? What am I thinking.... I replied again, it was so nice to chat with her, but I felt really bad that she had it. I felt guilty and I wanted to apologise but I didn’t know how.

Well, okay, but if you want to talk about him with me, we can, because I know a lots of things about him... By the way my day wasn’t the best. I just don’t feel good. And you can really trust me, I promise you. And I know why Malfoy does this to every single girl.. But I can’t tell you, because he would break my neck and then feed me to Fluffy... And I don’t know what I want to know about you, just everything! You seem pretty friendly, that’s weird that you don’t have any friends.

What am I doing... I am fooling her... She thinks that she’s chatting with a fucking Hufflepuff... I have to be more friendly to her in public... She doesn’t deserve this. She deserves better.


Wow I guess they were really good friends with Malfoy... He seemed pretty sus to me thought. But I responded anyways.

Uuu you know about him a lot I guess.. I don’t really know what to tell about myself I’m pretty boring. Well yeah I don’t have any friends because of Malfoy, he told everyone that i’m a whore and slut. Anyways we can talk about him because we don’t have other idea. I have a feeling that I can trust you, even though it’s very hard for me to trust anyone, again, because of him.

I had a thought that Malfoy was writing those letters, but it’s impossible because he wouldn’t be nice. This boy is very nice. After about thirteen minutes I got another letter. It still looked kinda suspicious, but I didn’t care.

Yeah, I know that you’re a good person, I don’t know why I think that but I just do. Me and Malfoy were best friends since five years old. Our fathers were best friends too. When we started Hogwarts, he became mean and toxic, and everyday he pushed me away more and more. After about two years I ended our friendship, because he was too toxic. (well not as toxc as he is to you right now, but still super toxic.) He bullied me every single day. I told my father this, he didn’t do anything because Lucius Malfoy was his one of the closest friends. My mom was too weak to do anything, so I just ignored him. And I am so sorry that you have depression because of him... You will be okay, I will help you go through this. Also Malfoy is bullying everyone because he is broken and doesn’t know how to properly hide his pain and feelings. He’s really hurt, trust me, he really is.

Oh my god... I feel really bad for Draco, I really do even though he’s bullying me everyday... I’d like to hug him right now, but I can’t... I replied once again and sent the letter to him.

Well I didn’t know that he was broken and he bullies everyone because of his pain. I actually even feel bad for him. He doesn’t deserve this. He really doesn’t. But it still hurts that I can’t stop his bullying. He thinks that he owns me. All I want to do is hide from him, I don’t want to see him. Anyways what do you look like? Maybe I’ve seen you?


Fuck what do I say...

Well I’m really ugly... I have platinum blonde hair, just like Dracos, but I don’t look like him at all. And like I said you probably never saw me because I am trying to hide from everyone, because I’m really insecure and I have anxiety. I’m a coward :(... But like actually someone should take care of Draco, because he can’t do it himself. He is also bipolar and he doesn’t understand that... xx

I sent her this letter with fear... What if she knows, that it’s me?

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