His Little Slut

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-chapter twenty-

Elle was waiting for her hair straightener to heat up, it took good five minutes. All that time she was teasing me, kissing me and sitting in my lap. I had a third leg, so when the hair straightener heated up, I stood up, went to the bathroom, slid down my suit pants and my boxers down and calmed my ungrateful dick down. It was annoying that Elle could turn me on that fast, of course it was a good thing but not always.

I let out a white liquid out of my ‘wand’, cleaned everything up, slid up my boxers and my suit pants on again and left the bathroom.

Elle looked at me with a smile, because she knew what I was doing there, she was almost done with straightening her dark brown hair, it was longer than always, because her hair is kind of wavy, and now it was completely straight.

She looked really good it straight hair.

I checked the time, it was almost nine pm. I stood up, got my suit out of its bag and took off my old one, I also got a dark green tie, with slytherin emblem in it, but it wasn’t a part of our schools uniform. It was a different tie.

I slid down my suit pants and switched it with dark grey ones, did the same with my top, put on my dark green tie “Hey love, can you tie my tie?” I asked Elle and she looked at me, she was in the other side of her dorm, in the closet, trying to find something to wear. She was still in her old dress, she nodded as an answer yes.

After a couple of seconds she came up to me and tied my tie. I looked at her, as she was doing it.

God, she was gorgeous.

When she was done with it, she walked to her closet again, and began searching for a dress. I came up to her and put my hands on her waist from behind, I didn’t see her face, but I felt that she was smiling.

“Need some help, darling?” I asked her and she nodded her head as a yes again.

“Okay love, move to the side a little bit and I’ll find you a perfect dress.” I said and began my research in her closet.

I found a lots of things like skirts, t-shirts, shorts and other clothes, and also found a few dresses.

I took three dresses out, and put them on a bed, all three of them were gorgeous.

“Hmm, which one do you want to wear?” I asked Elle and she shaked her head.

“Maybe this one?” She pointed at the black dress, it was really short, I could already see her in it.

“Okay, I thought about this one too, it’s nice.” She spat and took off her clothes, I tried my best to not look at her, because I didn’t want to fuck her right now, I mean I did, but I didn’t want to ruin the moment.

She was only left with a bra and panties, I felt how my my dick slowly became harder and harder, but I tried to ignore it.

She put on that black dress “Draco can you zip it for me” she asked me and I walked up to her and zipped her dress. I looked up and down at her, her ass was barely hiding behind the dress, she looked like a fucking slut, but my slut, I owned her.

“Turn around” I commanded her and she did, she looked hot, her breasts were almost fully exposed, but I was jealous that everyone will see her.

“Fuck, you’re turning me on” I spat to her and she had a big smirk on her face, but I had to control myself, we can’t fuck each other anywhere and any minute, which kinda hurts but I have to fucking control it.

I was fully dressed up too, we went up to the mirror, Elle was standing in front of me and I was hugging her from the behind.

“We look really good, don’t we?” I said and buried my head into her neck, slowly breathing on it.

“Yes, yes Draco, we really do.” She agreed with me and smiled, she was covered in goosebumps, she had them everywhere.

I kissed her neck and hugged her tighter, she had a big smile on her face, she was happy, as happy as I was to have her.

The thought that I will lose her one day made my heart hurt, I wanted to hold her forever, call her mine forever and kiss her - forever.

I checked the time, it was ten thirty pm, we had about one hour left, since we had to go there a bit earlier.

I quickly pinned her to the wall and placed my hungry lips on her neck, kissing, sucking and even biting her soft, sensitive skin.

She moaned, because she liked it. What a fucking slut. I had a talent to turn her on by my slightest touch, but she had that talent too, she turned me on by doing anything, and I mean anything, sometimes she wears shorts, sometimes she eats something in a ‘dirty way’ to tease me, sometimes she just sits on my lap, and this turns me on a lot, like she does a lots of things that turns me on.

“I really want to fucking fuck the soul out of you right now, but I don’t want to ruin our outfits and your make up, you look way too good, I’ll fuck you after the party, really hard. I promise you.” I said and smirked at her, let her go.

She was shocked but I could see how she was trying to control her wetness in her panties.

“You’re a dirty little slut, aren’t you?” I asked her calmly but I had a dirty smirk on my face, I wanted her to know that I was in a mood to fuck her through every single hole she has.

“Yes I am, I am yours little slut, only yours daddy.” She answered me to tease me again, I came up to her, pinned her to the wall again and grabbed her face, aggressively, so she could know that she’s not helping me with my hard dick in my suit pants.

“Good, now shut your little useless mouth up before I face fuck you, my little slut” I said and she smiled at me, she wanted to do this.

“God you’re such a whore, you know that?” I asked her again with a smirky smile on my face, I could feel how my dick was about to rip my suit pants in a half and break through the fabric.

I let her go again, she walked up to the bed and sat down.

“We have about thirty minutes left, love, do you want to do something?” Elle asked me with innocent voice and looked at me.

“Awh I love it when you act so innocent, you look adorable but not innocent, princess.” I replied snd looked her dead in the eyes.

She didn’t understand how much I wanted be inside her, her walls around my huge eleven inch dick, me pumping it inside me, and cum inside her.

My thoughts were taking over my mind and I could see me fucking her so clearly. I sat on her bed too and took her hand in mine.

“I love you, Elle Riddle” I said quietly, I even thought that she didn’t hear me because I barely heard it myself, but she did.

“I love you, Draco Malfoy.” She said and looked at me, with doggy eyes, she looked adorable. I feel down in my head knew that she was wet in her panties and that she wanted me to fuck her, but I ignored that fact so I could calm my dick down.

“Check the time” She commanded me and I did, I looked at my expensive watch and it was eleven-thirty four pm.

Time was running really fast.

“We should go, shouldn’t we?” I asked her with a smile on my face, I felt butterflies in my stomach because I was really really exited, I wanted to party, dance, get drunk, get high, I wanted everything, but mostly, I wanted to fuck her.

We stood up, Elle walked up to the mirror again and checked herself out, fixed her beautiful dark brown hair and walked up to me, I did the same thing, just fixed my pale blonde hair and sprayed some ‘Sauvage Dior’ on myself, also fixed my cold rings.

“Ready to go?” Elle asked me with a smile on her face, I knew that she was exited too.

“Yes, sweetheart” I answered and she grabbed my hand, her wand and we went out of her dorm, she locked it with her own spell, so no one could walk in, but of course I knew that spell.

We walked past the Slytherin Common Room, there were a few girls getting ready, but I didn’t know them, I mean I did, but we never talked.

They all gave us weird look and continued talking and doing their make up.

We also walked past potions, defence against the dark arts, charms and herbology classrooms, and then we reached the room of requirements.

There were two big mans standing in front of the door, they didn’t let us in.

“Name?” One of them asked, with a strong voice, they were about seven feet tall, so they could easily just press us to the ground.

“Elle Riddle and Draco Malfoy” I said, and they unlocked the door and let us in.

This is where all the fun began.

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