His Little Slut

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-chapter twenty three-

I did a fucking mistake. I knew that I loved her, but why the fuck did I kiss that girl, I didn’t even know her name.

She was seriously mad at me. So was I, I was mad at myself, I hated myself, I wanted just to... Just to end everything here.

A break. What does this even means? Why does she need it? And a break, from what?

“Draco, I’m so sorry, but I can’t do this anymore.” Elle said and tears were forming in her eyes, I knew that she did not want to do this.

“Mhm, okay.” I answered because I was in complete shock. I didn’t say anything, just left.

I went to the Astronomy Tower. A place where I was nice with her for the first time, where we first talked without yelling and arguing.

It hurt me, knowing that she doesn’t want me anymore. I walked over to the railing, but my hands on the metal, my rings made a loud noise, but I didn’t care, I didn’t care about anything anymore.

I leaned over the railing, I wasn’t scared anymore, I didn’t care about anything anymore, I wanted to fall out of the Astronomy Tower, I wanted to simply,


But I didn’t. I looked at the stars and again, got lost in my own thoughts, just like before Elle, she was my everything, my true love, my world, a girl who always made me smile and made me happy, a girl who always took care of me, gave me love and attention, didn’t use me only for sex, didn’t care about my past, and most importantly, loved me the way I am.

I stood there for about two hours, it was freezing outside, but I didn’t fucking care, I didn’t feel anything, except my pain and my love for her.

“I have to fucking move on!” I yelled, wishing that no one heard me, but like I said, I didn’t care. I have to fucking move on, I can’t always just love her, even though she was the only one girl, that I truly loved.

After about twenty minutes I walked inside, my hands were cold, colder as ever, but I liked it, my rings were even colder, and they hurt my fingers, but I liked that pain, it was stinging.

I went to my dorm, took off my suit and put on my pajamas, of course, Slytherin ones.

It was uncommon for me to put them on, but I did whenever I felt, that I was in danger or just...When I was hurt. I laid on my bed and just overthinked about her.

Did she fell out of love? No, I don’t know, atleast I don’t think so.

Is she in love with someone else? Possible, but who? Orla?

I was lost.

I heard a knock on my dorm, I though that it was Elle. “Come in, door is unlocked.” I said and quickly snapped out of my thoughts, and I saw her.

Jessica Riddle.

“Oh please, what do you want, slut?” I asked her and rolled my eyes, I wasn’t in a mood to talk with anyone, especially with a slut.

“I heard, that you and Elle broke up, and by the way, love, you forgot to put ‘my little’ before ‘slut’” she spat and winked at me, I wanted to throw up, but she looked hot.

Jessica was wearing a short, black skirt and a purple crop top, also red wheels, her lips were black and she only had mascara on, her hair was wavy, but very long.

“Shut the fuck up” I said through my teeth, I didn’t want to talk with her, but I wanted to fuck her, just to forget Elle.

I was sitting in my dorm, thinking about him, yes, I loved him, I loved him more than anything, but it was hard, it was hard to be with him, now he is free, he can do whatever he wants, he can flirt with every single girl in Hogwarts.

Yes, I did this for him.

I smirked at her and she sat on my lap, her face was facing mines and we were centimetres away from each others faces, I slammed my hungry lips into hers and my tongue slid in her mouth, exploring it.

I put my hands on her waist, and she slowly took my shirt off, my abs were exposed. I broke the kiss and pushed her off me.

“Take your clothes off” I commanded her, and she took them off, she was completely naked, her clothes were laying on the floor.

“Strip, whore” I said and she quickly started to dance in front of me, I enjoyed it.

After about five minutes, I was fucking hard, so I stood up, put my hands on her waist and slammed her to the wall, kissing her neck, sucking in the sensitive skin, leaving huge love bite.

I took off my boxers, slammed her on the bed and teased her clit with my dick, I wanted her to squirm.

“P-please fuck me, fucking destroy my insides” she said while moaning.

“Beg, you fucking slut” I spat and played with my eleven inch dick right in front of her pussy, it was touching her clit, I wanted to tease her as hard as I could.

“Please fuck me daddy, i’m begging, make me unable to walk.” she repeated again and this turned me on a lot, I quickly inserted myself into her, she wasn’t a virgin, she wasn’t tight at all.

I pushed my dick in and out, mixing in between slow and fast, she wasn’t as good as Elle so I didn’t let a single sound out.

“Fuck, I’m about to-” she moaned and I slapped her ass, as an answer to do it. After about three to five seconds I felt her walls tighten around my dick and and she came.

I didn’t cum, I can make myself feel better by finishing it myself.

“Get the fuck out, you useless whore” I spat and went to the bathroom, I heard how she put her clothes on, opened my dorms door and left.

I quickly calmed down my hard dick, letting out a warm liquid out of it, I moaned a bit and cleaned everything up and left the bathroom.

I was still in pain, I couldn’t forget her, but I knew that I had to.

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