His Little Slut

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-chapter twenty four-

I sat in my room and just stared at the wall, I didn’t even remember what I was thinking about, I just was.

I heard a loud bang on my window, so I looked at it and saw an owl, I’ve never seen this owl before. The owl got me a letter, I took it from her and opened it.

Hello, Elle,
We heard what happened to you and Draco, I am really sorry for this, I never meant to hurt you or anything, so I just wanted to say sorry for everything, and by the way, this is an invite, we are having a truth or dare party in my dorm, tonight, at about ten pm, there won’t be a lot of people, only me, Draco, Mattheo, Orla, Jessica and Blaise, so come if you want, but i’m not pressing you to go! See you later if you’ll come. (Bring comfortable clothes, not a dress lol)
~Pansy Parkinson x

huh? We were enemies, now she wants to be friends with me?


I snapped out of my thoughts again and decided that I should go there, I’m bored anyways, so why not huh? I took some paper and wrote her a letter back.

Hey, Pansy,
Okay, yeah, i’ll be there. See you later.
~Elle Riddle (:

I gave that letter to Pansy’s owl and she flew out the window. I stood up and walked over to my mirror, looking at myself. I stared at myself and heard that someone knocked on my dorms door.

“Come in” I yelled and a tall man, with long hair came in.

Dumbledore. What the fuck is he doing here? Why is he in my fucking dorm?

“Hello, my child, how do you feel?” he asked me with a calm voice, he was nice to me, but it was weird because he doesn’t like Slytherin, and I’m a Riddle.

“Oh, I feel way better now. Thank you.” I replied to him but my heart was racing and I was scared, he normally doesn’t come to students dorms.

“Perfect, me and professor Severus Snape want to have a little chat with you, can you come?” he asked me again and I felt how my heart rolled down to my feet, I was so scared, what did I do? Am I in trouble?

“Yes, I can, just give me a few minutes, please” I said again but he saw how I was shaking.

“Yes, and do not be scared, my child, everything is alright.” he said again and I calmed down a little bit, but not a lot, I was still shaking and I was breathing heavily.

I sighted and he left my dorm, I quickly changed into my Slytherin robes, took my wand and left my dorm.
I went to Dumbledores office and when I walked in, I saw him and professor Snape sitting on a chair.

“Come in” Dumbledore said to me with a nice voice “Take a seat and relax.”

I sat down on a chair next to professor Snape and he gave me a slight smile, I’ve never seen him smile and it kind of creeped me out, but I tried my best to not make an eye contact.

“Hello, Riddle” Snape said to me but said my last name in a different tone.

“Why am I here, what did I do?” I asked and my voice was shaking, so was my whole body, even though Dumbledore said that there’s nothing to worry about, was still fucking shaking.

“So, professor Severus Snape has something to tell you.” Dumbledore said and looked at Snape, he was sitting, shaking his leg, he was obviously nervous, his face was pale.

I looked at him and he looked at me. “I can’t.” Snape said and looked at me and then back at Dumbledore, he was sitting in front of us.

This was extremely awkward.

“So, he wanted to tell you, that he is your...” Dumbledore said and took a quick pause “He is your real father.” At first I didn’t realize what he said, then I understood, but it took me a good minute.

“W-what?” I asked them, looked at professor Snape and Dumbledore. “Yes, you are my daughter, Elle.” he said and his face was even paler than before, and he was scared, I saw it in his face.

My eyes completely opened and I was in shock. “Can- can I go now?” I asked them, I felt dizzy. “Yes.” Dumbledore said and gave me a smile, I smiled back, stood up and ran out of his office.








I was scared and my head was full of questions and thoughts, I didn’t know what do to now, I was scared.. The biggest question in my head was;
Should I call him my father now?

I was completely lost and frustrated, in all fucking ways except the sexual way, I didn’t know what to say nor how to react, I wanted to talk with someone but... I don’t have him in my life anymore. Fuck. Draco. I needed him as fast as possible I wanted him to comfort me and be there for me.
Please. Draco.

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