His Little Slut

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-chapter twenty six-

After Blaise did his ‘dance show’ it was Mattheo’s turn. “Hey, Riddle, truth or dare?” Blaise asked and he still had a smile on his face.

“Dare.” He said with his strong husky voice and looked at me. “I dare you to...” he paused because he didn’t know what to give him “I dare you to kiss the hottest person in this room.” Blaise said and his eyes immediately locked on me.

My heart began to beat really fast, I almost fainted.
He came up to me, lifted my chin up and gave me a soft kiss. Not going to lie, he was a good kisser.

He backed off and sat where he sat before and had a huge smirk on his face.

I was completely shocked, but then I looked at Draco. His jaw was clenched and and gave a dirty look to me and to Mattheo. He was about to stand up but Blaise got him.

“Okay, we need no drama, Mattheo ask me or whatever” Pansy said and looked at me with a smile on her face which made me kind of pissed.

“Truth or dare witch” Mattheo asked and looked at Pansy but he couldn’t let his eyes off me. “Dare” she answered. No. No. No. I knew what Mattheo is going to do. He will do everything to make me jealous.

He didn’t even think, but quickly said “I dare you to kiss Malfoy.” I knew that he was going to give her this dare. I felt how anger was rising up in my body and my blood was already boiling.

Pansy gave me a smirk and I gave her a dirty look back. This is not fucking happening. No. I didn’t want to fucking see this, so I closed my eyes, but I still heard that kiss, she tried to make it as loud as possible so I can hear it.

Even though we broke up, I still loved him and always will love him, no fucking matter what. I was jealous and mad.

I felt, that my face was burning. She walked away from Draco and sat back down.

“Draco, truth or dare” she asked him, but skipped me for some reason. Draco looked at her because he didn’t expect her to ask him right now, it was basically my turn.

“Truth and don’t fucking call me Draco, I’m Malfoy to you, whore.” He said again and drank his other half of the bottle.

“Whatever. Do you still love Elle?” Pansy asked because she wanted to know the real answer.

The whole room went in complete silence for a couple of minutes.

Draco looked at me and I saw how tears were forming in his eyes, he obviously didn’t want to answer.

“I do, always did and always will do.” He said and a tear rolled down my face, I felt really guilty for hurting him, meanwhile Pansy got really mad.

“Anyways never mind, Blaise truth or dare” Draco asked but his voice cracked, I quickly looked at him and he was trying his best to hold his tears in.

“I don’t know, truth.” He answered and Pansy gave him another bottle of truth serum, he opened to bottle and drank half of it.

“Who do you like?” Draco asked because he again didn’t know what to ask. “Oh- I- Hermione Granger.” He answered and I finally saw a smile on Draco’s face, he thought it was funny because she’s muggle born.

“Elle, truth or dare?” Blaise asked me and I thought for a second. “Dare” I answered and I saw a smirk on his face, which made me kind of nervous.

“Seven minutes in heaven with Draco.” He said and my heart dropped on the ground.


“What” me and Draco both said at the same time and looked at him, we tried our best to not make an eye contact.

“Do it.” He repeated and I saw Pansy’s and Mattheo’s faces go red because they were jealous? I don’t know I had no idea because... Mattheo Riddle doesn’t fall in love, but I thought the same thing about Draco Malfoy, so there was a chance, but not with me.

I stood up and grabbed Draco’s hand to help him stand up, we went in the bathroom and stood there in completely awkward silence.

“So how have you been” he asked me, but I literally broke up with him today.

“How do you think huh?” I answered and tried to be as rude as possible so I don’t show him that I still love him.

“I don’t know, probably happy, that MATTHEO FUCKING RIDDLE KISSED YOU” he yelled at me, because there was a silencing spell on bathrooms door.

I didn’t say anything, I wasn’t happy, at all.

He came up to me and pinned me to the bathrooms wall, wrapped his hand around my throat. “You know that you’re mine and mine only, if I can’t have you, nor can someone else, so stay away from these ‘boys’.” He said with his eyebrows raised.

“Fuck you.” I said to him and tried to get his hands away from me but he held my throat even harder, I wasn’t able to breathe.

“Oh I would, but we only have about five minutes left, I won’t do everything that fast darling.” He said and gave me a smirk.

He began to kiss my neck, I felt how he sucked my sensitive skin in and made love bites. “Draco- don’t.” I said through moans, but he didn’t stop because he knew that I enjoyed it.

His hand slowly went down, taking off my trousers and my pants, his finger slowly traced circles around my clit, which made me moan a little bit louder.

“Awh, enjoying, love?” He asked me and I slightly nodded my head as a yes. He pushed two fingers inside me and began slowly moved in and out.

“Already so wet for me darling?” He asked me and moved his fingers a little bit faster.

He pulled them out, looked at his watch and mumbled “perfect, jump.” He put his hands on my thighs and I jumped, he put me on a sink “Open your legs for me”. I didn’t care about anything at the time, so I opened them.

“What a good girl for daddy” he said and gave me a smile, quickly pushed his two fingers inside me again and kissed my heat.

I moaned as he pumped in his fingers faster and faster every time, after a couple of pumps he placed his lips on my clit and slowly sucked it in, with his fingers still inside me doing their job.

“Fu-fuck Draco” I moaned and he still sucked in and even bit it sometimes, but it felt good. “Draco- I’m- fuck” I moaned again and he didn’t began to do everything faster, as a command to cum.

I came and he cleaned me with his tongue, swallowing everything, looked at his watch again and we had one minute left.

“I can make you cum really fast, huh?” He asked me and pushed me off the sink and washed his hands. I didn’t say anything just took my clothes and put them on, but then I looked in the mirror and saw two huge hickeys on my neck and they were very visible.

“I marked what’s mine” he said and came up to me again and gave me a soft and warm kiss on my lips.

“You’re mine forever, always remember that.” He said and gave me another soft kiss.

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