His Little Slut

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-chapter twenty seven-

Draco gave me a soft kiss and I kissed him back, I still fucking loved him and still fucking needed him, and I needed him in all ways.

“Time is up” someone yelled from the room and as soon as someone said that I ran out of the bathroom, so did Draco, but he put his cold hand around my waist.

I was confused why he did that, because we weren’t back together, so I pushed it off me and sat near Pansy again, and Draco sat near Mattheo.

“You guys can play, I’m not playing anymore.” I spat, I was happy but mad at the same time.

“If you’re not playing we are not playing either.” Blaise said and looked at all of us, everyone were nodding their heads except Draco, of course his picky ass wouldn’t do anything.

Pansy stood up and got some fire whiskey from under her bed and took five cups, poured the fire whiskey in them and gave those cups to everyone.

I wasn’t in a mood to drink but I wanted to forget Draco, and I wanted him to forget what I have done, how I’ve hurt him and how I played with him.

Well I didn’t play with him, I really loved him, and of course still do, but he probably thinks that I played with him.

I quickly drank the fire whiskey from my cup and aggressively put it on the floor where I was sitting, I was already drunk because Pansy poured me more than half of it.

“Fuck guys I’m so drunk, I want weed. Someone has weed maybe? Or are y’all useless like always?” I asked and Draco tilted his head to me, he didn’t even touch the fire whiskey which was uncommon, he always drank if he had a chance.

“I do- but in my dorm.” Blaise replied to my question “but I can bring it.” “Okay we’ll wait here I guess.” I said again and he stood up, leaving his cup on the floor.

Where the fuck is he? It’s been ten minutes and I’m carving for weed.

Draco stood up and came closer to me, sat exactly besides me, our legs were touched each other but I didn’t care.

“What do you want, Malfoy?” I asked him aggressively, looking at him, I was too drunk to catch my words so I didn’t even think about how I was talking to him.

“Oh so we’re back to our last names?” He asked me, he was completely sober and I was completely drunk.

“I don’t know.” I answered and he put his hand on my thigh but I didn’t mind, I didn’t feel anything at the moment except...

Except what?

No. No... Except my love for him. Every time he talks with me I fall in love with him even more, I can’t stay away from him, nor can he. We need each other more that I need food or air, he’s like food and air to me.

“Oh. Okay” he took his hand off my thigh and put it on his knee. Draco’s hands were really hot, trust me. I wanted them to be around my neck twenty four seven.

“You guys are fucking boring, I’m going out of here.” Mattheo said and stood up, walked up to the door and left Pansy’s dorm.

There were only me, Draco and Pansy left, because Zabini probably got caught or something. “I’m going out too, I’m tired and- and drunk as fuck so I’m going to my dorm.” I said and stood up, so did Draco.

“Goodnight guys” I said and left the dorm and walked to mine, but I felt a cold hand with rings around my wrist.

I quickly turned around and almost fell because I felt really dizzy, of course I saw him, Draco Lucius fucking Malfoy.

“What do you want from me?” I asked him and Draco dragged me to my dorm and sat on the bed and I did the same thing.

“We need to talk.” He said with a serious face, which made my heart beat a little bit faster.

“Go on, talk.” I said and rolled my eyes, because like I said, I didn’t care about anything because I was drunk.

“I need you in my life, I need you more than anything, you’re literally the only one who made me feel fucking safe, I can’t move on, I can’t live my life without you, I need you right here with you in my hands, I need you to help me fall asleep in my bed. I know that you’re drunk right now but I- I needed to tell you this somehow, but not when you’re completely sober and plus both of us can’t stay away from each other..” He said and his voice cracked a few times, he held my hands and looked directly into my eyes.

“Draco, let’s talk about this in the morning, I’m too drunk to talk about...love.” I said and a tear rolled down my cheek, he quickly cupped it and wiped it off.

“I’ll come in your dorm as soon as I’ll wake up. Okay?” He asked me nicely and I nodded my head as an answer, he stood up, kissed my forehead, laid me down on my bed and kissed my forehead again. “Sleep well, darling” he said and I closed my eyes, he left my dorm and I quickly fell asleep.

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