His Little Slut

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-chapter twenty eight-

I woke up and my head was really heavy, because of how drunk I was last night.

I didn’t remember anything except that me and Draco talked about something but I had no clue what, I checked the calendar and it was Sunday.

I got out of the bed and got ready to go eat breakfast, but I saw a note on my drawer, I grabbed it and read it.

Meet me in the astronomy tower, tonight, at two am, don’t be late.
- D.M.

I didn’t know who it was from but then I realised that D.M. Are Draco Malfoy initials.

I ignored the letter and changed into new clothes, wiped off my old make up and put on a mascara and brushed it out, also curled my eyelashes so I look pretty, but ordinary.

I walked out of my dorm in the great hall and saw what I wasn’t supposed to see. Draco Malfoy talking with Jessica Riddle or Snape I don’t even fucking know anymore.

I looked at the professors and saw my father sitting there. I mean the real father, he was looking at me and gave me a little smile which kind of creeped me out because it was very uncommon to see his smile and his smile was kind of scary but also very adorable.

I came up to Pansy and sat down next to her “hey Pansy” I said and she looked at me and smiled.

“Oh hi Elle, how did you sleep?” She asked me nicely, it was weird talking with her because she hated me but now I think she wanted to be friends with me.

“Oh good, just my head hurts now. What about you?” I asked her too and with my eye corner I looked at Draco flirting with Jessica, I was really jealous, I wanted to be in Jessica’s place.

“Good! And yeah” Pansy saw that I was staring at them flirting with each other “they have been talking since the second I walked in, it was like an hour ago.” She said and my heart dropped once again.

“Wait I’ll be back.” I said and stood up, walked up to Draco “Can we talk for a second?” I asked him.

“Talk.” He answered, but I wanted to talk with him in private.

“I mean somewhere in private.” I said again and he raised his eyebrow, looked at Jessica and gave her a weird look, but it was weird only for me because he was flirting with her.

“I’ll be right back, darling” he said and winked at her, I grabbed his hand and we walked to abandoned bathroom. What the fucking fuck? Darling? A fucking darling?

“Draco what the fuck is going on?” I asked him calmly, but my blood was fucking boiling, I was pissed and jealous.

“Don’t you remember? We broke up, well, you broke up with me.” He tried to be as cold hearted as possible but I could still see the pain in his eyes.

“Fuck you.” I said and he grabbed my neck, pinning me to the wall and my head hit the wall.

“Keep that attitude to yourself, slut, I’m not yours anymore, get over it, you were the one who ended this relationship.” He said through his teeth, he was mad, I knew that I made a mistake when I broke up with him, but I wanted to keep him safe.

“Draco I- please” I begged, I didn’t even know why I said please but I still did.

“Please what? You will never fucking understand anything.” He said again which made me kind of confused what he was talking about.

“Understand what?” I asked him and I lowered my eyebrows, and my voice, I tried to speak as calmly as possible with him, I didn’t want to hurt him anymore.

“Never mind you still won’t fucking get it.” He said and took his hand off my neck, bet his bottom lip and looked away as if he was hiding something from me.

“Draco- explain” I repeated again because I was scared and confused.

“No one else will love you, like I loved you.” He said and to these words a tear fell off his face.

“Look at me” I said to him trying to make a eye contact but he didn’t look at me, he looked away.

“Draco please, fucking look at me it’s not that hard.” I repeated and he looked at me, I cupped his face and stared into his eyes, his grey, emotionless eyes, well they weren’t completely emotionless, I saw pain in them.

“What do you fucking want, Riddle?” He asked me, and he didn’t know that my father is Snape, not Riddle yet, but I just ignored that fact.

“Riddle, right, we’re back at calling eachother by our last names?” I asked and took my hand off his cheek and looked at the floor, because he knew that I didn’t like when people called me by my last name, but not anymore, I liked that my last name was Snape, but not Riddle.

I tried everything to hurt her so she would stay away from me, because I couldn’t stay away from her, I needed her, I wanted to spend the rest of my fucking life with her, I wanted to feel her with me and.. I wanted to be inside her.

“Listen let me fucking go, i want to go to the Great Hall.” I said raising my voice a little bit.

“Oh you want to continue to flirt with my fucking sister? Twin sister?” She said and also raised her voice at me, but not a little bit, but a lot.

“I- yeah aha of course” I said so she would get away from her, but every mean word I said to her broke my heart even more and more, I wanted to get on my knees and apologise for being rude but I didn’t.

Fuck everything, I’m done.

I walked out of the bathroom and didn’t say anything else to her, but I didn’t go to the Great Hall, I went straight to the Astronomy Tower, I wanted to end everything here, right now, without anyone knowing anything.

I leaned over the railing as much as I could. “Good fucking bye, I hope someone will take fucking care of her, and love her like I did.” I yelled “I love you Elle.” This time I didn’t yell, I whispered and jumped off the Astronomy tower, leaving all the pain right there, ending everything right here and right now.

It was too hard to carry everything on my back, all the guilt and everything that I have done to everyone, but especially her. She was the only girl who made me happy, now I have lost her, this was the only way to end everything.

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