His Little Slut

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-chapter three-

I mean wow he really knows every single Malfoys secret. If it’s not him writing me right now. I kinda had a thought that it was him. I replied to him for the last time today... Or atleast I thought that it was the last time.

Well he needs to take care of himself or I will crucio him one day. Anyways, I’m going to take a long shower, then go to bed I guess, because it’s 2 am lmao, goodnight xx
- Elle

He sent me a letter too, It was really short.

Okay, have a good night and sleep well x
- Alex

I put all his letters in my drawer and went to the shower. After about thirty minutes I got out of shower and got into my pj’s.

I fell on my bed. Wow... I am in fucking love... IN LOVE. I should go to Astronomy Tower, like I do every single night...

I got out of bed, put a black suit on, my rings, fixed my hair and sprayed some cologne all over it. I love the way this cologne smelled and it smelled actually really good, I loved it. I felt powerful with it on me.

I left my dorm and went to the astronomy tower, had to go outside the castle because the astronomy tower wasn’t in the castle, it was a different tower near the castle.

After three minutes I was in Astronomy Tower. Alone. No one was with me. I was looking at the stars, just like every single night.

I always loved to look at the sky. It feels like only stars understand me, my pain, my feelings, basically everything.

Fuck I forgot to go to Astronomy Tower for my daily stargazing and drawing... I love to go in there because it calmed me down a lot.

I jumped out of my bed, put on my hoodie, sweatpants, took my notebook and a pencil with me and went to the Astronomy Tower.

It was 2:47 am.

As soon as I stepped in the the tower, I saw tall man, standing there, looking at the sky. I immediately knew who he was. He turned around and saw me. Shit.

“What are you doing here, slut?” He asked me, but calmly, and after that he looked at the stars again. I ignored him of course. Oh my god can I just crucio him now?

I didn’t answer him, just sat in the corner of Astronomy Tower, took my notebook with pencil out of my pocket. “Can you leave me alone? You can draw in your fucking dorm.” he said, but didn’t even look at me, nor did I because I wanted be be alone and I didn’t want to look at his face.

“Don’t tell me what to do.” I responded and continued my drawing. “Oh so you want me to do it again?” he asked me and now looked at me, I looked at him with a calm and emotionless face.

“So you will use me like a doll again?” I asked him and showed him that I didn’t care about him nor anyone around me, that I was an emotionless ‘slut’

“You’re not a doll.” He responded, with a deep husky voice, I was shocked that he said that. “Then who am I to you? A slut? A whore? A shy crybaby? A girl with no friends? Who?!” I tried to control my feelings, but it was impossible..

“No one .” He said with weirdly calm voice. It looked like he was about to cry. Thanks to God that I’m nothing to him. But why was his voice cracking? I mean yeah, those letters... but still I thought that he’s strong, he had to be stronger than I thought.

I have to be nicer to her. I love her. I just don’t know how to show her that love, I’ve never loved anyone before. I took my wand out “Silencio” perfect, now she won’t hear my thoughts.

I told to the universe how I feel. How drained I am. How weak I am. She just sat there in the corner and drew something. I looked at her. She was so fucking gorgeous.

“What?” She asked me with soft voice and looked at me slightly with the corner of her eyes. “Did I say anything?” I have to stop being mean to her one day.
The fact that I want to be nicer but I can’t, it’s in my blood, that I have to fucking be mean to anyone, but I have to learn that I want, no no. I NEED to be nicer to her.

“No, I just asked why are you staring at me...” she said and I smiled a little bit, first time in a while, a real smile. She made me smile for no reason.

“Okay, I can leave if you want.” I slowly walked to the door and opened it. “Finally” she mumbled to herself and I of course heard it, it kind of broke me but it didn’t matter because I broke her even more

“I heard that.” I replied to her and rolled my eyes, she was hurt so was I, we were both hurt and I walked out of the Astronomy tower, when I reached the castle I went downstairs to the dungeons because that’s where our common room and all dorms were, it was cold down there. While walking to my dorm I saw Pansy. Of course I had to fucking meet her right now.

“Hey Draco” she said with a big smile, she had a big crush on me, and for what? I hated her, more than I hated anyone in my entire life. “Hey, bub” I tried to act as normal as possible. I saw, that Elle was walking past us so I grabbed Pansys neck, pushed her to the wall and kissed her. Just to make her jealous, because I kind of knew that she had feelings for me and that she till ninth nine percent will get jealous.

I saw that Draco and Pansy were kissing. My heart broke into more pieces. “You two can continue, I’m going to my dorm anyways.” I said and my voice of course cracked.

“Thank you” He said to me and continued making out with her, with that fucking pug face. She wasn’t ugly but she wasn’t pretty either.

I imagined that it was Elle. “I have to go, Pansy” i said “Okay boo” she responded with a smile. She was disgusting, I hated her. The word boo or bae always made me throw up, I just hated them.

I left her there and went to my dorm. After five minutes of just sitting on my bed i decided to write her another letter. I wrote it and gave it to my owl.

I heard, that an owl flew in my dorm through my window again. Oh God. Again. I took the letter and read it.

Hey, again, I know it’s 4 am and you will probably sleep, but I can’t fall asleep. It’s so hard to fall asleep for me lately... If you’re reading this at night then reply, if in the morning still reply! You’re the most awesome girl I’ve ever seen in my entire life, even though we never talked in real life...

I replied to him because I couldn’t left him like this but I also want in a mood to reply to him.

Thanks, you’re cool too, but I’m not in the mood right now to chat. I can’t fall asleep because I am thinking about my world. About a person that I love and hate at the same time. Okay just forget everything and go to sleep. Goodnight.

I got another letter. When will he stop writing me? He’s kind of annoying though. I don’t know why he just was annoying.

Are you okay? What happened? Who do you love? And like I said I’m not going to sleep because I’m not tired.

He’s too annoying. And I replied again.... and again.

No I’m not okay. Not at all. I want to pitch myself off the Astronomy Tower. :) And I can’t say who that person is, I’m so sorry.

I really have a feeling that this is Malfoy. But why would he be so nice to me? He sent me a letter again. Fuck how can I make him fuck off?

You know what? Me too. I really wish I could hug you right now. But I can’t. Just please don’t do anything to yourself bb... xx

Okay. I will probably die after this letter, but let’s give it a try. I wanted to make sure that he’s not Draco, because I’ve been suspecting him since like third letter.

Then maybe go and hug Pansy like you did huh? If you think that I’m dumb, you are wrong. Like I said, I’m not a fucking doll to you, Malfoy.

I gave that letter to owl and she disappeared in the dark. I was shaking. Shaking out of fear. Now we wait.

How does she know that it’s me? I replied to her with shaky hands. I was scared, I was really terrified that she will find out that it’s me. Okay Malfoy, okay dumb.

What? What did I do? What do you mean? And who is Pansy? If you don’t want to be friends then that’s okay... I’m sorry if I did anything to you.

Okay it’s definitely Malfoy. Who doesn’t know Pansy? I send him another letter, I was so pissed because I was ninety nine percent sure that it was him.

Draco Lucius Malfoy, don’t play dumb, because I know every single one Hufflepuff in Hogwarts. So if you would let me crucio I’d be very happy. Now go fuck your slut.

no no no no no... I was so confused how she found out that it was me... Keep playing dumb, don’t say that it’s you, don’t put yourself by accident, watch every word, write carefully.

I’m really sorry if I did something to you... But I promise you, I’m not him. If you want I can stop sending you letters.

Oh yeah... We will see. I replied to his last letter.

Okay okay I believe you. So you really don’t know who Pansy is? And why do you hate Malfoy so much?

I send him that letter and go to Malfoys dorms door, wanted to be hundred percent that it’s not him so maybe I can tell more secrets? I wanted to have someone with me who would listen to me, but my trust issues really said nah bitch.

I hate him because he was my best friend and now we are strangers. He knew my every single one secret... Why? And yeah, I don’t know who Pansy is.

I send her the letter, put other letters in my drawer under the books and I had a feeling that someone is standing by my door. I walked up to it and opened my door and of course I saw, that Riddle was standing there.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” I asked her with a rude voice. Malfoy. Calm. Down. She. Doesn’t know that it’s you. Yet.

“Care to explain what your owl is doing in my room?” She asked me curiously and I tried to act dumb, I didn’t want her to know that it was me who was texting her.

My heart dropped out of my chest. I didn’t know what to say. I froze for a second. “What do you mean? My owl is in Malfoy Manor because I had to send my mom a letter, what is wrong with you, Riddle?” I asked her.

“Mhm... Maybe I need to call you Alex Stone?” I tried not to show my panic, but inside I was panicking so fucking bad, I almost threw myself to the wall. “What? Why him? He was my best friend when we were little.” I said and she looked at me and shook her head.

“Yeah yeah sure” she smirked. This turned me on. The smirk she had was fucking hot, not every girl had it. No. No one had that smirk, not even me.

“Come inside.” I said with mean voice, she was showing me her attitude again. “No” she replied to me “I said come inside.” I said with a rude smile once again, I was fucking pissed but also turned on at the same time.

She walked inside my dorm and I saw how she was rolling her eyes, of course my dirty mind imagined her rolling her eyes in my bed, me on top of her.

“On. Your. Knees.” I said and she quickly changed her face from emotionless to confused and also scared at the same time. “Malfoy if you won’t tell me the truth-” she said and I interrupted her.

“I SAID ON YOUR FUCKING KNEES” I yelled at her. I was so fucking horny, and she was giving me attitude which turned me in even more.

“Alright bitch you don’t need to shout at me” she rant and rolled her eyes again. Fuck when will she stop? It’s annoying that she’s doing this, like she knows what she’s doing.

“Then do what I say. Down.” I said but with clam but strong voice now. “Why should I? I’m nothing to you.” She responded and my blood was boiling again, I wanted to feel her soft lips around my hard dick.

I grabbed her face and pushed it down, and she fell on her knees just like in train, like twelve hours ago. The hoodie on her looked so fucking hot.

“You know you’re not getting anything” she noted but that didn’t change anything for me because I still get what I want, always.

“Shut up” commended her and she did, of course, everyone listens to Malfoy. I took my dick out and also took her hair to my hand. “Do. It.” I said with calm voice.

“No” she spat and I got mad again, so I forcibly opened her mouth and put my dick in. “Do it slut, suck it, I know that you want to please me you fucking whore” She got scared so she slowly sucked it. It felt perfect. Out of all these girls, it never felt this good.

After about two minutes of moaning I felt it coming. “Fuck you’re so good at this” I added and she nodded her head, also, Elle was using hands, not only mouth.

I came in her mouth again and groaned “fuck Elle, you always surprise me more and more every day.. now be a good girl and fucking swallow my cum, I know that you like it” I said and she swallowed it once again, I felt powerful again.

“You know that I still hate you for everything, Malfoy?” She spat and they didn’t actually care, well I did care and a lot.

“Who said that I don’t hate you, huh?” I asked her and obviously gave her a look that showed that I was confused but also I tried my best to look emotionless so she won’t think that I have feelings for her

“‘I want to hug you bb’ and ‘well he is just broken’, don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about Malfoy.” She added and it pissed me off even more, what the fuck is she doing to my body?

“What do you mean?” I raised my eyebrow and looked at her she was obviously suspecting me that I was the one who wrote those letters and she kind of knew it.

“Oh wait, you’re not ‘Alex’ ” she fake laughed and looked away, breaking the eye contact. “Can you stop?” I asked her calmly and I tried to keep myself calm so I won’t be rude to her again.

“Can I stop? YOU LITERALLY FUCKED MY LIFE UP. I HAVE DEPRESSION BECAUSE OF YOU, I HAVE TRAUMA BECAUSE OF YOU, I HAVE NO FRIENDS, GUESS WHY? BECAUSE OF YOU! YOU’RE USING ME LIKE A FUCKING TOY AND YOU’RE TELLING ME TO STOP? Malfoy you are the problem here, not I am.” Elle yelled at me and I felt really fucking bad, also my blood was boiling and I was so fucking pissed I wanted to punch the wall or scream everything out.

“Leave.” I said with my jaw clenched. I had no words. I didn’t know what to say. I felt guilty “Gladly, Malfoy” Elle said and she left.

I sat on my bed and cried until morning. I didn’t sleep for three days and now I had eye bags under my eyes.

I left his room and ran to my dorm. As soon as i reached my bed I sat on it and cried there until 7 am.

“I shouldn’t go to classes today... I stood up for myself..” I whispered to myself. But I had to. I have to go to classes. I got up, went to the shower, and after shower I got into my uniform.

I got out of the bed, went to shower, spent maybe fifteen minutes in the shower and left it and after shower I dried my hair with a towel, put my uniform on, basically just did my whole routine just like every other day and went to potions hoping I wont see her.

I went into potions class and she wasn’t there yet. I looked around and saw that there are only two free seats left. I sat there and waited for class to start.
And then she walked into the class...

Fuck... She’s here... The only seat was left besides me. My heart began to race and I got kind of scared because I didn’t want to see her especially after tonight, after what she said to me.

Another fucked up day... And the only seat left is near Malfoy.. Anyways just ignore him... I sat with Draco hoping that he won’t say a thing or won’t to do anything to me.

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