His Little Slut

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-chapter thirty-


We walked to my fathers classroom because he wanted to stay with me so I don’t do anything stupid to myself.

I saw that he was worried about Draco too, maybe he was just pretending, maybe he really was, I don’t know, I was really lost in everything I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t want to lose him, I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, but knowing that he might love someone else, hurt me, and a lot.

“Hey, Elle, have you done potions homework?” My father asked me because he wanted to get my thoughts away from Draco, and he probably knew that I didn’t do it.

“No, I- I don’t understand them.” I replied and he looked at me furiously, but of course he knew that I didn’t because I was failing his classes, hopefully now that he is my father, he’ll explain everything more.

“Do you need....any help?” He asked me and looked at me through his long, black hair and raised his eyebrows.

“That would be good, of course if you don’t mind..father” I said and he gave me another little smile and stood up, took his potions book and came back to me.

We spent there about two hours, he taught me everything, I fully understood potions now, and I forgot Draco for a second, but as soon as we finished studying I remembered him again.

“Father, I have one serious question, well two, maybe three.” I said to him when we were in the middle of studying, he looked at me furiously and nodded his head

“Ask me, I’ll try to answer.” Snape said with quiet voice, he didn’t want me to ask few things, I guess.

“What happened to me that night- when I passed out?” I asked him and he looked at me, sighed and silently answered.

“Jessica Snape, your twin sister hexed you, she wanted to kill you because you and Draco had feelings for each other, she really likes him and she can’t stay away from him, we put truth potion in her butterbeer.” He replied and that answer made my eyebrows raise a lot.

“Who is my mother” I asked him again and he looked at me again, he didn’t want to answer this, I already saw it in his eyes.

“She died when you were three years old, it’s a long story, and I am tired, maybe I will tell you about her when I won’t be that tired and- you will be ready.” He answered again and quickly changed the subject.

“Can I see Draco again?” I asked him and he looked at me and nodded as a yes, but he obviously didn’t want me to see him, especially right now when he is probably dying.

He stood up again and helped me to stand up, after a couple of minutes we were in the hospital wing, he was still sleeping, or unconscious, I didn’t know.

“I’ll leave you two here alone, spend some time with him, just in case.” My father said to me, kissed my forehead and left the hospital wing.

I sat on the chair near Draco’s bed and took his one hand in mine, I didn’t want to lose him, I wanted to be with him as long as I can.

“I love you Draco” I said quietly. “I love you” he replied, I got shocked because I thought that he was unconscious but he woke up. HE WOKE UP!

I smiled through tears and sighed because it felt that I dropped a rock off my back, I felt relief.

“Draco” I smiled “you’re up” I said and looked at him, directly into his grey eyes, they were completely emotionless when I first looked at them, but when he saw me his eyes filled with happiness.

“I am” he said and smiled, but it was hard for him to do that, because of the scars and bruises.


I felt that my hand were in hers, my whole body was in pain and I could barely move but I felt really safe with her, I wanted to be with her right now.

I opened my eyes and saw her, my body quickly filled with happiness because she was there, with me.

“Why did you do this” she asked me and frowned, she was really scared I saw it in her green eyes.

“I thought that I lost you, I thought that I” she didn’t let me to finish my thought, I felt her lips on mine, this was the best feeling I could ever feel.

“Shh, I’m here right now” she backed off and realised what she just did “shit I’m- I’m sorry.” Elle apologised and a smile from her face quickly disappeared.

“It’s okay.” I replied “I’m tired” I opened my arms “come here” as a command to come here and cuddle me, it was that command and I wanted to hold her, even though my whole body was in complete pain.

She got into the bed and I hugged her tightly, this was really THE BEST feeling I could ever feel, I loved being with her, I wanted this moment to last forever.

She quickly fell asleep, so did I.

I never felt more safe, I even forgot that I was in pain and that I tried to fucking kill myself, I was really fucking stupid. I loved her and she probably loved me, why the fuck would I do that?

I’m crazy.


I felt safe as ever, I felt love and warmth come from his body, it made me feel really loved even though I don’t think that he meant that he loved me.

I was half asleep, but I still thought about him, I could feel his breathing slow down as he fell asleep, holding me.


“Hey, Elle wake up” I heard a soft, but also strong voice, I was asleep so I didn’t understand what was going on.

I woke up and saw Draco fully dressed, in his black suit, but he was still covered in scars and bruises, it did hurt me seeing him like this, but he will heal soon.

“What, Draco?” I said with my sleepy voice and I saw how he melted by it.

“They said I can go to my dorm, plus I feel better now, it doesn’t hurt anymore.” He said to me and smiled, he wasn’t in pain anymore.

“Oh- uhm okay, wait I have to get ready” I said to him and got out of the bed, I felt a sharp pain in my leg but I just ignored it.

I got ready in seconds and he was standing by the door, leaning on it, he looked really hot, I wanted him, but he was hurt.

“Let’s go darling” he said to me and smiled, took my hand and we walked to his dorm, his hands were still freezing, and mine were hot, they that’s why it felt good to me, his hands made mine feel better, and mine made his fell better.

We walked inside and his dorm was perfectly tied up, I never realised how clean he was, he always wanted to have everything perfectly done.

“Wow, who did this? You were literally in the hospital why is it so clean?” I asked him nicely, not trying to sound rude, but when I looked at him he was shocked too, because last time I was here it was messy, of course not as messy as it is in my dorm, but it was still way messier than Draco’s dorm.

“I have no idea.” He replied and saw a letter on his table, walked up to it and opened it.


I just wanted to let you know, that I really like you and that we should talk more often, maybe even fuck again (; I hope you had a great night, and yes, I cleaned your dorm.


He read it and I took it out of his hands and read it too.

“What the- oh fuck no” I said and he looked at me confusingly because he didn’t know who J.S. was, he didn’t know that I am Snape and that Jessica is now Snape too, not Riddle.

“Who is J.S.?” He asked me and I looked at him with disgust.

“You fucked her, didn’t you?” I asked him and raised my voice at him because I was fucking pissed.

“Who?” He asked me calmly but I couldn’t stay calm, he fucking fucked my sister.

“JESSICA, WHO ELSE?” I yelled at him, but he didn’t even flinch.

“Fuck, yes. Yes I did and it wasn’t my fault, please, trust me, she was the one who fucked me, I could never.” He paused for a second and sat down on his bed, then realised “Wait why is it J.S., not J.R.?” He asked me and looked at me.

“Oh- Uhm” I sat down next to him on his bed, and began the whole explanation.

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