His Little Slut

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-chapter thirty two-

Days and even weeks were passing by, I missed Draco everyday more and more, but he never seemed to miss me. Everyday I see him somewhere in Hogwarts, he is always surrounded by girls, he’s always flirting with them and also, he looks completely fine.

But I wasn’t, I was completely shattered, by the thought that he got over me really fast. It was hard. It was so fucking hard for me to see him around girls, I even often see girls coming out of his dorm, but we weren’t together anymore, so I can’t control his actions nor his feelings to other girls.

I was still completely in love with him , with his smile, eyes and everything, he was just a perfect man. Deep inside my heart I still knew that he was the one, he actually was my soulmate. No matter what.

Yes, it was hard, it was really hard to ignore her, to keep my thought away from her and to keep my eyes from her.

I often saw how she was staring at me while there were a lot of girls around me, I flirted with them so I could forget her but it wasn’t working.

I needed her and her only, not only that I needed her, I wanted her.

During those weeks Orla left Hogwarts because it was too much drama and she didn’t feel safe anymore, well nor did I, but my mother begged me to finish Hogwarts.

We were in the Great Hall, I just sitting in the morning, before nine pm, eating breakfast.

Dumbledore once again said his daily speech, everyone already knew that i’m not a Riddle anymore, I was Elle Snape, not Elle Riddle, and it made me happy.

I didn’t see Draco for a week now, I was really worried, but I hoped that he is really safe, that he is loved there, wherever he is.

I was in the Malfoy Manor for a past week, it was horrible here, my mom was gone, the only woman in this world who really cared about me.

I wanted to see her, I wanted to hug my mother because she’s my only comfort right now.
Death eaters meeting.

I was wondering why Elle wasn’t in the meeting, but I was happy that she wasn’t, at least she was safe in Hogwarts, I trusted people there, especially when her father is now in Hogwarts, keeping her safe, so I wasn’t worried.

“We are going to attack them after two weeks, get ready, and tell this to every single death eater.” Voldemort spoke and I snapped out of my thoughts and my heart dropped.

“We will, Lord.” Bellatrix replied to him.

“The castle will probably be secured, so we have to get ready to destroy the protection charm.” Lord Voldemort spoke again and my heart dropped for the second time, they were about to attack Hogwarts, my only real home.

I stood up, didn’t say anything and went upstairs, to my room.

The manor was pretty big, and I still sometimes get lost in it.

I walked inside my room, sat on down, took my paper and a pen, and started writing a letter to professor Severus Snape.

The war is in two weeks, protect the castle and keep her safe, I’ll come back before the war.

Was I scared? Yes. I was terrified that I will lose her again, but now forever. “Draco?” I heard a soft voice behind my door, it was my mother.

“Come in” I said calmly and she came in but I didn’t realize that my letter was still on my table and that she could see it.

“What is that, Draco?” she asked me and hugged me from behind and read the letter.

“Is this to Elle’s father?” she asked me, because I used to write letters to my mother everyday about Elle, and I still did, even after the break up.

“Y-yeah” I muttered to myself, but she ran her hand through my hair, she knew that I liked this and that it calmed me down a lot.

“I won’t stop you, I want to help you and your relationship with her, I want you to be happy, just like you were when you were a little kid.” she said and hugged me.

“I love you mum” I said and she smiled at me, her hugs were one of the best hugs I could ever get, of course we didn’t count the ones Elle used to give me when we were... still together.

Fuck I couldn’t think about her without that weird pain or just feeling in my chest.

“I love you too, Draco” she replied to me “I have to go now again, your train to Hogwarts is in three days, be safe, I know that you are strong and you will get through this.” my mum said, kissed my forehead and left my room.

I took the letter, folded it four times and gave it to my owl who was on my window.
“Hogwarts, Severus Snape, don’t let anyone else see this.” I said and she took it and flew out.

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