His Little Slut

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-chapter thirty five-

I was scared, when I saw Jessica on the ground, I thought that I saw her there for a second.

“Hello, Draco! Come, join us!” Voldemort spoke and I held Elle’s hand.

“Baby I’ll go there but won’t be on their side. Okay?” I whispered to her “But you, don’t go there, please.” I begged her because I wanted to keep her safe, I needed to keep her safe.

“Draco please” she teared up in front of me.

“I have to, my darling, I really have to, but I will be back, I promise you we will run away like I said.” I spat and tears were about to roll down my cheeks, but they didn’t.

She let my hand as a sign for me to go, even though she didn’t want me to do this.

“I love you” she whispered to me and I looked back at her. “I love you Elle” I said and another tear rolled down Elle’s cheek.

I walked to Voldemort’s side and he hugged me, the hug was pretty awkward and I didn’t expect it. I wanted to keep her safe. She was standing there, alone, looking at me, tears were rolling down her cheeks.

Was I scared? No I wasn’t scared, at all.
I was terrified.
Everyone around me were fighting, I looked at Elle’s direction and didn’t see her anymore, maybe her father took her somewhere, where she could be safe.

I was still worried.

“Give me my daughter back!” I heard Voldemorts voice, he wanted to have Elle has his daughter again, just like old times, even though he did not take her of her at all, he just wanted to have that thought that HE has a daughter.

I took my wand out when I saw that I was standing in the middle of that field, I saw red, green, blue lights around me but none of them hit me.

I tried to look around, incase I see Elle somewhere, but I didn’t see her, it made me feel better, because at least she is not in the middle of a fighting field, like I was, but I didn’t care, atleast she wasn’t there.

“Avada Kedavra!” I heard Lords Voldemorts voice, his wand was pointed to a black haired girl.


"Expelliarmus!" I shouted and his wand flew out of his hands, he was shocked because he clearly didn’t expect me to do this.

I felt that someone grabbed me from behind and pressed a wand to my next, it hurt, it really did hurt but I tried my best to not show it.

“Aww, Draco Malfoy fighting for his little slut, huh?” I heard a sarcastic voice behind me and immediately recognized it, Mattheo fucking Riddle.

“Let me fucking go before I chop your little brainless head off, Riddle.” I spat aggressively through my teeth, I was so pissed, I wanted to kill him and his stupid little father, they did not deserve to live. Not even a bit.

Mattheo did not let me go, he pressed his wand on my neck even harder, it hurt but I didn’t care.

“You will regret saying those words, Malfoy.” He said to me, laughed and let me go.

I didn’t even think about anything, I punched him in the face, I even forgot that we can use magic here, he fell down.

I didn’t even notice that Voldemort took his wand and literally disappeared, I was confused.

Then I heard his voice again “Avada Kedavra” but I didn’t care because Elle was safe, I looked around to see if he is anywhere near me and jumped because he was right behind me, pointing his stupid wand at me.

“WHAT THE FUCK” I yelled because I didn’t expect to see him behind me, his wand was pointed exactly to me, to my face.

Fuck no, I promised to Elle that I will run away with her, I can’t leave this world, I can’t leave her, I can’t leave her alone here, she needs me and I need her more than anything.

“Oh, Draco Malfoy is shocked, isn’t he?” I heard Mattheo’s voice behind Voldemort, he was hiding from someone like a fucking coward.

“Avada keda-” Voldemort screamed at me. “Expelliarmus” I said faster than him and his wand flew out of his hands “Accio Voldemorts wand” I said quietly and his wand flew to my hands, he was harmless without it, so I took this chance.

I pointed his wand to him and he didn’t show any emotions.

“Draco Malfoy is trying to kill me?” Voldemort asked me and laughed with his disgusting and rotten teeth.

“Yes, I won’t fucking let you hurt anyone, especially her.” I said through tears, I was holding them in but my voice cracked.

He laughed at me again, this laugh was weird, it was like an evil laugh, but I mean, he always laughs like this

“Shut that disgusting mouth of yours.” I spat through my teeth, and my voice cracked once again, all he did was laugh and it was embarrassing for me to look at his ugly laughing face.

“Kill me.” Lord Voldemort said calmly and I finally took this chance, I will end everything right now, right here, and for forever, he will be gone.

“Avada kedavra!” I yelled at him and a green light hit his chest, the war quickly paused and everyone, I mean EVERYONE looked at me and at him, Voldemort fell on the ground, he probably thought that I still was scared to kill someone, but not anymore, I could do anything for her.

Slowly, everything in his eyes faded out and his body went pale, he was not moving, nor was breathing.

Every death eater ran out of the castles territory, because they were scared that they’ll die too.

I saw hundreds of bodies laying on the ground. Fred Weasley, Nymphadora Tonks, Remus Lupin and more other people that I knew.

Professor Severus Snape quickly ran up to me, grabbed my hand, I flinched because I did not expect someone to grab me right now.

“Draco you have to go” He said and his voice was shaking, he tried to drag me out of the field, covered with hundreds of dead bodies.

“No, I’m not going anywhere! WHERE IS SHE!” I yelled at him and he took his hand off me, sighed, but didn’t say anything for a good second.

“Draco get out of the field!” He yelled back at me and I started to look around it, searching for her, and then I spotted her.

She was laying on the ground, completely empty, her body was pale and she was not breathing.

I did not understand what the fuck was going on.

“WHAT HAPPENED TO HER” I yelled again.

“She is dead.” He said to me with calm voice, but he was not calm at all.

I can not fucking believe that this is happening. No. Fucking. Way.

I ran up to her body, got on my knees, shaking her, I tried to wake her up, but she was dead, she was really fucking dead.

“WAKE UP” I shook her body even more, I am not losing her tonight, we still have to fucking run away from everything to a small house.


She is not fucking dying, not today, not alone, we will die fucking together.

“ELLE MY LOVE DON’T LEAVE ME DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE I AM BEGGING PLEASE WAKE UP” I yelled again, she didn’t even move, her body was completely empty and cold.

“NO NO NO NO NO” I cried out loud “This is not fucking happening, please Elle wake up you have to wake up you are not leaving this world, you are fucking not.”

I laid my head on her body, sobbing and yelling as loud as I can.

I just lost the love of my fucking life.

Mattheo was standing a few meters away from me and Elle, he had a smirk on his face, but also I saw that something is wrong with him.

Snape grabbed my shoulder and forcefully made me stand up, he dragged me out of the field.

I was yelling, screaming, I tried to punch him but nothing worked, I wanted to stay with her forever, even if it’s only her body, without an signs of her being alive.


Weeks were passing by, I was not eating, I was not drinking, I was not sleeping, I wasn’t even moving.

We weren’t in Hogwarts anymore, I was in the Malfoy Manor, so was Severus Snape.

He let me take some of her things out of her dorm, like clothes, her perfume, her notebook, yes, the one she drew in the beginning of the year, when we were in the Astronomy Tower.

It was hard for me to breathe, I have cried all my tears out.

It’s been four weeks since she is gone, I felt empty, completely empty without her by my side, and even worse, without her in this world.

I often randomly yelled and screamed for no reason, just to let the anger out, I didn’t feel anything, except pain and anger.

I wrote her a one last letter, even though I knew that she will not read it, because I can’t give it to her anymore, but I wanted and I needed to do this.

I stood up, walked up to my chair and my table, sat on my chair, took a white, clean paper and a pen.

After a couple of hours, I was in tears, but I finished it. It was so fucking hard to live without her, and I couldn’t do this.

I folded that letter two times and put it on my table, stood up again, took my wand and tried to walk to my rooms door, my legs were barely holding me, I had no energy to do anything because of the lack of sleep and because I did not eat anything for days.

I unlocked my door and walked out of it to Mattheo’s room.

I can not fucking believe that I am doing this, but this was the only way, I wanted to end my pain, I wanted to forget everything and forget her.

I knocked on Mattheo Riddle’s door, he quickly opened and got kind of shocked that he saw me here.

“Can I come in? I have one request.” I asked him, my voice was shaking, so was my body, he saw how bad I looked, and everything was my fault.

“Uh- Yeah sure I mean I don’t give a fuck.” He responded and let me walk in his room, I didn’t even look around, I didn’t care about his room.

“What do you want” He asked me and sat down on his chair and crossed his arms.

“I never thought that I would be asking you for help, but I need you to delete my memories.” I said and sighed, his face in less than a second turned pale, I had no idea why.

“Draco what the fuck?” He asked me and furrowed his eyebrows.

“Listen, that is all I am asking for, it is not that fucking hard to say one simple spell.” I said and his eyes went wide. “Wow, Mattheo, you can kill people, but can’t obliviate me?” I spat again.

“Listen I know that it is fucking hard for you right now, but the pain will end, I promise you.” He said like he cared about me, but I clearly saw that he didn’t.

“FUCKING OBLIVIATE ME DON’T BE A FUCKING PUSSY” I yelled at him and he took my wand from my hands, pointed it at me.


The end.

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