His Little Slut

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-chapter seven-

I woke up and Elle was still sleeping, on my chest, she looked very calm and peaceful, also very... tired.
It was Sunday. A sunny Sunday morning, I loved the way sun was shining through my dorms windows. “Wake up darling it’s 11 am” I said to El even though she was still sleeping, but she looked so adorable.

“Oh fuck off it’s Sunday let me sleep” she said with a morning voice, her morning voice was adorable, and also a little bit hot which turned me on but I had to control myself. “Why are you so mean hm?” I and and smiled.

“I’m sorry Dray” she said and gave me a warm hug.. Of course I hugged her back “It’s okay El” how do you look at me with her puppy eyes. “No, I’m really sorry Draco” she apologised again, but I didn’t mind her being rude, it was hot

“It’s really okay you should sleep again” I said and she got comfortable on my chest. “Okay, Draco” and she fell asleep again.. She was beautiful. I played with her hair and hummed while she was sleeping on me, still in that same position she gave me a hug earlier, she was really adorable.
After 3 hours she woke up again. She didn’t say anything, I just looked at her and her eyes were wide open. Her green eyes. “Good morning, sleeping princess” I said still playing with her beautiful black hair.

“Gooood morning” Elle yawned. She got out of bed quickly, leaving me alone in my bed. “I need to go to my dorm, to get my clothes, and take a shower...” El said

“Shower with me, love” I said with a smirk in my face. “But I still need my clothes, Draco.” Elle said and looked at me with a smile “Then let’s go and get them dum dum.” I whispered she looked weird, like she was trying to hide something, maybe fear, maybe sadness? I had no idea but she wasn’t okay.

“Hey Elle is something’s wrong?” I asked her and came up to her, hugged her tightly “No, why are you asking” she responded to me and I so that something wasn’t okay.

“No no something is definitely wrong, tell me baby” I asked her the same question again but she denied everything. “I said nothing Draco I’m fine” She repeated the same thing again which kind of pissed me off because because I of course knew that something wasn’t right

“Okay okay I’m sorry, just tell me if something is wrong, okay baby?” I said again with a worry “You’re so soft Draco, I’m fine, really” she said and smile because she knew that I was soft around her even though I was just a second day with each other, but I was happy because I was finally with the love of my life.

“Shut up Elle, you’re very soft too, but I like that.” I said and after went to my closet to get clothes. “So are we going to your dorm, love?” I asked her and she looked at me with a cute smile on her face. “Oh umm, yes yes, we are.” She took my hand and we left my dorm.

After two minutes we were in her dorm, she walked to her closet, and I sat on her bed. Elle took my green quidditch hoodie and black sweatpants. “Wait look, do you want to shower with me?” I asked her, to make sure she’s comfortable with it.

“I don’t know Draco” she responded with a sad face, she felt guilty, and I had no idea why. “Just say yes or no darling” I said to her and she was actually scared “I- I don’t know, I really don’t” she said with a fake smile on her face because I knew that she didn’t feel comfortable.

“If you don’t feel comfortable enough, it’s totally okay, love, I understand you! I wont be mad!” I said trying to be supportive boyfriend, even though we weren’t dating, yet. “Really?” El asked me and looked at me, I saw how her emotions changed from guilty to happy.

“Yes, of course, so you’re not comfortable?” I asked again and I didn’t get an answer. “Just say baby, I won’t judge you!” I repeated again... “Okay” she replied, but I wasn’t sure if she was comfortable or not.

“Come here darling” I hugged her “Tell me what’s wrong” And I hugged her tighter. “Nothing, Draco, really, it’s just really weird that one day we were enemies and now... It’s just weird...” she replied with a sad voice..

I sighted.

“I’m in love with you, okay? I’ve never felt this feeling before... And I’m don’t know how to show love. I’m sorry..” I responded. She was adorable, every second I fell in love with her even more and more...

“I know.” El said “And I’m really sorry for bullying you all those years. I feel really bad.” I apologise for everything, I actually felt really bad for doing this to her. “No no no, don’t be sorry, Draco, it’s okay.”

“I know it’s not okay, love, I’ve hurt you, broke your heart..” I felt fucking horrible, I wanted to go back to first year and tell myself to not bully her, and just ignore her instead or fucking be friends with her. “It’s really okay now, Draco, I love you.” I kissed her forehead “I love you”

“I love you more, Draco” she said with a cute smile because she wanted to fight about that but I didn’t “Nope not possible, I love you more” I said and smiled at her too. “No you don’t, love.” She said and cupped my cheek.

“Yes I do and stop, you’re making me uncomfortable and mad” I made fake mad face. “Why should I stop? I’m trying to prove you that I love you more than you love me”

“Because” I said “Because why?” She asked me again and I just rolled my eyes in a friendly way with a smile on my pale face “Go to shower, El, I’ll wait for you.” I spat “Oh come on, Draco, we can do that together!” She said and a smile grew on her face.

“Only if you’re hundred percent comfortable with being naked around me” I said because I didn’t want to push her. “I’m not hundred percent comfortable, but it’s okay, we can still shower together.” And she smiled again.

Her smile was adorable. She was adorable. I already saw our future with us, I knew she was the one, my soulmate. I’ve never loved anyone like this before, and I will never love anyone else like this. “No, I don’t want to push you, Elle, I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable”

“Trust me, darling, it is okay.” She repeated again.
“Okay then, should we shower in your dorm or in my dorm?” I asked her with a smile “I don’t know, I don’t care actually” Elle said and smiled with a smirk, I think that she had something in mind.

“Let’s go to my dorm, maybe?” I asked her “Yes, okay” And we went back to our dorm, she was scared, I saw it in her beautiful eyes. I took off my clothes, leaving myself completely naked in front of her and got in the shower, turned on warm water.

Water was going down my naked body, after few minutes she entered shower too, completely naked. Her body was perfect. I’ve never seen a girl like this, she was perfect. I looked at her, at every single part of her body and mumbled “Wow”

“Stop, you’re making me uncomfortable” she said while laughing “You are fucking perfect, Elle.”

“No I am not perfect.” Elle smiled but she was kind of embarrassed, but I wanted her to be comfortable around me. “You are, you really are.” I said again, because she was.

“Just stop, please” she smiled a little “I’m sorry” I said again “God, why am I so soft around you?” I asked her and she of course smiled again, I loved seeing her smile. “I like the soft side of you, it’s adorable, just like you, to be honest, I love both of your sides” she smirks “Why both?” I asked her and smirked too “Why not?”

“I mean my other the ‘not soft’ side is very mean” I laughed “I sometimes like when you are rude, aggressive or mean to me, but not always” smile appears on her little face

I looked at her aggressively and raised my eyebrows making the ‘mean’ smirk “Like this, huh?” I asked her “Mhm, yes, exactly.” Elle smiled again I looked at her neck, and saw huge love bites, of course I was the one who made them. “Oh fuck, Elle, have you seen your neck, I’ve made huge hickeys” I said again with a smirk on my face.

She turned me on. A lot. “I don’t care, Draco”

“Good, because I just marked what’s mine” again I said with a smirk. “Yeah, you did, but I’m still not yours” she smiled, wrapped her wet hands around my neck and kissed me.

Of course I kissed her back. “Oh, baby, you want to be punished, huh?” I asked her teasingly “And how does your punishments looks like?” Elle asked me, with a smirk

“Wanna find out, maybe?”

“Hmm” she looked up, this showed, that she was thinking “Sure, why not, hm?” I pushed her to the cold wall, kissing her soft lips roughly, biting her bottom lip and turning her on, after about five kisses I slowly kissed her neck, breast, and sucked her tits.

I looked in her eyes and saw, that she was enjoying it. After a few more kisses I reached her heat, and teasingly kissed her clit. Elle moaned, she liked it, what a fucking slut. Huh?

“If this is your punishment, then punish me all my life” she said trying to hold her moans in. “Sure, you want me to finish now?” I asked her

“Yes, but now wait a second.” She took a tie off her hand and tied her hair. This made me mad for some reason. “What the fuck are you doing?” I asked her curiously but also with a rude voice.

“So you don’t want me to start?” She said while getting down on her knees. My dick was already hard. “I mean, sure, but why the fuck did you tie your hair? You know I don’t like that.” I really did not like that.

“Because, all the time it was a fucking mess, now let me just tie it, please?” She made a baby face “Ugh, fine.” I said, rolled my eyes and she got on her knees.

“So, should I start?” She carefully took my ‘wand’ in her hands and adored it. “Only if you want to, baby” I said With those words she sucked my ‘wands’ tip

“Good girl” I softly groaned, then she licked the tip, teasingly. I looked at her “Just suck it already, and don’t tease me like this.” She took it all in her mouth and gagged, of course.

“Oh my god” I softly moaned “Are you okay?” Elle asked me and took my dick out of her mouth. “Shut up and finish, I want to fucking cum” I almost begged her which was embarrassing because a girl is making me beg.

“Then fucking cum” she said and continued to suck me, it was so hot to see her on her knees for for me. I came. I came in her mouth again. “Fuck yes, you’re the best, Elle.” I said, trying to keep my moans in, She swallowed my cum and I think that she actually enjoyed pleasing me. I love the way her lips fitted around my dick, almost like they were made for each other.

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