Cheating myself

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Being an orphan made Emily a stubborn feisty woman struggling to live a better life. She is the best one in catching cheaters for money until she ends up in a messed-up situation that turned her world upside down and now she has to decide if she will let the love in her heart.

Erotica / Drama
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I stand at the edge of the rooftop of the 40ty storied building with a huge grin on my face. The man stands so close to me that I can tell what color is the fire in his eyes. Those emerald eyes with dark edges. In a moment like this, you can actually believe that aliens walk among us because there is no damn way that a regular man can have those eyes.

“ Now baby girl, you better tell me where your boyfriend hides his money or prepare to see your ancestors in a couple of minutes”. He says with a slight smile. Well, that is quite a disappointment to leave this world without knowing if there will be a “Friends” movie or not. “

He is not my boyfriend and a pussy like him could never stand my attitude for one fucking day. So long dickhead!” I spit at him and take a step back allowing the wind and gravity to do their way on me.


I am currently editing the grammar in this book so please don't judge me for my mistakes as English isn't my native language


18 and above only


Mature content


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