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Taste | 18+ | Tainted Book 1

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In which he was the one she never had and she was his to eliminate. Her curiosity took the best of her. He couldn't resist her addictive scent. * Age gap between the two main characters. * Mature and Explicit scenes * Trigger situations such as violence, blood baths, self-hate with always a TW// beforehand. * Mental health discussions * A little bit of DDLG * Dark and toxic romance : story is going to get dark pretty fast lol, don't fool yourself with the cute aesthetic. First book of the Tainted series - Tainted Taste. Includes Mature and other Explicit themes. Dark and toxic romance. + 18

Erotica / Romance
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Tainted Taste

First book of the Tainted Series

Tainted Taste


Freya Leptus portrayed by Dove Cameron

Stephano DeLuca portrayed by Joe Manganiello

Song that inspired this book

Ruin my life - Zara Larson


Back home, everything was given to Freya on a silver plate. But now, out of her comfort zone, she has to explore life alone.

She thought nothing would interest her.
Freya was there to study and go back home to helping her dad with their family's business.

Her curiosity took the best of her when she fell into his trap. She couldn't resist his addictive scent. Resurfacing past violent tendencies she had trouble hiding.

Freya wanted to taste him.
Stephano needed to poison her.

He was the dessert she never had.
She was his to eliminate.

This time Stephano DeLuca left his mark on her.


He was big.

I mean an actual giant.

I mean, I was actually only 5'1, but he even dominates Franklin by far who was a solid 6'. I know his height because he kept bragging about being one of the tallest boys in his class.

But this person right in front of me, this full man was way over the top. Surely 6'6 or 6'7 and I wasn't even exagerating or being extra, not this time at least. He looked kinda mature, maybe in his mid-late thirties but he sure was handsome. A bit strange seeing a tall and impressive medium skinned man in a small pink Caf矇 who even before entering gave us major diabetes warnings.

You could see he had thick thighs clinging against his black trousers that fitted him perfectly. A strong frame and from his black dress shirt you could see a glimpse of a strong well build chest.

By each step he made he seemed even more dominant than before. His strong and powerful thrusts-- I mean steps could be heared through the little Caf矇 and I ajust my book correctly so I could still look at him without him noticing. I am sure that he noticed those other persons oogling at him directly when he entered but simply ignored them.

He stood there for a while waiting for a waistress, but the only waistress in L矇onetta's Caf矇 was L矇onetta. And she still wasn't coming back from the kitchen, who in the hell was going to serve--

And that's when I recall her asking me to keep an eye on the Caf矇. That means that I needed to do it.

Shit. No way, I just knew I was going to embarrass myelf if I went out there. However if I didn't take his order, L矇o would lost a client and she asked me a little service. I just had to look over the Caf矇.

I stand up from the chair I was weardly sitting on and advance to the counter. I briefly look at him and adress him a quick 'Good-morning' even though it was fucking 3 in the after-noon.

I literally wanted to throw myself under a bus, I wasn't normally like this, I was confident and knew how to speek more than three words in a row in front people. He was just so intimidating it frightend me.

"Good-morning Dolce." I raised my head at the nickname, Dolce meant sweet in Italian. Was he Italian ? I mean, it just added hundred more points to his charm on me and he had the slight foreign but pleasing to the ears accent.

I'm aware he said 'morning' instead of 'afternoon' too and the light chuckle that left his mouth turned down the cringey feeling I had.

Come on Freya, he's a man like all the others. His charm ain't got nothing on you. Wake the fuck up and be your own confident self.

"What can I have for you today ?" I said and tried looking him in the eyes again.

Fuck, mission failed.

His black eyes just pierced me through the chest. Such beautiful set of orbes, a beautiful shade of obscurity even darker than the coldest nights of winter. The feeling of his eyes on me gave me chills and in the same time procured me the kind of warm sensation I quickly tried to dismiss.

I sounded like a bitch in heat. Ridiculous, really.

"Well, it's my first time here. Don't you mind telling me what your preferences are ?" His voice was sultry and so goddamn deep I literally clenched my thighs. Thank God he couldn't see what I was doing behind the counter.

"Ye-yeah sure, although I go more for the sweetest flavors, I don't think you want to try that.." If I had to choose one meal to eat until the end of my life it would probably be extra ice-cream with extra lolipop crumbles and caramel sauce. Oh shit, I really wanted to eat that now.

"Not sure, maybe I'm in the mood for something that seems sweeter than usual." He smirked. He really did, it wasn't my imagination. Heaven all Olympic Gods, save me. I wasn't sure if he was really flirting with me right now.

"Alright then, my personal favorite on the menu is strawberry shortcake cappuccino with a blueberry chocolate cake. Then I like to add some smoothies and another lolipop-sherry cake. We also have some fresh fruit and can take special services--" I wasn't even looking at him now, but showed him the menu with my thankfully manicured fingers. He fazed me a little when he interrupts my blabbering with his enchanting voice.

"Sorry but what do you mean by special services ?" He arched an eyebrow and licked his lip a little. It was so fast that if I wasn't looking at him in the exact moment I would've missed it.

"Well, you tell us a recipe that you would like to eat but who isn't on the menu. It costs a little extra though." Although I am sure money isn't a problem for him, I knew that just by looking at his silky black dress shirt who came without a doubt from the new Fendi collection.

I then glance at his Rolex, cute but could be a birthday gift from his mom ? Or his super tall, lean and beautiful girlfriend ? Or wife ? Or he could also not have any money at all and robb me right now... What would I do? I suddenly see his lips moving but was too deep in my thoughts to hear.

"Sorry I didn't catch that." I showed an appologetic smile.

"No problem," he smiles back. "If I potentially ask to eat you out, how much will that cost ?"

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Hi, loves it's Dapheynah

I hope you are okay. I sincerely do. Look up to better days and enjoy your existence.

This is the first book of my "Tainted" series, formerly called "Beautiful Danger Series". Although you don't have to read the books in a specific order, you can still check the others out on my profile. I update more often on Wattpad (@/Dapheynah) but if the book gets more attention here, I could make some arrangements.

Don't forget this is fiction and not a fanfic, everything in this comes from my imagination.

Lots of Love, Dapheynah <3

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27.10.2019 - ...
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