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[Short Story (+18)] UNEDITED Completed βœ” After a lot of disastrous relationships and flings, Jane and Davina decide to come to an agreement between them. One time, no strings attached, to relieve their sexual frustrations. A short steamy story between two girls.

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1 - J A N E & D A V I N A

β€œWhen guys talk about sex, eyebrows don’t get raised. It’s different for girls” - Lauren Myracle.


Where the fuck did you get yourself into this time again, Jane?

I had broken up with my asshole piece of a shit ex-boyfriend, who on top of all the rest of the bullshit he put me through, also put his hands on me when we had our last fight and that was where I drew the line, kicking his sorry ass out of my life.

My parents never cared enough about me to the level of importance of confiding in them about this. I was just one more of our family to study her butt off just so I could take good grades home, anything under an 8 out of 10 wouldn’t cut it.

When I finally got to college, I let a bit lose and got hold of my life. There was more to it than just being holed up in my dorm and stare at formulas and graphs all day.

I started going to bars, meeting people outside of campus, and to put it in other words, began living. I have had boyfriends before, it was okay, as long as it didn’t jeopardize my grades. I could go out with a few friends but I always had a curfew, a ridiculous notion to some of the people I hang out with.

Abiding by the rules imposed upon me by my parents, getting grades up, and being home when they told me, resulted in rewarding me with the little bit of liberty I had gained through all those years.

When I got to college, I was one hour away from my hometown and by myself. Time to get to know me and the nagging feeling in my stomach that I wasn’t normal. I knew I swung for both teams for some time now, after going through a lot of soul-searching and doubts about my sexuality, and into some kinky stuff from time to time.

A couple of days back I went to get drinks with Davina. She had grown the balls to fess up to her teenage sweetheart that a cock alone would never do it for her, even if she loved him with all her being. She walked out of the closet with her head held high and proud that she was a lesbian. The shame of it is that she would never have the courage to own it up to her parents, who were the most stuck up Catholics I have ever encountered.

Davina would never come clean to them, but she didn’t mind, saying that the relationship with them would never be close enough to talk about shit like this or they would drag her to a priest and perform an exorcism or something of the sorts on her.

She said she owed it to herself, to be honest, and that she shouldn’t care about what everyone thought about her. Her life was hers and she waited long enough to be true to herself.

I admired her, she wasn’t a BS-type of girl and if something was bothering me I better be clear with her about it or she would drag it out of me. Davina was hard-headed that way.

Sipping on some drinks she admitted to me that after everything her ex was coming down to terms with everything that went on between them and he finally left her off the hook. He didn’t believe her at first but then they talked for a long time and he understood and even encouraged her.

After our two failed relationships we both had a couple of flings but were not really worthy enough to write about it, know what I mean? We always confided in each other, because none of our β€˜homes’ was supportive.

And so, after a while of complaining about the male and female population around campus, she came up with an idea.

β€œWhy don’t we scratch each other’s itch?” She proposed.

I first thought she was joking, we had a type of humour not everyone flavoured. She was serious about it. Explaining that we both could get off and if we kept it casual and just about sex, we didn’t need to worry about anything between us going awry.


I wasn’t anything close to a saint and I had done some crazy shit in the past, but this was a whole new level.

So, here I was, in my dorm, waiting for Davina to arrive. She lived with her parents, so whatever we were going to do, wasn’t going to happen in that house. I imagined Christ on a cross above her bed staring at me while I was giving her head and it gave me fucking chills.

A firm knock on the door and I felt my legs turn into jelly. What the hell was I so afraid of? It was just sex with a friend, no strings attached. We would each get what we needed and move on.

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