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2 - C H A I N


There stood Davina, in the threshold of my dorm room, two Guinness in her hands, dressed in her black and white striped jeans with a cropped top showing her belly button and her tattoo on her lower stomach. I never saw her as more than just a friend, but thinking about how this was a booty call, I admitted to myself that she was hot.

β€œSomething to get in the mood,” she smirked, holding up the beers.

I gestured to her to come in and took one of the bottles twisting the cap off. I wore yoga pants and a loose tank top. I didn’t feel the need to play dress-up, we knew it was ending with no clothes in my bed.

Letting some of the amber liquid do its work of relaxing my thoughts, Davina had already made herself comfortable on my bed, taking her New Rocks off and putting her beer on my nightstand.

β€œI’m gonna put some music on,” I said, going through my laptop and deciding on a playlist with hard rock.

β€œUuuuh, naughty girl!” Davina purred behind me.

She was going through the contents of the second drawer, where I kept my β€˜toys’ and stuff. I had some leather cuffs and chains, remember I said I was into some crazy things?

β€œYou see something you like?” I asked.

β€œI knew you weren’t the soft vanilla type,” she giggled and took a sip from the bottle removing some droplets of beer on her lower lip with her tongue.

I don’t know if it was the courage of the beer talking or my desire to tie her to the bedposts after realizing she was into this, but the wheels in my head were turning.

β€œDo you want me to chain you up to the headboard?” I said hoarsely. Inwardly praying she would be up for it.

Her eyes opened in surprise but I saw her chewing her lower lip. She was not turning it down either.

The Pretty Reckless - Kill Me was blaring through the speakers of my laptop and I downed the rest of my beer greedily. She was sitting on my bed, taking the stuff out of my drawer and putting it onto the bed in front of her.

I came closer and while she was admiring my battery driven collection I took the leather cuffs and the chain. I moved onto the other side of the bed and clasped the holds on the headboard.

β€œGet comfortable,” I looked at her. β€œI’m going to put the cuffs on you.”

A smile danced on her face and she removed her crop top and her Beetlejuice pants like she called them.

She had creamy ivory skin, a piercing in her left nipple and with her pants off I could finally see the complete tattoo on her lower stomach. It ended in a point towards her venus hill. Fucking sexy.

β€œKeep your panties on,” I said, patting the middle of the bed to pull her closer.

β€œAre you going full Mistress on me, Janey?” She chuckled.

β€œNah, just trying some things,” I looked at her. β€œIf you don’t like it, just say it. Okay?” I stared into her eyes, making sure she was fine with this.

β€œI trust you.” She had a twinkling in her eyes and I knew this turned her on.

I put the cuffs on her wrists, I didn’t close them too tight. Keeping this casual. Then I pulled off my clothes, leaving only my panties on.

β€œI never knew you had a tattoo between your tits, girl,” Davina looked at me frowning, pulling her lower lip between her teeth.

β€œNot something I go telling people about,” I winked, β€œI have a piercing too, but we’ll get to that later.”

She looked at me with desire, knowing that she was liking this part of me and I was evenly enthralled with her body. I never saw her undressed and I kind of regretted we didn’t come to this β€˜agreement’ before.

I positioned myself on top of her and checked the chains, wiggling them so I would see if they were the good length. When I did, my tits were close to her face and she tugged at one of my nipples with her teeth.

I got up again and teased her perky hardened bud without the piercing with my fingers while I took some of the toys that were splayed on the lower side of the bed. The hard rock blazing in the background was drowning out her little moans spilling from her mouth.

β€œWhich one do you like?” I asked her, holding up a plug and a purple vibrator.

β€œI’m not totally into the plug,” she said.

I put the rest of it away in the drawer and went to clean the toy.

Coming back I noticed her pulling at the chains.

β€œWant me to release you?” I asked, teasing her. She looked at me pleadingly, not sure what to do. I moved my finger in a no motion. β€œWhen I’m done,” I smirked.

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