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3 - T O Y


I sat between her legs, pushing them open with my knees and admired the view, she really had a gorgeous body. This was just sex so I wasn’t going to kiss her even if her lips were inviting.

I lowered my mouth onto her nipple with the piercing and with my tongue I tugged slowly on the ring whilst massaging her other breast with my hand. My other hand was grabbing the skin of her side, digging my nails softly into her flesh.

Her breathing laboured and I moved my mouth to her other tit and repeated the action on the other side.

Davina was janking on the chains, probably wanting to touch me too. First I would go down on her and give her a good ride and then we could reverse the roles. The idea alone had my core on fire.

I lowered my head onto her belly, nipping at her skin with my teeth, giving little bites all over her stomach while scraping my fingernails over her sides, tugging at her velvet silky ivory skin.

Davina was writhing below me, enjoying the fine line between pain and pleasure.

Audioslave - Show Me How To Live came on and I pulled her panties down, tracing the point of her tattoo with my tongue. Her pussy was dripping wet. Giving myself an imaginary high five for getting her to this point I traced her folds slowly with my fingers.

She moaned, tugging again on the chains, to get a better sight of me and what I was doing to her.

I dug a finger into her slick depths and moved it in and out of her at a slow pace, I looked in her eyes while doing so and she was feverishly biting her lower lip. I was enjoying her flushed cheeks and little mewls coming out of her pouty mouth. Maybe I had to rethink the whole kissing thing.

Opening her folds with my other hand I moved circles around her clit with my thumb at the same time as I thrusted another finger in, expanding her.

She let her head fall down then and I knew she was close to her first release. I liked how responsive she was and I was not letting her pussy go until she screamed at least a couple of times.

Shuddering under me as she lifted her butt up I felt her wave hit her and she moaned out loud. So fucking sexy.

I didn’t give her a reprieve as I licked her slit. Davina tasted good, sweet but tangy. I kept up moving my two fingers inside her as I plunged my tongue in her folds, flicking and sucking on her aching bud.

My free hand went up to her pierced nipple and I played with it, tugging at the ring knowing it would send her over the edge in a moment.

When I felt she was close to her second orgasm I removed my fingers and took the purple vibrator. I whirled around her entry, covering it in her juices and plunged it inside, the action sending Davina into a frenzy of moans.

β€œSo responsive” I whispered letting go of her clit before sucking on it.

β€œOh god! Jane” Davina screamed and I felt her orgasm hit her.


I released her while her body was coming down from the wave of pleasure and I removed the cuffs from her wrists. Davina had earned it after I had my way with her.

I went to the fridge to get some water.

β€œWant some?” I asked Davina.

She was still panting but she nodded.

β€œI didn’t know you had that in you, Janey” She said between sips.

β€œI’m glad you enjoyed it” I grinned at her. I took her bottle and mine and put it on the nightstand.

She moved behind me and nibbled on my neck, putting her hands below my arms and grabbing my tits with her hands.

Tugging and flicking with her fingers my nipples were hard as a rock and I lolled my head back at the sensation building up.

She bit on my shoulder while massaging my tits, going back and forth with the playing with my sensitive buds.

Davina was a bit softer than me when it came to sex but I was enjoying her hands on me and I knew I was pooling in my panties. I was greatly turned on after seeing her come undone twice.

Also, the fact that she had just recently came to peace with the fact that she was a lesbian and that she hadn’t had much experience being with girls aroused me. It did something to me, being one of the fews to push her buttons this way.

She moved on the bed and pushed me down. I was letting her take the reins this time.

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