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✯ Jane

With Davina between my legs and my yellow toy vibrating in my core I grabbed her hair and fisted her strands around my hands while moans escaped from my lips.

Fuck, had I known that we could’ve done this before.

We had incredible chemistry between us. Both sexually frustrated after all we went through, and the sex this afternoon was taking us to new highs.

A failed relationship with a dickhead and some useless flings on the way. What is it with dudes and not pleasing a girl? They only think about wetting their sticks and not about getting a girl off.

Davina went from a longtime relationship to discovering a whole new part about herself. I think that some girls were just bi-curious or wanted to simply have their one of a lifetime college experience with a girl and just duped her into it.

She was fucking hot and I couldn’t stop staring at her body and how it had hummed under my touches. I knew Davina was pretty with her soft curls and doe eyes. Guys stared for a while at her when she passed by, but she was my friend and I never looked at her that way.

Until some days ago she came up with this crazy idea to blow off some steam together and I haven’t regretted it for a moment as we had spent the last hours tangled in each other in my room.

Her taste lingered on my lips while she was giving me head and I was enjoying the ride.

β€œAh! Davina” I moaned, thrusting my hips up craving my release. She had been toying with me for a while, every time I was close to my peak, she would stop and build it up gently again. β€œPlease.”

She relented by moving the toy more fervently in me and sucking and flicking my bud with her tongue. I rode the wave of white-hot pleasure before I came crashing down in a sea of bliss.

She settled next to me on the duvet and sighed. β€œThat was awesome.”

β€œMmm,” I responded, not being able to form a proper sentence after a marathon of orgasms.

β€œBy the way,” Davina said, pulling herself up on her elbow and looking up at me with a wicked grin. β€œI like your piercing,” she trailed her tongue over her lips, wetting them.

I had a Christina piercing, located where my outer labia met, below my pubic mound. My parents didn’t want piercings or tattoos anywhere near me, but when I left for college I was finally free of those restrictions and owned my own body again.

I decorated myself as I wished, choosing places on my body that were private. No one but me had to see them and if I didn’t wear a low cut top, they wouldn’t even have noticed that I had a sternum tattoo.

β€œI got it the first month of college,” I replied to Davina.

β€œNever seen something like it,” she said, playing with the lines of my tattoo and tracing the microdermals as we lay naked beside each other.

β€œDo your parents give you shit about your ink?” I asked.

β€œNo,” she replied wide-eyed. β€œThey don’t even know that I have them,” Davina shrugged. β€œI have a baggy t-shirt in my car to wear when I drive home.”

I wondered that if someone could understand Davina’s situation better than anyone, it would be me. Having to hide yourself continuously from your parents, to please them because they weren’t open-minded or expected too much from you. Because they intended to make you another one of them, by the mould they wanted to cram you at the moment you were born.

Hers feared the Lord and mine judged me solely on the outcome of my exams and how they could brag to their colleagues about their daughter, the Economics major in college. What a fucked up family setting. I dreamed sometimes about having different parents that supported me and my goals in life. It was a strange thought to have, but it had been a constant growing up.

We were lying on my bed in comfortable silence.

No guy quickly putting his clothes on and trying to sneak out as fast as he could, or me having to shove the clingy ones out the door myself.

Just Davina and I, utterly relaxed, listening to the hard rock playlist in the background. One of her curls was draped over my naked torso and I fought the urge to wrap it around my finger and feel the softness.

After a while, I got up and retrieved my panties from the floor on the way to my desk where my laptop was still blaring. I hit pause on the music.

β€œI’m taking a shower,” I said.

β€œOkay,” Davina answered, resting on her elbows. β€œDo you want me to leave?”

Did I want her to leave?

I wanted to stay in this moment, this bubble, a while longer. I could be myself with her. I didn’t have to hide in her presence.

Before I knew it the words were spilling from my lips. β€œWant to join me?”

β€œYeah,” Davina answered, with a bright smile on her face.

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