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5 - M O V I E


Leaving my last class on Friday I checked my phone.


Hey sexy! Fancy a movie tonight?

I hadn’t seen Janey since our hot evening together. I know it was my idea, but I never thought she would go with it. I’m glad that she did. Girl was a fucking beast in the sack, she gave me the most wicked orgasms I ever had.

Not even Peter could give me that after all our years together. I think it is due to the fact that he had a dick and I finally realised I was not into that.

After breaking up with him, I had my flings and experiments with a couple of girls but nothing noteworthy nor I wasn’t emotionally attached. I wasn’t ready for it, I’ve been Peter’s girlfriend for too long and wanted to be free for some time.

My parents gave me crap about relationships anyway. I was supposed to be a good catholic girl, praying every night before going to bed and Sundays to church. Barf. When I got to college they finally let go of going to church when I said I wanted more time to focus on my studies.

They would have a mental breakdown if they knew their daughter was swinging for the other team. Ready for mental asylum those two if they ever found out, spewing foam out of their mouths surely.

I texted Jane back. We decided it was a one time thing that wouldn’t jeopardise our friendship and I needed to unwind from this week.


What do you have in mind?

I hope she didn’t say a scary movie or something like that, I hated gore and the likes but I knew Jane liked those. The bloodier, the better.


There are a few in the theater tonight. I’ll let you pick, I know you don’t like horror.

I smiled at the screen of my phone. This girl knew me well.


Ok. Text me time.


I let my parents know I was going to the movies tonight with Jane and they let me go after dinner. We said 8 o’clock and I showed up a little earlier, relieved to leave the house.

I don’t know I was so nervous, it was just a movie with Jane. Sternum tattooed Jane, with a piercing in her pussy.

Fuck, what’s wrong with me?

β€œHey Davina!” Jane shouted.

She was wearing a sundress with flats and a leather jacket. She looked good.

β€œJaney” I said.

β€œPicked a movie jet?” She asked putting her hands in the pockets of her jacket.

Why was I staring so much and noticing her moves?

β€œYeah” I grinned β€œI hope you don’t mind but I wanted to see that one” I pointed to a fantasy themed film.

β€œUrgh” Jane groaned.

β€œHey!” I said β€œYou said you would let me pick.”

She pursed her lips together and let out air, making a puff sound β€œFine.”

We grabbed our tickets and got seated in the theater. There weren’t many people, most students were going out on Fridays.

Jane sat next to me and put her drink in the holder between the two of us. We talked about the upcoming exams, we had some common classes but we were majoring in different things. She was taking Economics and I English.

The movie started and we both got cozy in the seats to watch it.

A while into the film Jane’s hand touched mine when she went to grab her drink and the touch made me think back to our time in her bed.

The way I was tied to her headboard with leather cuffs and a chain and she had me mewling under her. I knew the heat was rising to my cheeks and I was glad we were in the dark, the only thing giving light was the movie.

I felt the urge to touch her again, to hear her moans.

A wave of courage washed over me and I went for it.

I scooted over in my seat and put my hand on her thigh, rising slowly under the skirt of her dress.

She didn’t say anything or pushed me away so I took it as an invitation to continue.

I stilled my hands over her panties, giving her another opportunity to stop me, but Jane didn’t and I started rubbing slowly the fabric.

I felt it dampening and I pushed it aside, plunging my finger into her wet folds. She was aroused and I liked it.

I rubbed and flicked with my thumb on her clit and pushed two fingers inside her, the position we were in curved my fingers and gave me access to her G-spot.

She was trying to not make a sound. When I looked at her face, she had it thrown back and she was biting hard on her lip.

She came undone shivering against me.

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