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6 - F E E L S


I don’t know what suddenly came over Davina, but honestly, I wasn’t complaining. I had been thinking about our evening together, with her tied up to my bed and how fucking responsive her body was to my touch.

I remembered that we both said it was just for one time and we enjoyed it. We didn’t talk after that to clear things over or anything, I thought we made it clear from the beginning that it was just that, sex.

Jet, her hand was in my panties, stroking my wet slit in teasing moves, building up the pleasure in my core whilst trying no to let anything spill from my mouth. We were at the movies for fucks sake and I didn’t want anyone knowing what we were doing.

I swear I drew blood, biting feverishly on my lower lip when she gave me a great orgasm with her fingers.

When I looked at her then, face illuminated faintly by the light from the screen, she looked beautiful, flushed cheeks and lips in a satisfied grin.

I just wanted to grab her chin, move her head to mine and press my lips onto hers.

What the fuck was wrong with me?

I didn’t want to get feelings involved. She was hot, sexy and totally awesome, sure, but still my friend and catching the feels would sign us up for a doomed road.

I thought about it before agreeing to the β€˜deal’ in the bar. The multiple stories of the β€˜friends with benefits’ drama tended to end up badly. Only a few survived it by turning their own hearts to stone and somehow getting over it and the fairy tale endings of getting together were just that, fairy tales.

I had no intentions of losing Davina trying to make something more out of it. The fingering she just gave me was possibly just due to boredom.

This film sucked.

I knew I let her pick, but I couldn’t stand these types of movies. Give me horror or a good thriller where I can be looking at the screen, digging my nails into the armrest in anticipation about what’s to come.

Davina was nothing like that. I remember seeing Jaws once with her and she was hiding her face more behind a pillow asking β€˜Is it over yet?’ than actually watching. And that was just about a big ass fucking white shark.


Damn it Jane! Chill.

The rest of the movie passed by. I just watched the screen, seeing the coloured fragments move while my mind was reeling in overdrive going through all of this. I’ll have to ask her.

β€œHey” I said when the lights turned on β€œwhat happened there?”

β€œJust felt like it” She shrugged it off.

I noticed her cheeks flushing, but I supposed it was because of the activity we were talking about and not something else. Just what I thought then, boredom.

Then why didn’t I feel relieved about it?


We decided to go for one drink at the pub and then head home.

It was one of the last free weekends before we had to go through all of our notes and books and prepare for the exams and we needed the calm before the storm.

We wouldn’t see each other in some time.

I needed to stay focused to ace these and keep my parents happy and not asking questions or barging in my dorm demanding answers if I failed or didn’t come up with straight A’s.

Davina would be holed up in her bedroom, doing just the same as me, but under the watchful eyes of her cuckoo parents.

The good thing about all was that after getting our diplomas we could wring ourselves out of the clutches of our respective parents and go our own way. Just one more year and I’ll be done with all this BS.

I hoped my parents would let me stay in the dorms this summer. I had no desire to go back to that hellhole and stare at their faces all day.

β€œWhat are you thinking about?” Davina asked, pricking with an imaginary needle at my balloon of thoughts.

β€œAbout this summer” I sighed and drank the remaining part of my beer β€œI don’t want to go home.”

β€œI thought something like that” She states β€œyou totally spaced out. You only do that when you think about your parents.”

I nodded β€œAlways a total shitshow.”

β€œI get it.”

β€œI know you do” I muttered β€œboth blessed in that department.”

β€œLet’s drink to that!” Davina cheered, flagging down the bartender.

She motioned at our beers to give us another round.

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