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Billionaire's Ex-wife

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[WARNING - EXPLICIT CONTENT] I was no one before I met him. Worked as a housekeeper in his sister's house then on an unfortunate day his eyes landed on me. He captured my heart and soul and just like that destroyed. "You bitch, you evil little sunk," he shouted on top of his lungs. I was so scared of my life. I wanted to run away from, this life which I have known for like five minutes. "What-what happened," I muttered furiously. "You think I'm an idiot? I shower you with love and this is how you repay me." His blue eyes which I found intoxicating turned murderous "Please listen to me. Please-." I was dragged to his room like an animal ready to be butchered. His fingers dug into my flesh. "I'll show what happens when you cross with Caleb Rawls." That night I witnessed my husband turn into a monster. * SUITABLE FOR 18+ OR TEENAGERS WITH OPEN MINDS * FOR ALL THE 'BILLIONAIRE' AND 'EX-WIFE' STORY HATERS I DARE YOU TO READ MINE

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

This story contains adult language, mature scenes and emotional traum. If you're uncomfortable with it then please do not read.

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I resented working as a maid. It held no pride in saying "I work as a housekeeper for a very rich supermodel who has a hot, mysterious, very fuck able brother who can't seem to stop using girls as discarded underwear." No, it certainly doesn't. More than that I resented working around him and his girlfriends.

Today was another very hectic day at the penthouse. Samantha was having a family dinner party which meant he will be there and I'll ogle him from a distance. I just wish things were different in my life. That I wasn't invisible to him. I just wish....

The laughter and voices from dinner room was increasing and my palms were getting colder every passing minute. I was about to take desserts to the room which meant I would have to see him for the first time this night. Was he with a girlfriend? What is he wearing? Will I get a chance to smell his cologne?

Ugh! It was very daunting to even think about entering a room full of elite people who looks down at anyone who's not wearing cashmere or chanel.

"Did you see them?" Rose was definitely talking about the person who makes me nervous.

"Who?" I unnecessarily asked knowing Rose who was a big gossipy and wouldn't mind talking about anyone's personal life.

"Your knight in shining armour, obviously," she rolled her eyes at me. "He's not my anything," I said which made her arch an eyebrow in challenge. "So, you're telling me you're not hyperventilating about the fact that he's here and might look you in the eye which will make you fall on your knees in front of his family?"

"No," I choked it. "FYI, his new girlfriend is ravishing. He was twirling her bronze lock while running his awfully pink tongue on her ear. You wouldn't mind that, would you, my barbie?" I gulped at her sentence and imagined him with his girlfriend. It made my stomach sick.

"I'm feeling sick. Would you mind taking my place?" I didn't wait for her to answer and strolled out of kitchen. I just couldn't accept the fact that he might never ever notice me or even spare me a glance.

I was breathing heavily as I quickly changed from my uniform and into my very comfortable jeans and sweater. I stumped my uniform in my very large knapsack. By the time I was waiting for the elevator to arrive I remembered to retrieve my phone from the kitchen table.

Hurriedly making my way to the kitchen when I crashed into a hard form. I was waiting for my body to impact the hardwood floor, but it never did. I was quickly gathered in strong arms where I was absent mindly clutching to on someone's hair.

"Are you alright?" The voice belonged to the man of my dreams, Caleb Rawls.

"Yea-yeah," I foolishly stammered. My hands left his hair which I now realised were painfully silky. He positioned me on my feet again. I carefully took in his features. Tousled brown hair, bright blue eyes, beautiful nose, perfectly sculptured lips, sharp jaw and by his looks he appeared as a Greek God.

He was wearing his Armani suit which fitted him perfectly and made him look dangerous. He pointed towards my knapsack which spilled some of my belongings and quickly scrambled to shove it inside.

"Heading somewhere?" He scratched his chin while assessing me with his looks. Oh, no. I didn't want him to see me as clumsy girl.

I stood up to head inside the kitchen to retrieve my phone but he was intentionally blocking the way. "Uh, just to get my phone, sir."

My heart was pounding rapidly as I stood face to face with Caleb Rawls, my dream boy.

"Are you one of the maids?" He asked. I was sure this was the first time he ever acknowledged my physical existence.

"Yes, sir." His demeanor, less malicious than before, seemed merely callous.

He moved forward which made me take a step backwards. His aftershave scent dominated by nostrils.

"Have you been dismissed by my sister yet?"

"Not yet."

"Then where do you think you're going." I reluctantly sneaked a glance of his stare, they held a mundane expression.

"I wasn't feeling well and the other maid agreed to fill in for me, So..."

"I except you to set up the guest room tonight. Make sure you lit lavender scented candles and fill the drawers with condoms. I am not carrying any tonight, so need get them fast."

Condoms? For him?
"Bring ultra thin. Those are my favourite." Dumbstruck, I gaped open mouthed at his face.

"C'mon, I hope you're not a prude. Just keep them on my nightstand and go."


Listening to the eighties tune being piped through the overhead speakers, I tried to think why did I agreed to this in the first place. What did I come here for again? Oh right, condoms. Not for me, but for my silly crush.

I made my way to the "fun" aisle. There were an endless maze of condoms. Large, extra large, dotted and other shit. Ugh! Can this be anymore embarrassing?

Just as I was about to reach for Caleb' favorite kind of condom- ultrathin for ultrasensitivity- I spotted a man off my left. He was obviously waiting for me to leave. Since when are guys so embarrassed to buy condoms?

After buying enough condom's for Caleb, I wondered how good was he in bed. That thought made my eye twitch and my legs weak.

By the time I reached Samantha's please it was past midnight. Will he have sex so late? Won't he be tired in the morning?

I trudged up the stairs and carefully made my way to Caleb's room. The door was slightly open and I could hear heavy murmuring coming out of it.

I peaked inside and saw Caleb kissing a stunning brunette who looked quite familiar.

"Oh, Caleb," she moaned softly as he kissed his way down her thoart. Her hands were in his hair and his caressing her tigh.

For a moment, I imagined myself with him. He doing those things to me. A spark of jealously raved through me which made me bold enough to break their moment.

Clearing my thoart, I made my presence known. "Sir, I bought these for you." I motioned the bag of supplies in my hand.

Seeing, Caleb too busy sucking her chest, his date told me keep it on the bed. I reluctantly entered the room, at this he was unzipping her dress. I blushed at the sight.

For the corner of my eye, I could see Caleb's gaze on me. It felt strange and made me uncomfortable. I quickly left the room and got the hell out of that place.

Later, I realised I was suppose to lit candles in his room. Shit! It's good that I won't have to face him again.

Who knew this day would end up me watching Caleb almost have sex?

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