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Possessive Rich Boys |COMPLETED|

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[WARNING - EXPLICIT CONTENT] I tried getting out of his hold, but he had more strength in his finger than I had in my body. He flipped me over until my back was touching his broad muscled front. "Leave me, Ares," I pleaded. He wrapped his arms around me, holding me down as he squeezed me tight against him. His nose buried in my neck, inhaling my scent. It turned me on and I cursed my traitorous body for reacting this way. "You still wear that same perfume, the day I first met you." He ran his tongue on my neck. "Babe, since the first time I landed in this country, I knew I had to end you." And just like that I believed him. His eyes stormed liked twin hurricane about make landfall. He seemed like a perfect gentleman until his sinister lips made me ache with pleasure. I thought I would never meet him again, but fate had different plans for me. * SUITABLE FOR 18 + OR TEENAGERS WITH OPEN MINDS *

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

This story contains adult language and mature scenes. If you're uncomfortable with it then please do not read. 17+ and above are suitable for this story. Please don't read it if anything offends you. I put a lot of hardwork into this. So please respect my efforts.

Thankyou for reading.

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I stared at the piece of paper sitting in front of me. Scribbled in black ink were simple words.

You look beautiful today -


I stared at it dumbfounded, unable to process it. Did he just write a note to me? Axel Trent thinks I'm beautiful? Wait, he knows I exists?

My mind was flooded with thousands of illusion. I was gaping at the words, my heart thumping faster than usual. It felt like my mind was playing a trick on me. How was it possible? He never even noticed me before. He was always caught up with his friends even though his best friend's sister was my best friend.

When I go over to Mia's house he never even acknowledges my presence, he was always into Jenna. So, why now suddenly write this note to me?

"Luna, pass it on to Jenna." Angela White, who was sitting besides nudged me to hand this note over to Jenna and like a wave all my illusions got shattered.

I momentarily cursed Jenna for having his attention all the time it was like she bewitched him in her trap of allure.

I sighed and passed the note onto Jenna Rivers. I glared at her, making it clear I didn't like her. She quickly took the note from my hand and read it, I didn't missed the blush that escaped her. She turned around and looked at him, still blushing.

I looked at Axel, he was smirking and his eyes shined with admiration. For her. Ew..... It made me gag.

I shook my head in dismay and was about to look away when our teacher caught me. "Miss West, I advice you to pay attention in my class instead of staring at Mr. Trent."

My cheeks turned red in embarrassment. Now, he knows I was staring at him. God!

I focused my attention on my laptop and began typing. I tightened my school tie and focused on what the teacher was discussing. Fortunately, the bell rang and I packed my bag.

We were in 11th grade, junior, and our study load was immense. My school Scottish Wilson was known for the best education in the whole country and I strived to be one of the most prominent entrepreneur.

"Wait up, Luna." I heard my best friend's voice as I was about to leave the class.

Mia Henry was weird in all sort of ways. She slightly heavy, chubby, had platinum blonde hair, compelling green eyes and was over enthusiastic. I loved her still.

"Hey, Alex Reid is throwing a crazy ass party on Saturday and she told me to invite everyone I know."


"I'm inviting you silly." I exhaled, slightly annoyed. She knows I don't do parties.

"I'll pass," I shrugged and begun to walk away.

"Axel will be there and Jenna is going away this weekend." I came to an abrupt stop at the new information.

My friend here knew about my 'liking' for Axel and often provided me with information about him.

"Oh," I said, my lips forming in a pout. "I'll see you on Saturday." I wink at her and go my next class.

● ● ● ●

The day ended in a rush with Mia dropping me off home. She already had her licence and I was yet to secure one.

Walking up to my porch, I saw a few kids next door getting into an ugly fight. Two of them had school uniform on and another one in her pajamas.

I figured the girls was from my school, but the girl in pajamas didn't look familiar. To say, I didn't even knew she was my neighbour until now.

The fight was getting uglier and I felt the need to do something when the girl in pjs was pulled roughly by her hair.

"Hey," I yelled. "Leave her alone." That didn't seem to affect them as they just shoved me a finger.

Anger flared within me. I quickly dropped my bag on the floor and charged towards them.

I loosen my tie, removed my school blazer. Those chicks needed a kick.

"I said leave her." My voice roared. I didn't know where all this new found courage shot up from.

They stopped for a moment and I recognised them from my biology class. "Leave her."

They both looked at each other and pouted. "I think you should mind your own business." The girl with fake blonde hair said in a cartoonish voice. I tried not to laugh at her.

The girl in the pjs was looking extremely scared and gulped a few times. That made me mad. No one should be tortured like this.

One of the bully was about to speak, but was cut off when my fist met her nose. "Ow," the girl with fake tits cried out in pain.

"How dare you-" before the blondie could say anything more, I punched her as well.

She shrieked in pain. Both the girls now looking at me with vengeance in their eyes attempted to strangle me, but were kick, respectively.

Pjs girl finally found a backbone. I picked the blondie by hair and said "if I catch you doing this to her or anyone again, that'll be the last time you ever raise your hand again."

Both the girls scrambled around to get away.

I took a deep breath and offered the girl in pjs a small smile. She smiled back. "Thank you," she whispered.

"What happened there," I asked.

"Long story," she choked out her words.

"I'm Luna, Luna West." I extended my hand. She just stared at it and reluctantly shook it.

"Charlotte." Her voice was extremely meek, like she was scared of her own name.

I took in appearance, her light brown hair was wavy, bright red lips, beautiful turquoise eyes, pink cheeks, slender figure, and looked like every boy's wildest dreams. Why didn't I see her before.?

"I hope you're alright."

"I'm now." She looked down most of the time.

"Do you want to come in?" she asked and I nodded. I followed her in and as I was about to step inside, she quickly turned around and started panicking.

"I'm sorry... but he'll get mad." She sounded tense and apologised for the invitation. She jolted in and slammed the door shut.

I was shocked by it. The girl was extremely weird.

I took one last pass at my hair with the flat iron and topped my primping off with the most crimson red lip gloss I could find.

I had my hair up in the chic ponytail and let my bangs flow freely on my forehead. It made me look sophisticated.

I had my favourite peach glittery sweater dress and boots. I wanted to look my best for Axel. At least good enough for him to notice me.

I tried not to fuss too much over my physical appearance. I was more fond of the perception of beauty rather than the way things really are.

I wanted people to like me for me, but in today's world it was impossible. No one's likes you for who you are. Inner beauty doesn't exists. That thought made me sad for a moment, and I started to rethink this charade I was about play.

I stared at mirror looking at myself. This isn't me. I'm not a girl who's desperate for some guy's attention. I deserved better. My eyes looked glossed under the yellow light of my vanity table. My mom said I had crazy blue eyes, they were unmistakably attractive. People always noticed my eyes first. They weren't blue, they're more cerulean and it the right light they sparkled. I shrugged the feeling off and middle of everything the doorbell rang.

Mia was here. I rushed downstairs and snatched open the front door. Mia looked cute in her modest pink oversized shirt and black slacks. Her chubby cheeks were honestly so cute. If she ever lost her weight, I'll miss her cheeks the most.

"Woah! You look like saint ready to sin." I rolled by eyes and broke into a grin.

I messed with her hair, making her grumble. "Cut it out. I'm not a kid."

"Yes, you're a beautiful girl." We both walked to her car.

"Where's Chase?" I asked when I got in the passenger seat. She fumbled with keys.

"Already at the party," she stared off. "You know he hates me, right"

I choose not to comment on it. Chase Henry and Mia Henry shared a rocky relationship. Both were step siblings and shared no blood relation. Mia's mom married his dad when she and Chase both were nine, and long story short, he blamed her for ruining his parents and marriage and despised her mother.

My car ride was silent and when Mia parked the car outside a big french house which could easily be passed for a mansion, I started questioning whether this was what I really wanted.
Partying with a bunch of seniors with someone I barely knew wasn't smart, but I didn't know how to abort it.

Music poured from the speakers inside the house, turning this side of the house into a nightclub. Drunk guys lingered around even drunker, half dressed girls who made me feel severely overdressed in my sweater dress and boots.

Abort. Abort. My brain screamed.
Most girls were roaming around in mini skirts and crop tops and few girls had bikini bottoms on.

Mia held on my arm and it felt like a lifeline in that moment. Some girl with shabby brown hair and an awfully short dress came out.

"Look, catty fatty, you're here." She greeted Mia and practically dropped her entire weight on her. She was drunk.

Mia pretended not get offended by it, but I could see she was barely able hold on to her then joyful mood. "Hold, on there Alex. How many drinks did you have."

The girl giggled and didn't say anything. I control the urge to roll my eyes at her. "Oh, you got friend too," she said turning to me. "You're going enjoy it, pv."

I raised an eyebrow at her. "PV as in?" I asked.

"Party virgin, dummy. I can tell this is the first time you've ever attended a party."

She came in closer and whispered in my ear. "Don't worry, it won't hurt a bit. Only pleasure, no pain."

I faked a smile and said nothing. Inside, there was a makeshift bar littered with open bottles and discarded cups."Want a drink you guys?"

We humbly declined it and she left. "That girl was kind of a bitch," I yelled over the loud music.

"Tell me about it."

Mia and I began to dance and earned some dirty looks from persuade sluts.

Even while dancing my eyes searched for Axel, but I couldn't find him. I made an excuse of using the restroom and went to search for him.

My initial search began from the backyard, but there was just some kids playing beer pong. I explored the backyard, but found nothing.

"Did you see the swimming pool area." I turned around and saw Mia standing behind me, hands folded. I was in trouble.

"I'm sorry." Hoping she would forgive me for abandoning her in the middle of the dance floor.

She said and started walking. I wasn't forgiven. "Now, would you move? Let's find that lover boy of yours." But she wasn't mad at me.


The pool area was heaven. There was an infinity pool and land extended beyond vision. This was no ordinary house. For a moment I wished I lived there.

Girls were in bikini, swimming in the pool or with a of group guys. The music was blasting loudly there were firecrackers littered.

It felt like fourth of July celebration.

"Look, there." Mia shifted her gaze to where her brother was sitting. He was in his jeans, shirtless making out with a girl on his lap. His hands trailing inside her bikini bottoms and another girl rubbing his jean clad crotch.

Mia's cheeks reddened at the sight and she blushed and looked away. Beside him I saw Axel, taking a swig of his beer and enjoying the show.

He was in his swimming trunks, legs spread wide. He was clearly turned on by the scene in front of him.

"Here's your chance, now go." she gave me a slight push and I began walking towards him. I took deep breaths on each step.

Several thoughts were swimming in my brain. What should I say? Should I start with some pickup line? Or just go there make myself comfortable on his lap? As I was about to approach him some beautiful blonde in the most skimpy bikini emerged from the pool, water glistening down her body which made her efficiently sexy. That walked over to Axel and made herself comfortable on his lap.

Every guy here took a moment to admire her and she was sitting on Axel's lap, my Axel. It felt weird watching them and all of a sudden it hit me. I can't compete with her or anyone. They're gorgeous and sexy and I'm plain and ordinary.

Tears were about to well up in my eyes when I crashed with someone, the person caught in the midst of falling but it was just a false alarm, we both slipped and fell in the pool.


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