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"You have thirty minutes to persuade me," I arrogantly tell him. He puts his hand in his jeans pocket as he looks at me, "Does this mean sex?" "You can talk if you want." I wave my hand as if I don't care the method of his persuasion. "I'm asking for consent here." Oh so serious. "Why? Too scared of lawsuit?" "In a way. But more to respecting women." I smile at his smart answer. Fine. "Anything, I consent it all. But you only have thirty minutes. Which now, you're only left with 28." *** Liz has her own rules when it comes to life. She makes sure she does minimal work for everything, but gets maximum result with those minimal effort. And of course, having fun while at it. Hiring Cupcake, a sugar-baby agency is her sole method of getting men. Instead of wondering if the guys are interested with her money or the real her, she'd rather just go with the first one and toss them out when she feels like it. Meet Liz, your 30 year old sugar mama. *** This is the third book of the Sugar Baby series; not a continuation of the previous two.

Erotica / Humor
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"Welcome to Coffee Stain, what would you like to have, sir?" The chirpy little girl asks with a huge smile on her face.

The man with white wireless earphones stuck on his ears shows his index finger at her while saying, "Sounds good. Alright, see you guys in a bit," then taps a red sign on his phone screen indicating he's ending the phone call.

What a jerk, can't he end the call sooner or put it on hold right after the person before him is done with the payment? Instead of taking his time in front of the counter while few other people are lining up at the back?

I've been here for almost a year now and this is my first time seeing him, but I've seen plenty of insensible jerks like him, holding up a line like his time is the only thing that matters.

I pick up the paper cup and glance at the order June scribbled. As expected, his is a custom drink. 3 pumps of that, 1 pump of this, 2 shots of those. I feel like spitting in his cup just to know if he'd realise it since he's so particular about his drink.

I work on his drink anyway, since it's an early Monday morning and the cafe is busy with people in business suits. Monday blues is definitely the drive putting people on that long line, hoping for a drink to help them brave through the first work day of the week.

I turn the cup around to read August, hm definitely suit him. August, summer, the season I loathe the most.

Unlike most people who loves summer since it's vacation season, lying down to tan their body while enjoying ridiculous amount of cocktails, I prefer Spring since it's so cheerful with flowers and the temperature is just nice.

This, however, is scorching hot.

"August." I shout his name while putting his cup on the bar, ready for pick up. He's definitely scorching hot.

Minus the attitude, of course. Because with that attitude, he's garbage.

"Thanks." He blurts out a word while continues with another tone, "Why the hell did you send him, then?"

Whoever who's on the other line is definitely getting his ear drums hammered because even by the wide distance between us, I was startled at his scold. It must be tough working with an ass like him.



This is my third book of my Sugar Baby series but it's a stand alone book.

Instead of a female sugar baby, we're diving into the idea of having a male sugar baby.

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