SWEET Sugar Baby

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"Gloria's tits are just like yours when you were pregnant." Him and his stupid remarks. "It was so weird when you came back with those huge tits I thought you had a plastic surgery during the two weeks you were missing." He is still talking. "Turns out you were just pregnant." I'm gonna pretend I don't hear any of these. "I think your tits haven't shrunk yet from the first abortion then you got pregnant again, man your tits were like pornstar's tits." "Okay that's it!" I hit pause and turn to him, "Seriously, Luc?" "Whaaat? It's a compliment." "It's not, you pervert! I can feel your dick getting hard!" He laughs so loud that I switch off the tv and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I don't have the mood to watch the show anymore. I just wanna brush my teeth and sleep. ********************************************* Sophie Summers is back in the game. Except this time she's not playing dirty anymore. No more lies, strictly loving and steady relationship only. ******************************************** This is the sequel of SALTY Sugar Baby

Erotica / Humor
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"I just got the news from our Engineers, they'll probably do at least three wiper trips before we run MDT." Noah, the Customer Service Representative (CSR) announces once he enters the conference room.

"Seriously? They just decided on this?" My fellow Petrophysicist sighs loudly. I know he's a little bit stressed thinking about his wife who just gave birth two weeks ago.

"It's okay, at least we know the hole will be clean prior logging. Less problem later. Don't worry Matt, if we happen to start logging at night, I'll cover the operation till tomorrow morning. You can cover during the day. You can go home first if you want." I can see relief coming from his face as he nods.

"Thanks, Soph. I'll be here at 7am sharp!" He starts to gather his stuff.

We've been sitting here since one hour ago, thinking the logging operation for MDT will take place around this time. However, the rig suddenly changes their mind and decides to follow our advice to do the wiper trip.

"Say hi to Cheryl and baby Tristan for me." He is so excited when it comes to his newborn son. They've been waiting for their bundle of joy since eight years ago.

While other people shamelessly had two abortions in a row this year.

"Sure. See you tomorrow, Soph." He heads to the door of the conference room as he bids goodbye to the rest of the team.

During MDT, we normally gather at the contractor's office to monitor the real-time operation. Petrophysicists will work in team, each will cover 12 hours operation but sometimes I don't mind covering the whole shift if my partner has issues to take care of. Like today.

"Noah, should we just eat outside instead of cram up here? We'll be here at least for the next 24 hours so let's get fresh air while we can," my Geologist colleague voices out her opinion. All of us nod, totally agree about the fresh-air situation.

Things tend to get boring and sleepy while waiting for each point to be taken during this pressure testing operation. Yet we can't leave the room in case we need to gather up and make a decision. The rig can't wait for us considering its rent to be 500k a day. Time is indeed money in this oil and gas business.

"Sure, let me ask my team if any of them wanna join us. We'll leave in an hour, okay guys?" He winks.

The only thing I love about this real-time monitoring is the free food provided by the contractors. Just tell them what you'd like to have, they'll bring it. Those meals cost nothing compared to the 30million contract they have won.

"I'm gonna stop eating the chips to clear up some space." Harry finally puts down the bag of potato chips he's been holding since we arrived here.

"I'm off to the toilet for space clearance too!" Kevin stands up while Dana makes an irritated face, "Do you really have to tell us about that, Kev? Really?"

I'm lucky to have a fun team to be stuck with for the rest of this operation.

50 minutes later Noah returns with three guys I assume his colleagues that will be joining us for dinner, "You guys ready?"

"Yeah. Where are we having dinner?" Minh, our Vietnamese Geologist asks. Everybody knows how particular she is about her diet. Strictly healthy food only.

"Graham's. Are you okay with that?"

"Yeah, yeah. I've been there." Minh nods.

I've been there too; my first dinner date with Mr Sinclair. The place he brought me on the day he denies my orgasms more than I can count. On the sofa, in the car, in the bedroom downstairs. Geesh, I wonder if he's on the next sugar baby now since the last girl I saw should have expired considering it's more than three months already.

Four months.

I've been detoxing from L.L.S for four successful months now.

Congratulations, Sophie. You did it. You managed to forget that rich asshole who thinks he's above other people.

"Guys, meet Luca my boss." What?

I turn to the guy who is now standing next to Noah. That same arrogant asshole who gave me my last orgasm.

Yes, it's been 4 months since I've had one. I'm a nun now. I promise not to engage into any forbidden acts anymore. The devout Christian is back.

"Shall we go now?" His deep voice stirs something in me. Something warm.

"Let's go let's go I'm starving, guys," Minh hurry us while I'm still stuck in my chair.

You've gotta be kidding. He's coming too?
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