Love that Binds.

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This is a story about two people that lived away from each other but when they meet they soon find out just how much in common they have with each other. And even tho he is the type that is more realistic and doesn’t believe in true love, or soul mates until he meets her and he realizes just how much he loves her and wants to be with her. Even tho he was getting over a long relationship and swore he would never fall in love again till he met her. He has to go through many challenges to over come and finally accept and admit that he is in love with her.

Erotica / Romance
Keila Larson
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Chapter 1

Dalton was the type of guy that everyone loved and everyone loved to have around. He was medium height with short hair that looked blonde in the summer and blondish red tint to it in the winter and fall. He was built like he took very good care of his body with big arm muscles and pecks, but his blue eyes what was stuck out the most. He had the most beautiful hypnotic eye you ever seen. And his smile would melt your heart. He is the kind of guy that some guys were jealous of and hated while the girls on the other hand we’re either in love with or totally infatuated with. He also was the kind of guy that always had a big heart and would help anyone no matter what and knew how to do things like fix it up stuff or remodel. You name it he could do it. He traveled a lot and learned many things on his travels, but also was in the military and was very well trained in defense. So Dalton was every girls dream. He is a realist very firm believer in things you see and do not see.

He had a fun life with no worries, currently staying at his friend place. He had his own business being a dj for places and Events. Partying at night and working his own hours he had it made. But on the same side of town where he lived was I lived about six blocks away him. I was in a bad state of mind. Just getting over my break up with my ex that I was with for 10 years. Who I thought at the time would be the one who I was going to spend my life with. Turned out to be he thought it would be better if he left me behind and would sleep with any female he could get. Sad news for him and me was I knew what he was doing before anyone told me. I just did not want to accept that it was over. So that time I would be sitting home alone and depressed, sleeping all day and staying away from people. Well my friend bonnie thought it would be great getting me out of my home and meeting new people would be a good idea. I didn’t think so at the time but she had a point . So I agreed and got ready to go.

When we got there I was nervous it has been awhile since I’ve been out even talking to people let alone out hanging with friends and meeting new people. We got to the front door and walked inside. I looked around and didn’t see anyone in sight, i didn’t know to think let alone knew if anyone was even home. I followed her which led me to the back bedroom and that’s when I saw him sitting there talking to his friend Stan. I didn’t know what to say I was utterly speechless when I saw him there. He was sitting there all dressed in his nice designer clothes that he wears smiling at me. I introduced myself and we all just sat around talking. And that’s when it happened the next thing I knew we were all making out, her with Stan and dalton and I. And we all were having sex in the same room. That night I will never forget not because of what you may think. But because when him and I were going at it. It wasn’t what you would normally see. He was grabbing me by the hips, flipping me up in the air, having me over his shoulders. It is what you would call a sex acrobatic act. It was something he never has done or I have done before and certainly something they have never seen either. They stopped what they were doing and just started watching us. By the time we were all done her and Stans mouth dropped open and they were all speechless and I started to laugh and so all started to laugh also. That night was the most amazing and magical night of my life. Now I am not the kind of girl that would just sleep with anyone at any time. But for some reason there was something about Dalton that just came over me. After we all got dressed hung out and then had to go back to my place I felt bad almost. I felt ashamed of myself that i did that, and then it hit me. What if he was the type that after he has sex with girls he never has anything to do with them. I would never ever leave my house again let alone trust her or anyone else again. But the damage was done so happens happens. I had no choice but to find out what would happen between him and I.
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