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𝓣𝔀𝓮𝓷𝓽𝔂 ~ 𝓕𝓲𝓷𝓪𝓵𝓵𝔂


y/n = your name

Amber Evans = Your mum



𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓝𝓮𝔁𝓽 𝓜𝓸𝓻𝓷𝓲𝓷𝓰

June 23rd, 1996

You stretch your eyes open as the blazing sunlight makes it difficult to, not to mention how puffy your eyes are from yesterday’s events. You slowly turn over to find Hermione still sound asleep beside you, curly brown hair brushed over her face.

You give her a little smirk as watching her asleep brings back memories of last summer when she spent almost every waking moment with you to make sure you were okay. The events of last summer were horrible, to say the least.

Once again, this summer wasn’t going to be much fun either. Considering it was going to be hard to forget what you and Draco had throughout the year.

You had promised Hermione you wouldn’t think much of it and try to get it off your mind. She’s worried you’ll fall down the same hole you did last summer when your father was murdered.

When you hadn’t talked to anyone. You would blank out every three seconds, unable to snap back into reality. Even with Hermione by your side, you were still not yourself. You hadn’t remembered much of what happened, considering you were obliviated of the memory.

It was heart-wrenching - at least from what you remember. There wasn’t much you remembered other than the pain you went through afterwards. Hermione had told you the whole story of what happened since mum was too broken to explain it to you.



Hermione places her cup of tea on the wooden table, making a slight clink with the coaster underneath it. You stare at her blankly as you watch a tear roll down her face.

You wanted to know what happened. Finally, there was someone to tell you. Your mum is too broken to even try to put together more than a mere “good morning,” before she breaks down in tears. She could barely look at you without having a full breakdown.

Thank Merlin Hermione was here to help you. She somewhat filled the void your father left behind. Although you know after this, life would not be the same.

One good thing that seemed to be happening was you and Hermione’s friendship seemed to be growing stronger, yet yours and your mum’s was slowly withering before your eyes.

“Your mum wanted me to tell you what happened,” Hermione grabs your hand, looking at you with teary and worrisome eyes.

“What happened Mione? Who did this to him?” You query weakly, too numb to let a tear fall.

She takes a sigh putting on a more serious voice than she had before.

“That’s the problem love. We don’t know,”

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

“Y/n- Whoever did this- they obliviated you right after,”

You knew your mum was listening in from the room beside because as soon as Hermione said this, a loud cry came from the other room. She’s taking this harder than you were.

“What do you mean they obliviated me? Why?” You take in a short breath, hoping Hermione had an answer.

She always had an answer.

“If I knew, I would tell you. For now, all we know is you, your mum and your dad were going to a restaurant to grab a bite when the attacker came in-” she pauses, looking down almost in shame as she lowered her voice, “killed your father, obliviated everyone who might have seen, and left.”

Your throat tensed up and you felt your heart practically drop. You’re only fourteen. You expected to have your father beside you forever. He was supposed to protect you. It hit you hard as you feel a weight in your chest; a weight no fourteen-year-old should have to experience.

All the happy memories you shared with him. All the nifty muggle places he’d taken you, all the laughs you shared. All the happiness had seemed to vanish.

All that was left of him were memories. Memories that would soon slowly start to fade as you create new ones. As the memory of your father showcased a mere stage in your life where you were happy. Now you knew that every time you would think of him - even for a split second - your body would be washed over with an agonizing pain that would soon fade as the years go by.

A tear runs down your face, followed by many, many others. You leap at Hermione, digging your face into her cardigan as she pulls you close, stroking your hair with her hand.

“It’s alright darling, I’m here. I’ll always be here,” she rests her head on top of yours, “Always,”


From that moment on, you had a special bond with Hermione. One that you know you could never find with anyone else. She deserved so much but you didn’t think what you could offer was enough. You just hope she could see your effort.

She really was that one person who knows you more than you know yourself. She always had the right answer to everything. She always puts her heart into everything she does and it warms your heart to know you have created a lifelong bond with someone.

Someone who would never leave your side no matter the circumstances.


Walking down the corridor, gaze to the floor, Hermione’s arm is wrapped around your shoulder, pulling you closer to her. You feel Hermione leaning in, her head pressed up against yours. You feel her warm breath blow up against your neck as she whispers.

“You alright love?”

You didn’t answer, still zoned out, thoughts flooding your mind.

You feel Hermione’s hand tap your shoulder which made you slightly turn your head, snapping out of your gaze.


You give a small nod, struggling to stretch a fake grin across your face hoping she would leave you to your thoughts. She wanted to help, she really did, but all you need is to be left alone.

And you soon would, considering there was only one week left of your fifth year.

The year has passed by you faster than you expected and you couldn’t help but replay almost every event that has happened in your head.

Starting off with your hatred for Draco which was equally shared on his end. It was pathetic - childish really. The way you two used to act towards each other. Like children shooting nasty glares from across the room, name-calling one another.

It was astonishing how much has changed.

You and Cedric were no longer close and there was almost no hope in bringing back your friendship.

As you kept gaining and losing more people through the year, the one person who stuck by you was Hermione.

It was nice knowing there was always going to be Granger for you to rely on, no matter the situation. You just hoped she wouldn’t end up leaving you. It feels as if she’s the only person left who genuinely cared about your well-being.

She made you feel loved.


Continuing to walk down the corridor, the swarm of students pass by you looking almost like the blurry sight of trees you would see looking out from a speeding train. Your eyes don’t bother to even try to focus on a single face.

Your gaze moves down to your feet, looking ahead only enough to see where you would place your next step.

All of a sudden, Hermione brings you to a halt at a doorway to which you look up. You are now at the entrance of the great hall, looking into the crowd of students scurrying around to their seats at their appropriate tables.

“Are you alright? Do you want me to walk you to your seat, love?” Hermione places her hand on your shoulder, rubbing her thumb up and down with reassurance.

You gulp, shaking your head.

“No Mione, I’ll be okay,”

At that moment, your wandering eyes landed on another set of eyes. Familiar ones.


He was sitting in his usual spot, arms crossed as he was leaned over the table with a face of anger but behind that anger, you could almost see - regret. It was hard to tell from so far away.

Your chest tightens, as you adjust your posture, unable to break eye contact with him from across the hall.

You take a deep breath as memories from the astronomy tower came flooding in. Then memories from the Yule Ball and the necklace. The fucking necklace.

Without realization, your hand moves up to your chest, grasping the silver cauldron tightly in your palm. You feel your heart drop as you felt it in your hand. The moment he gave it to you seemed to be a milestone in - whatever it was you two had.

All of a sudden your gaze was broken by a Ravenclaw boy walking in front of you, looking desperately around for someone.

As soon as the boy walked off, your eyes continue to look in Malfoy’s direction. This time, he was looking down pulling the rings on his fingers on and off in frustration.

If it weren’t for the rings he most probably would’ve stabbed something with a fork because from what you could tell he was angry by the clenching of his jaw.

You look back over to Mione who had a frown etched upon her face.

“Well, go on. I’ll see you after breakfast,”

You let out a sigh of relief as you watch her walk happily with a pep in her step up to Ron and Harry. Slowly walking to the Slytherin table, you watch as Ron turns around with a slight glare in his eye, as you watch his eyes find yours.

You’re taken aback by his look, wondering why he was being so bitter, but before you could even start to overthink, you watch Hermione swing an abnormally large book over his head before shooting him a nasty glare. He winces in pain, bringing his focus back to the chatter around him.

Walking up to the Slytherin table, you scan the benches for any place to sit. You see one seat directly in front of Malfoy and one beside Daphne Greengrass. The logical option is beside Daphne but the moment you start to make your way over, you see Astoria slide quickly into that exact seat.

You clench your fist out of frustration of your unfortunate luck ad make your way over to the seat across Draco.

Keeping your eyes to the floor, you slide your legs under the table, adjusting your posture before you decide to sit.

You expect the whole time you were eating would be quite silent but of course, with your luck, it wasn’t.

“Well don’t you look like shit,” Blaise chuckles, as Draco joins in.

Zabini looks over to you, expecting you to laugh at the joking remark he made but frowns when you show zero interest in his failed attempt at humour. All you do is peer up at him through your eyebrows, before looking down once more.

Blaise scoffs as you feel him lean over, moving his hand over to your shoulder, about to push it back as if he was going to attempt once more to achieve any small reaction, but before his hand could make it to your shoulder, you watch as Draco grabs his wrist, stopping it in its tracks. He shoots a dirty look over to Blaise, pulling his wrist back towards him as Zabini winces in pain.

“Don’t touch that fucking whore, Blaise,”

Widening your eyes in disbelief of his nerve, you sit up, looking back and forth between the two Slytherin boys, as you take in short breaths attempting not to lash out at him in front of the entire school.

“Woah mate- that was a little harsh -” Blaise starts to say before sucking in a tight breath, worried of what was to come next.

You look up to Draco, jaw clenched, eyes burning through him. To your surprise, he doesn’t seem at all intimidated. Instead, a small smirk appears across his face.

He wants a fucking reaction.

And you’re gonna give it to him.

You clench your fist, lifting it up, slamming it down on the table. You see many heads turn towards you as you lean closer to Malfoy from across the table.

"I’m the fucking whore? You’re the one who fucked me and then went and hooked up with the girl that fucking poisoned me,” You throw your hands up, sitting up from your seat and stepping away from the table.

Placing your hands back onto the table, leaning down peering at Draco, you quickly scan the room and see almost everyone from the Slytherin table had their eyes on you, nevermind the countless eyes you felt burning through that back of your head.

You look through your eyebrows back down to Draco, “either you own up to your fucking mistakes, or me and whatever the fuck is going on between us is over. Come back when you grow the fuck up,”

His eyes were widened in shock as you heard whispers emerge from the students surrounding you.

You push off the table, fixing your robes as you rapidly walk down the aisle, knowing countless students had their eyes on you. You whip your head back to get a glimpse of Hermione only to see her with her mouth gaped open, in shock.

Looking back forward, you stop in your tracks as you see the one and only, Pansy Parkinson walk up to you, arms crossed with a sly grin etched upon her face.

“I fucking told you, Evans. He’s mine,”

“You know what Parkinson? Fuck. You,” you spat.

You then storm up to her, placing both your hands on her shoulders, shoving her to the side as you watch her lose her balance, stumbling and falling onto another Slytherin girl.

Without hesitation, you flip her off, continuing to walk down the aisle, making your way out of the great hall and into the corridor.

Heart palpitating out of your chest, you speed down the corridor, as the breeze blows past your ears, blocking out the erupting chatter coming from the great hall. You were bewildered you had it in you to stand up to him as you did.

Your legs were still trembling from yesterday’s events but you needed to hold it together for another week. Then you can go back to mum and get a break from all the chatter and drama of this year.

As you fled down the corridor, taking the shortest route back to your dorm, you turn a corner, slowing down slightly allowing you to hear footsteps chasing after you.

That bloody fucking Ferret I don’t want to deal with you right now-

“I don’t need to hear your bullshit excuse-” you spin around and to your surprise, you don’t see Draco.

You see Cedric.

Tears start to fill your eyes as you do your best to hold them back but every step he took closer, the closer a tear would come to rolling down your cheek.

All the regret and pain comes flooding in, placing a heavy weight on your shoulders, causing a sharp stabbing pain to occur in your abdomen.

Diggory’s face wasn’t angry. It wasn’t disappointed as it should have been. His eyebrows were furrowed and his eyes were wide as he sped up, walking up to you.

Stopping less than a foot away from you, your heart palpitating out of your chest, you have no words. You open your mouth, hoping your scattered brain could put together one measly little sentence, but all that came out was a weak “Ced-”

“What the bloody hell happened back there?” he queries, out of breath from chasing you around the seemingly vast castle.

You take in a few deep breaths as you hold in tears that were struggling to stay within the surface, peering up at him as he awaits an answer.

Taking in a large gulp, you feel the words that you buried deep down - hoping they would stay there - start to come up. Then it happened. It all came out at once without warning.

“Draco happened. With Pansy. In the common room. Right after he- he came in me, he has the fucking audacity to kiss the very girl that fucking poisoned me. I mean- didn’t even bother to think about how it affects me- OH and then he said- HE SAID ‘I did it for you, be grateful,’ like what the fuck? Am I not good enough? I don’t fucking understand- and the necklace. I just- I don’t understand Cedric-”

Before you could say anything more, you watch through your teary eyes as Cedric grabs ahold of your shoulders, yanking you into his arms, as you feel him tighten his grip around you.

Burrowing your face into his robe, you smelt the familiar scent of honey and it made you feel safe. You missed the feeling of Diggory hugging you. It was always something you loved - his hugs. They were warm and cozy and gave you reassurance. Finally, you felt it again. You were craving his touch - not even an intimate one. You just needed a hug from Cedric and you finally got one. Finally.

You feel him rub his thumb up and down on your head, before placing a soft kiss on your forehead, pulling you closer to him once more.

“It’s alright darling. It’s alright,” he whispers, “I’m here now,”

You pull your head out from his chest, looking up at him with teary eyes.

“Cedric I’m so sorry I hurt you. It was stupi-” he cuts you off.

“Shhh... it’s alright love. Let’s just put that in the past, alright?”

His voice is calm and soothing, filled with kindness.

You nod, stretching a small grin across your face.

Diggory places his hand on your cheek, using his thumb to wipe away a tear that had rolled down your cheek.

“But you know, I must say, I told you so,” he snickers.

You close your eyes tight as you let out a chuckle, throwing your head onto his chest, shaking it in disappointment of your actions.

I should’ve listened to everybody who said Malfoy would do this.

It was expected.

Yet I was too fucking selfish to care about how my actions hurt others.

I’m the cause for my pain and my fucking dumbass actions add fuel to the flame that was burning me on the inside.

I swear to fucking Merlin in the future I’ll be smarter.

And less fucking naive.

I swear.


June 30th, 1996

You peer out of the train window while throwing the last piece of your chocolate frog into your mouth. You glide your tongue over your teeth, attempting to get rid of the chocolate between your teeth that was irritating.

The trees whip by the window as you try to get a glimpse of any wildlife hiding within the bushes. As the train approaches a field, you could see a large, black horse on the other side of the opening. It seems to be made of bones? And it has wings?

What in Merlin is that?


You turn, waving your hand in her face before realizing she and Diggory were having a staring contest. Diggory blinks immediately, looking over to you to see what the fuss was about.

“Ha! I won!” Hermione holds out her hand, chest puffed with pride, “five galleons please,” she puts on a wide smile, waiting for Cedric to place the money in her hand, “Uh- yes, y/n?”

You point out to the field, “what is that thing at the other end of the opening?”

“What thing?” She squints, trying to see what you had caught a glimpse of.

“The black horse looking creature,” you point more directly to it, hoping she would see it better now, “there,”

She looks to you with confusion as does Diggory.

“Uh, y/n, there’s nothing there,” Cedric raises an eyebrow.

“Yea...” Hermione agrees.

“No, look! It’s right,” you turn once again to point it out, but once you do, there is no sign of the creature anywhere, “there? It’s gone now,”

“You’re just imagining things, Evans,” Cedric chucks a candy bean into his mouth with confidence before gagging, “ugh! Seven-day old pumpkin juice,”

You all laugh, continuing to take turns eating every flavoured beans seeing if you would get a bad taste or a good one. Hermione got peach, then you got spoiled milk and then Diggory got pumpkin pasty flavoured one.

Train ride with Cedric and Hermione always seemed to make bad thoughts go away but the only thing on your mind was the black horse you saw and what had previously happened with Malfoy.

For the rest of that week, you completely avoided him hoping you wouldn’t have to deal with his bullshit. Although upsetting thoughts scattered your jumbled brain, you managed to push it aside and enjoy your last week there. You were just worried about what this summer would bring you.


Summer Break


Over the summer of fifth year, you spent multiple hours either in your room constantly re-organizing your closet and shelves, and the rest helping your mum around the house.

You woke up every day around the same time, two in the afternoon, other than Mondays and Thursdays. That’s when your mum and you would go out and have some fun on your broom, making potions and casting new spells mum came up with when you were away at school.

There was one spell in particular that stood out. She made a spell that could show you people’s thoughts. Although it only lasted a mere ten seconds, it was still interesting to use. She called it “cognite,” pronounced [Kog - night]

She explained it as similar to the “Legitimacy” spell, but “cognite” could allow you to think exactly what the other person is thinking as if you were seeing it from their perspective. It was difficult to learn and understand at first but after trying it a couple of times on mum, you got the hang of it.

Although, one time you did it, she was thinking about your father. You felt sadness, grief, and guilt. She’s guilty for his death.

Why would she feel guilty about it?

It’s not like she could do anything.

It’s not like she could remember anything, just like you.

Besides these thoughts constantly flooding your mind, there were a few more.

You were still hurt by Malfoy’s actions. And seeing Pansy on top of him was worse than you could’ve imagined. You had grown to actually find his imperfections... flattering.

You still feel as though it didn’t make any sense. What was the point?

After all, he seemed to partially care.

You distinctly remember his whisper in your ear when he thought you were sleeping. You kept replaying it your head over and over, thinking it didn’t make any sense.

“Am I in your dreams? Or nightmares?”

He whispered it so very quietly you could barely catch what he was saying. But you did and it had been plastered in your brain for some time now.

Did he feel ashamed to be seen with me?

Did he think he was too good for me and felt his ego was hurt?

Merlin knows.

Maybe I’m just overthinking.

Maybe he is just a pathetic ferret.

A fucking jerk like he’s known as.

There’s no understanding him if he won’t even try to open up.

But you were over him. You wanted nothing to do with him. You were perfectly happy to be on good terms with Diggory and Mione. Sending posts to each other at least twice a week.

In the back of your mind, you somewhat expected a letter from Malfoy apologizing or showing any sign of remorse. But he didn’t send anything. He didn’t give a single fuck.

But you still wonder what he has been up to over his summer break.

What would an arsehole like him do?

Send post to multiple girls? Bring multiple girls home?

What would his so very famous father think?

Whatever- not my business and I don’t care.

I’m done with Draco Malfoy.



Dear Evans,

This is letter number what now? Eleven? I’ve lost track.


It’s not like you’re ever getting sent these anyway.

I fucking hate it here. I thought this whole “death eater” thing would be a lot easier. I was truthfully kind of excited to finally be apart of something where I was appreciated. You know, since my father is one of the greatest death eaters blah blah all that bullshit.

It’s fucking terrible.

Voldemort has this plan for me that I’m not supposed to know until the day before we go back to fucking Hogwarts... Mind, it’s only in three days but I’m beginning to be so fucking impatient I’ve tried to bribe dobby with some bloody food; he won’t fucking take it.

From the very little I’ve overheard from eavesdropping at meetings, I’m expected to kill someone. I swear to fucking Merlin if that’s the case, I’m out of this shit.

I want to get out. I want to escape.

Voldemort fucking tortured and killed a fucking mudblood. Fuck it was disgusting. I almost threw up.

Please, help me get out of this fucking hell hole. Father is still beating mother - I can’t stand it. I want to rip out his fucking hair and carve out the fucking tattoos on his arms.

He’s horrid. Disgusting.

I’ve been locked in the cellar about seventeen times? Once again, I’ve lost track.

Mumsy has been working her ass off to provide for me but I know she’s burnt out. I just need to get to Hogwarts and give her a bloody break.

Almost everything I do, I do for mum. She’s the only thing keeping me going - except for the fact I know I’ll be seeing you soon.

I really hope you can put whatever the fuck I did behind us and we can move on.

I need someone and I feel you’re the only one who started to genuinely care about me.

As much as I hated the change, I need it now more than ever.

But all I want to do is make mumsy proud of me. I want her to see I’m doing my best because there’s absolutely zero chance father would.

I mean she’s the reason I became a bloody death eater.

I would never let her die at the hands of fucking Bellatrix. I can’t believe my own aunt, mumsy’s SISTER would even fucking think of doing that.

Of course, it was a no brainer. They were gonna sacrifice mumsy for father’s stupid fuck up. I offered myself to the dark lord instead and he happily accepted. Of course.

Great. Now I need to hide my fucking dark mark from you. From everyone. Everyone will suspect me because I’ll have to wear long sleeves the entire time. Not to mention, I’m the son of a deatheater. Unless I scrape this bloody fucking thing off before that. I’ve been working at it, carving at it every night.

It bleeds. It fucking bleeds so fucking much I can’t take the pain. But I don’t want this fucking thing on my arm anymore. It’s like a brand - like Voldemort owns me or some shit. I fucking hate that.

Half of it is scabby and but I can’t tell if it’s seeped through the scabs or if the scabs have replaced it.

Is scraping it off even working?

Merlin knows.

I just need to get to Hogwarts. To you.


Forgive me.

Yours Always,

Draco Malfoy


Spetember 1st, 1996


You walk up to the train, swarms of people passing by you in all directions trying to find their friends in the crowd of students and parents. You turn around, smiling and waving one last time to your mum who had a tear rolling down her cheek, but a small grin stretched upon her face.

Spinning back around, you step onto the train, taking a deep breath in, finally smelling the wonderful scent of freshly baked pumpkin pasties and freshly brewed coffee. You have been longing for this moment for a while now.

Walking down the corridor of the train, passing by a few students, one of them being Fred Weasley, you scan each carriage for your two best friends. You start to count from the end of the corridor, exactly sixteen carriages to the right where you usually sit. Making your way to the corridor, you place both hands on the glass, pressing your face in on it with a large grin, only to find Goyle, Blaise and Pansy staring back up at you.

Your grin falls into a frown as you turn around almost in disgust of having to see Pany’s face again. As you turn around, your hands meet a black tuxedo as you peer up only to see none other than Draco Malfoy.

You groan, taking your hands off his chest and taking a step back, wiping your hands on the side of your coat.

“Hello Evans,” he smirks, “miss me?”

Fuck him.

Fuck this.

“I’m sorry, do I know you?” you query, putting on the best confused face your poor acting skills could scrape up.

He takes a step back, scoffing. You expected him to have a snarky comeback, but instead, he grabbed his wrist, slipping by you, into the carriage where the other Slytherins were.

Taking a deep breath, you realize - that was the first time you have seen him since last year. It was a shock to you, considering you never thought you had the courage in you to stand up to him the way you did.

You felt powerful.


As the train came to a complete stop, you sit up, picking up the garbage from your seat and walking out, following the flow of students down the corridor and out of the train.

“I’m so excited for this year,” Hermione shrieked.

“Apparently, the sixth years get invited to the dorm and common room parties,” Cedric’s face was beaming with happiness.

“Parties?” you look back in excitement, “fuck yes,”

Walking up to the carriages that were pulled by nothing, you realized, there was something now pulling them.

The same thing that was across the field on the train ride back from Hogwarts last year.

“Hey Hermione, what happened to magic pulling the carriages?”

“What do you mean? It’s still magic,” she looks at you, eyebrows raised in confusion.

“What are those black things then?”

“What black things?” Cedric cuts in.

“Can you not see those creatures?”

“No...” Cedric and Hermione reply in unison.

“then what-” you’re cut off by a cold hand being placed on your shoulder.

“I see them too. Don’t worry, you haven’t gone looney,” Lola Lovegood cuts in.

Lola is Luna Lovegood’s older sister. She’s in the same year as you, yet you don’t see her around that often. She’s usually out in the woods practicing a different type of ancient magic - at least that’s what rumors have said.

People call her looney, but you would rather not assume, considering you don’t know her personally. Her vibe seems kind of comforting in an odd way.

It was reassuring that you weren’t the only one who saw these creatures but wonder why it was only you two who could see them.

“Come on now, we don’t want to be late on the first day,” Hermione holds out her hand, helping you up into the carriage, as she takes a seat across from Lola.

Plopping down beside Hermione, you look back and forth between Lovegood and Diggory, not knowing what to say in her presence. Still curious about the black creatures, you put together a few questions for Lola, hoping she would have an answer.

“So Lola, what exactly are they?” you query, peering over the the creature pulling the moving carriage.

“Oh. Those lovely creatures are Thestrals,” she stretches a grin across her face, “they’re very misunderstood creatures. Quite kind,”

“Why can’t we see them?” Hermione questioned, almost offended she didn’t already know the answer, “I’ve never read about them,”

Cedirc chuckles, “wow finally something miss ‘know it all’ doesn’t know,”

“Oh shut it,” Hermione snaps playfully.

“Well you see, they’re not commonly found in books. It’s more information spread verbally,” Lovegood cuts through the laughter, “and the reason why we can see them is because we’ve seen death,”

“But if that’s the case, I should have been able to see them far before now,”

“Well, if you don’t mind me asking, when did you experience this death?” Lola queries.

You wanted the thought to leave your mind but the only thing you could think of is the flashback you had of Hermione telling you how your father died. You look over to Hermione with sad eyes before opening your mouth, about to speak, but nothing was able to come out.

“Just last year,” Hermione answers for you, placing her hand on your knee with reassurance.

“And you just started seeing them now?”

“I saw one on the train back to King’s Cross last year,” you answer, sucking in a breath.

“How very interesting,” Lola places a hand on her chin, rubbing it with thought in her eyes, “well, do let me know once you figure it out,”

You nod with aggreance.

Did the flashback have anything to do with this?

You should have experienced this last year at this time if what Lola is saying is true.

Perhaps she’s lying?


Stepping off of the carriage, you look up, admiring the vast castle that would be your home, once again, for the next few months. You take in a deep breath, filling your lungs with the warm summer air around you.

You feel a heavy arm slither around your shoulders, as Cedric leans onto you, also admiring the castle.

“Good to be home, eh?” he chuckles, pulling you forwards with him as you follow Mione towards the entrance.

You follow the flow of students through the large doors, feet pattering on the cold stone floor. The familiar breeze that filled the immense corridors sent shivers up your spine like it did every time, without fail.

As you walk between your two best friends, arms wrapped around each other, a happiness fills your body and fills the corridor as you three start to sway side to side, almost tipping too far to the right a couple times.

“Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Hoggy Hogwarts-” Cedric begins to sing loudly, with a large grin on his face.

You and Hermione let out a loud laugh as you continue to sway, joining Diggory in singing the song.

“Teach us something please!”

You can tell you’re causing attention to be draw to the three of you but it barely fazes you. You were happy and that’s all that matters.

Continuing your loud chatter, you arrive at the front of the Slytherin common room portrait.

“Well, this is me,” you wriggle out of their grasp as they now latch onto each other, waving at you with a menacing grin.

“See you in the great hall,” Mione calls out as she continues down the hall, swaying side to side with Cedric.

“Pureblood,” you recite at the portrait as it swings open, leading you into the common room. As you walk down the stairs, past the couches, you couldn’t help but remember Pansy and Draco on the couch. It was still crystal clear how it happened. You could still feel your heart drop as you watched her climb out of her straddle, running off into the corridor.

Walking up the stairs into the dorms, you try to unlock your dorm, but to your surprise, it was already unlocked. You slowly push open the door, peeking inside.

You stand in the doorway, staring into the room. Right in front of your bed was Draco standing tall, blonde hair ruffled, tux ever so perfectly fitting around his body. Chains hung from his neck as he continued to pull the many rings on his fingers on and off.

“I’ve been waiting,” he licks his lips, looking you up and down, almost in awe.

Looking at him brings back memories of when you would wake up in his quidditch jumoer, not knowing what was going on.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” you start to inch up to him, clenching your fist, “this is my dorm,”

“Waiting for you, what else?”

“Well you’re not welcome here. Please, leave,” you gesture your hand towards the door.

He looks you up and down, licking his lips before waking towards the door. You suck in a breath as he walks by you, his strong cologne bringing back memories from the previous year.

You hear the door shut as you let out a sigh of relief.

As you start to walk towards the bed, you feel a cold hand grab the back of your neck, turning you around to face him.

He’s still here?

What the fuck?

He grabs your waist, pulling your body in contact with his as he looks down at you. You almost have to look straight up to make eye contact with him.

“Malfoy what do you-” he cuts you off.

“Oh so now you remember who I am?” he scoffs.

“I just- please, leave me alone,”

His finger comes in contact with your lips, keeping you from letting out another word.

“Darling, just let me explain before you jump to conclusions,”

You stare into his deep, emotionless gray orbs, getting more lost in them every second you do.

“I just need to explain myself, alright?”

Your heart is palpitating out of your chest as the tension grows stronger. You knew this was wrong. You knew you can’t let him control you. You needed to stop it.


You move your hand up, grabbing his wrist and pulling it down away from your mouth. You wriggle out of his grasp, taking a few steps back.

He looks at you in shock as his wide eyes slowly turn into angry ones.

He’s upset.

You trudge up to the door, opening it up once more. You gesture for him to leave.

“I’ve heard enough already. Now please, leave,”

He scoffs in disbelief as if you just disrespected him.

He clenches his jaw, revealing his sharp jawline. The same one you used to kiss as you lay over his naked body.

Bloody hell how much you missed that.

He looks you up and down in disgust before storming out into the corridor.

You close the door behind him, sliding down so you now had your back to the door, sitting on the frigid floor.

It was tough, but you were able to stand up for yourself.

You’re just glad he didn’t take it too badly.


Adjusting your robe as you sprint down the breezy corridor, you wave your hand, trying to get Hermione’s attention.

“Mione!” you call out.

She whips her head around, starting jog up to you.

She looks you up and down, finishing to adjust your robes so they were now centered.

“Bloody hell Evans what happened?”

“I fell asleep while trying to unpack,”

“I should’ve known,” she giggles, “typical y/n,”

“Aliright c’mon, let’s go before we’re late,” you try to turn her to continue walking before she stops in her tracks.

“Evans, before we go, there’s a party in the Gryffindor common room. Slytherins are invited. Apparently there’s gonna be firewhiskey and Fred got ahold of some weed is what I’ve heard,”

“Fuck yes! I’ll be there!” you let out a small squeal of excitement.

You’ve never been invited to any parties since you were too young for people to want to invite you but since you’re year six, you’re almost automatically invited to every single one.

This is gonna be a fucking great year.

You walk into the great hall, scanning the room to see all the students who had graduated and all the first years lined up.

Finding a seat at the Slytherin table, you scan the table to see who might have hanged over break. Nobody drastically changed, except some girls were more matured and some of the boys grew taller.

You move your gaze to the Gryffindor table to try to find Hermione and her Gryffindor friends when your eyes meet something much more - appealing. You’ve never seen this boy before. He must be around your age because he was much too old to be a first year. Not to mention, much too matured.

He was looking around, admiring all the students and different houses when his eyes met yours. You felt your jaw become heavy as if it dropped to the floor, but you quickly hold it together.

He was the most beautiful looking brunette you have ever seen.

He has to be at least six foot five. And his hair was sitting beautifully on his head. It was dark brown, fluffy and looked so very soft.

And his eyes. They were a captivating emerald green. They were filled with prosperity and happiness. He seemed so wholesome. His build was muscular, yet slim - similar to Malfoy’s, but... better.

His eyes wouldn’t leave yours and you felt your heart flutter as you watched him wink at you, licking his lips ever so subtely, before looking forward, facing the front of the room.

He was wearing a black robe, with no sign of a house colour.

He must be new.

The chatter around you began to die down as Dumbledore stood up, clearing his throat. The whole great hall was silent as Dumbeldore placed his wand at his throat, making an announcement.

“Welcome back to our returning students, and welcome to all our first years. There are a few rules we must go over, but we can wait until after the sorting ceremony for that nonsense,” he cleared his throat once more, silencing a few whispers coming from George and Fred, “there is a rather rare occurrence happening this year. We have a new student who will be joining us. He is in year six- come up here lad,”

To everybody’s surprise, the dark haired boy walked up to McGonagall who was waiting with the sorting hat and stool.

“Sit boy, sit,” she says, slightly rushed.

He sits down in the seat as the entire great hall falls silent, awaiting the sorting hat to be placed on his head.

Professor McGonagall places the torn and worn out hat on top of the boy’s fluffy hair as it lets out a loud groan.

“Hmm... I see... very clever, would do well in Ravenclaw,”

A few short and quiet gasps came from the Ravenclaw table.

Please Slytherin.

Please be Slytherin.

“But very cunning and ambitious...”

You let out a small gasp, as well as a few other Slytherin girls around you.

“Let it be... Slytherin!”

The sorting hate yells out as the Slytherin table erupts into a loud cheer before being silenced once again by Dumbledore.

The boy walks up to the headmaster, with a grin, running his fingers through his hair to fix it.

“Slytherin house,” Dumbledore yells, placing an arm around the boy’s back, “please welcome your newest member, Atlas Walker,”

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