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The ground shook as cheers coming from the Ravenclaw house table erupted. The sound of students banging on the table causes you to snap out of your gaze, which was still stuck on Atlas. His green eyes were alluring as he slowly trudged along the aisle, eyes glued to yours.

Every step he takes closer to you causes your heart to beat faster until he’s less than a foot away. You move your gaze to the people around you, who watch you closely as you feel Walker place a hand on your shoulder, leaning in, close to your ear. His warm breath fans against your neck which causes you to shift in your seat.

“Hello, love,” he breathes.

His voice is unexpectedly deep, causing your throat to tighten up as you straighten your posture, looking to the side. You watch him continue to stride down the aisle, past Pansy, who, to nobody’s surprise, is staring right at you with a seemingly deathly glare. Your gaze flicks back up to Atlas who was now taking a seat on the opposite side of you.

Cheers from the other tables erupt as the year ones slowly get sorted into their appropriate houses. None of the loud bangs and claps were successful in diverting your gaze from Atlas as you watch his teeth glide over his lips. His eyes flick up and down, examining your expression.

You slightly flutter your eyes as you move your gaze quickly to Malfoy, who is peering at Walker, clenching his jaw while cracking his fingers with his thumb before creating a fist. He’s angry.


Let him be fucking jealous.


You sink your teeth into a chicken leg you had grabbed from the platter to your right. Grabbing a napkin from under your plate, you wipe off a bit of barbecue sauce that had smudged on your lip. Your gaze travels slowly from the platter afront you, to across the table, running up Walker’s tie, until your eyes meet his, which were already studying you carefully.

His gaze travels from your lips to your eyes as the corner of his lip lifts into a wide grin. Walker lets out a chuckle as his hand travels to his jawline, rubbing his jaw as he turns his head, looking to his side.

Your eyes continue to study his chiselled jawline as he clenches his jaw, grinning just the little bit wider that you start to see his dimples accentuate. You’re lost in your thoughts as they start to cloud your vision, drifting you off into a slight daydream.

Out of nowhere, you feel a warm breath fan on your neck which snaps you out of your slight phantasm. Your gaze flicks to the side for a second, realizing who was so curious about what you’re looking at.


“What are we staring at?” Blaise questions curiously with wide eyes, his cheek an inch away from yours.

You let out a short scoff, pushing him slightly away from you, playfully.

A sly grin stretches across his face as he turns more towards you, leaning down with a soft whisper, “so, who’s the new guy?” He raises an eyebrow.

“Atlas Walker- where were you during the sorting ceremony, Zabini?”

Blaise shuffles in his seat, sitting up awkwardly. The grin on his face quickly falls and he looks down at the table with a look of guilt. But it seemed to be more than guilt. It was also disgust.

“None of your business Evans,” he groans lowly.

Your grin drops as well, confused by his extreme mood swing.

Blaise takes a sip of coffee, the hot steam rising into his face. You watch as he winces from the heat, jerking the mug quickly from his face. As he did so, the scorching coffee pours out of the side of the cup, splashing back and splattering everywhere.

He holds his arms up, leaning back in his seat. His coffee mug is still in his hand as he narrows his eyes and flares his nostrils in annoyance. Blaise tightens his grip around the handle of the mug, quickly slamming it on the table, causing more coffee to splash once again, on his robes.

You shift backwards, avoiding the steaming coffee, confused at why he’s getting so frustrated.

You don’t know Blaise well, but you have never seen him get infuriated over something so frivolous. Surely there was something else going on because it was too unlike Blaise. It was more something Malfoy would do.

Zabini slowly turns his head towards you, clenching his jaw as he relaxes the rest of his face, fluttering his eyes. It was obvious he was doing his best not to lash out.

“What-” he wipes a bit of coffee from his nose, “what time is it?”

You move your gaze to the large clock at the front of the great hall, reading the time.

“It’s six-thirty, why do you ask?”

Blaise ignores your question, crumpling his napkin which he placed onto his platter before looking over to Draco, whistling for his attention. Malfoy jerks his head to look over at Blaise, but his expression of surprise quickly turned into an annoyed, dreadful one.

Both Malfoy and Zabini stand up, quickly hurrying out of the great hall, no words spoken. Your eyes follow them, curious as to where they were going.

Where would they be hurrying off to?

What is Malfoy up to?

Malfoy has always been a secretive person who would sneak off places, but Zabini?

It was odd.

Too odd.

Unable to sit still in your seat as you watch the two Slytherin boys turn the corner, you shoot up out of your seat, fixing your robes as you start to quickly speed down the aisle, walking out of the great hall.

Your heart races as you feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins, every step you take makes you more and more intrigued as to where they were running off to.

As you turn the corner, you see them on the other end of the hall turning another corner. Naturally, you speed up, barely even realizing how fast you were going. You are now jogging down the hall, trying to catch up to them.

Turning three more corners, you finally stop at a pillar, peeking out from behind. You see Draco and Blaise stop in front of the room of requirement as Malfoy pulls out his wand, muttering a spell under his breath, unlocking the large wooden doors. Zabini is behind him, not keeping his eyes off the corridor.

He is checking if anyone’s watching.

For Blaise not being a suspicious person, he is definitely acting like one at this moment.

You watch as Malfoy slips through the doors, whispering something to Blaise before he closes them behind him. Zabini nods, whispering another spell, causing the door to lock behind Draco.

Blaise fixes his robes on his shoulders, leaning back on the door, shoving the wand back into his pocket.

This is so fucking suspicious.

What in Merlin’s Beard is Malfoy up to?

There’s absolutely no way you could get into there alone with Blaise keeping guard. You either needed a way to distract Blaise or wait until they were done with whatever the fuck is going on.

You decide right now isn’t the best time to face whatever may be behind those doors, so you prefer to come back, more prepared, preferably with backup. Knowing the wizarding world, you could never be too careful.

Out of nowhere, you’re startled by a warm breath fanning against your neck. Turning your head slightly to the side, you catch a glimpse of brown hair.

“Spying, are we love?” a deep, coarse, yet soothing voice whispers into your ear.

This voice was a new one; you have never heard it before. It was similar to Malfoy’s but deeper and more calming.

Without warning, a hand grasps your shoulder, while another slides behind your head. The person lightly pushed you back, your back hitting the wall while your head gets cushioned by the hand.

Once you’re pressed against the wall, your eyes shoot up to examine who it is.


What the fuck?

Your eyes bulge open in surprise as you open your mouth, about to question him. Before you could, his finger is met with your lips, not allowing you to say anything further.

Walker leans in slowly so his eyes are in line with yours, less than a few inches away. A small smirk appears across his face.

“Well, you’re not very good at it,”

You flutter your eyes, baffled about what to say next as he lowers his finger from your lips.

You open your mouth, hoping your brain would be able to put together one measly sentence quickly before you embarrass yourself, yet again.

Staring up at him, you could get a better look at his features, which were absolutely stunning. His jawline was sharp- extremely sharp. His kind, soft grin accentuated his dimples and his fluffy hair was silky. But his eyes- his eyes were stunning. A stunning deep, green that you could get lost in; you did get lost in them back in the great hall. They looked familiar, but you didn’t think too much of it since many people you have met have green eyes.

Every second of silence between the two of you felt like hours as Atlas stared deeply into your eyes.

“I’ve got an idea-” he runs his tongue over his lips, looking you up and down, “how about you ditch whatever it is you’re doing and show me around the castle,”

Leaning off the wall, he slowly turns, starting to walk away.

“Seems much more interesting than hiding behind a pillar in the dark,” Atlas reaches out his hand for you to grab.

You’re hesitant for a few seconds, looking him up and down. You’re debating whether to stay and see what’s going on or give him a tour.

What was the point of spying on Malfoy if you said you were done with him? If anything, this will just get you involved with him once again, which is far from what you wanted.

You give Walker a small smirk, pushing yourself off the wall, taking his hand as you two disappear in the shadows, away from Blaise’s sight.

Once you’re in a brighter part of the corridor, you both stop in your tracks, taking a minute to absorb what was happening behind the pillar.

“Now,” Atlas turns towards you, looking down into your eyes, “where are we going first?”

“Well, what do you want to see first?”

Atlas chuckles, pulling a piece of hair behind your ear, “darling, your forgetting I have no clue what’s in this castle of a school,”

You stare up into his eyes, and it was different. They weren’t filled with the anger and regret like Draco’s were - no. They were calm and lustrous, not to mention magnetic. They drew you in and intrigued you.

You feel your cheeks grow warm so you quickly turn away, trying to hide the fact you were begging to blush. You turn, walking him down the corridor.

“Where did you say you transferred from again?” You ask, turning to face him, still walking backwards.

“I didn’t,”

You turn back forward, continuing to walk down the corridor, making a series of lefts and rights, until you come to a door that read “Grand Staircase” with a few of the letters partly faded off.

Pushing the door open, you look up into the large room as some of the portraits look curiously at Atlas.

You watch Walker’s eyes light up as he looks up at all the staircases in awe as they swing from side to side, allowing some stray students to pass over them.

“This is the grand staircase,” you explain.

“I can read,” he chuckles, playfully.

“Oh don’t be a smartass Walker,” you scoff as a small grin stretches across your face.

“So,” he runs his finger over the frame of a portrait, “what’s up with all these guys?”

“Portraits of important witches and wizards. They’re enchanted,”

“There’s quite a lot of them,”

You walk him up one of the staircases, reaching another small platform.

“That,” you point to a portrait across from you, about five floors up, “is the Gryffindor common room,”

Walker raises an eyebrow, “what- the portrait?”

“You need a passcode to tell the portrait to get through, yes. The passcodes for the Slytherin and Gryffindor common room change every two weeks,”

“And the other houses?”

“Ravenclaws need to solve a riddle and Hufflepuffs don’t need to do anything,”

He scoffs, “a bit unfair, don’t you think?”

“Tell that to Dumbledore,”

You take a step on the staircase to get across to the other side when the staircase to your right moves, rather unexpectedly. You were used to this, but it was obvious Atlas was not.

He hops a little, clenching onto the staircase railing, but quickly looks over to you, noticing how calm you were and straightens his posture, bringing his hand back to his side.

“Oh yea, the staircases move once in a while,” you smile back at him.

“You don’t say,” he lets out a sigh of relief.

Walking across, you come to another corridor where you continue to point out a few classrooms and other important rooms he should know about. As you were doing so, he barely seemed to be paying attention to what you were doing. He was busy studying your expressions.

Walking down a spiral of stairs, you look back to make sure he was still following, only to catch him slouched over the railing, staring directly at you as he ran his teeth over his lips.

You look back up at him, raising an eyebrow.

“What?” you ask.

“Nothing,” he smirks, looking around, examining the staircase, “I’m just curious as to what you were doing back there,”

“Well, that’s none of your business. Now can we get on with the tour? There’s only a few-” he cuts you off.

“It was obvious you were spying- You’re terrible at it,” he leans off the railing, taking a few steps down so he’s about three steps above you, “but what were you spying on? Rather- who?”

He leans down, searching your face for any sort of reaction. You weren’t going to give him one. You barely know him and don’t trust him one bit. Not yet.

“Since we’re asking questions,” you tilt your head slightly, smirking, “you never answered mine,”

“What question?”

“Where did you transfer from?”

“I already answered it,”

You raise an eyebrow in confusion.

“I didn’t. I was homeschooled for my entire life,” he takes another step down, “now, answer the question. Who were you spying on?”

You sigh, “nobody important. I shouldn’t have been there anyway- long story, let’s not get into it yea?”

You turn to continue walking down the stairs, as you hear him trudge along behind you.

“You intrigue me,” he pauses, “what was your name again?”

“y/n- y/n Evans,”

He chuckles, “you intrigue me, y/n Evans,”

“Yea? How so?” you continue to walk down the stairs.

Atlas’ shoulder brushes up against yours, “I don’t know. You seem- mysterious- deep, even,”

You give him a smirk, taking another step down, “I guess you’ll just have to figure that out for yourself,”

Leading Walker through a door at the base of the stairs, you begin explaining the different rooms, including the potions class. Dumbledore had announced that there was a change in who was the potions teacher. Someone named professor Slughorn was coming back to teach potions as he did a few years ago.

“Here is the Slytherin common room,” you walk up to the portrait hanging on the dungeon wall, “the password for the next two weeks is ‘parseltongue’. Don’t forget. Go on, try it,”

“Parseltongue,” Atlas utters to the portrait, unsure if it would work.

After he says this, the portrait swung open to his surprise. You step through, into the common room and watch his expression as his eyes were filled with wonder and excitement.

You wish you could relive the first time you saw the common room. It was the most wonderful and magical feeling. You remember getting so excited to spend long nights by the fires with your Slytherin friends. You never got to do that though, considering your two best friends were in different houses.

Just then, the memory of sitting in front of the fire with Draco, dozing off into a cozy sleep. It was wonderful. You remember how safe you felt with your head resting on his lap, his arm wrapped around you, pulling you closer. And then that morning. The morning that you woke up in his bed. Another wonderful thing happened. Something you would never forget-

Your thoughts were cut off by Atlas.

“Someone in there?” he chuckles.

You shoot him a smile, not realizing how much you zoned out.

“Sorry, yes,” you walk down the steps and into the room, “this is the common room, where the Slytherins are free to hang out whenever. There are parties here too, apparently; I just learnt that today,”

“So no other houses can get in here?”

“Technically, no,”


“But... people do tend to sneak in here from time to time. Not too often though,”

“I see,” he smirks at you, starting to walk over to you.

“And those are the boys’ dorms...” you drag on your sentence as he continues to walk up to you, biting his lip as his eyes shoot up and down.

“Mmh, continue...”

You begin to get flustered, as you bat your eyelashes, continuing your sentence, “the girls are allowed in the boys’ dorms...”

He takes a few more steps up to you, bringing his hand to his jaw, rubbing it gently.


“But the boys...” you pause because he’s now less than a foot away from you, “the boys aren’t allowed in the girls’ dorms,”

You gulp as he places his hand on your cheek, bringing your chin up so your eyes meet his. He runs his tongue on the inside of his cheek, giving you a smirk.

“You look beautiful in the light of the lake, did you know?”

As your eye contact with Atlas grows stronger, your throat tenses up as you take in a short breath, hoping he wouldn’t notice.

“You don’t look too bad yourself,” you reply weakly, letting out a breath you didn’t know you were holding in.

“Is that so?” he gives you a kind smile, lifting an eyebrow slightly.

Leaning in, your faces are less than an inch apart as you feel his hand grasp your waist lightly.

“Is this alright, love?” he whispers to you.

You didn’t know what was right anymore because with everything that happened last year, you feel like you’re doing something wrong. You need to constantly remind yourself that Draco can’t control who you talk to anymore- he never could. You never should have let him.

You bite your lip, nodding.

Atlas’ hand slowly pulls you closer to him, your bodies now touching. As you continue to search his eyes for some sort of reasoning behind what he’s doing.

None of this made sense - you just met him. But it didn’t matter. You wanted for once to finally feel free from Malfoy because as you hate admitting that he in fact has been on your mind ever since you got back.

You slowly reach up on your toes, your face becoming closer to his as he bends down inching closer to yours. Your eyes were still stuck on each other, growing the tension.

All of a sudden, the tension is broken by the sound of the portrait swinging open. You flutter your eyes, lowering off of your toes, looking to see who it was. Walker whips his head, waiting for someone to show as the sound of two pairs of footsteps increased as they got closer.

You watch as Blaise and Draco come walking into the common room. You started to feel uncomfortable as you feel Malfoy’s eyes burn right through you as he continued to keep eye contact, walking down the stairs.

Walker takes in a deep breath, looking back over to you, placing a hand on the wall you didn’t even know you were so close to. He looks down, into your eyes with a small grin.

“See you at the party later yeah?”

Before you could give him an answer, he lowers down, placing a soft kiss on your forehead. He then leans off the wall, turning to walk away, not another word shared between the two of you.

You watch as Atlas walks up the stairs and out of the common room. Your gaze shoots to Draco and Blaise, who’s standing beside him, quite awkwardly.

“I’m... gonna just- go...” Blaise drags his words, putting on an awkward smile, shuffling away from Draco and towards you.

Draco’s eyes remain on you, as Zabini passes you, going into the dorms. As he walks by you, he brushes his shoulder on yours, whispering with a small grin, “good luck,”

You turn your head slightly and watch him slip through the door. Once the door comes to a close, you take a few steps forward, away from the wall, fixing your posture.

The silence was painful; every second feeling like dreadful hours. The only thing shared between the two of you is a deep stare. He was staring right through you and you stood there, waiting for a reaction.

Finally, you broke the silence.

“What do you want Malfoy?”

He took no hesitation in replying right after.

“What the fuck was that?”

Surely he doesn’t still think he can control me?

I swear to fucking Merlin...

“None of your fucking business ferret,”

“DON’T-” he takes a breath, clenching his jaw as he starts walking up to you, “don’t fucking call me that,”

“Or what?”

You take a step forward, standing your ground.

A scoff escapes Malfoy’s lips. Nothing else.

“That’s what I thought,” you spat.

He stops in his tracks, looking to the side as he rubs his clenched jaw.

“I know what you’re trying to do Evans,” he continues walking up to you, placing a hand on your cheek, lifting your head so your eyes meet his, “it’s not going to work,”

“Oh really? What am I trying to do?” You query, trying to keep it together.

Feeling his hand lightly rested on your cheek brought back memories from last year. As much as you hated to admit it, you miss it. You missed him. But he fucked up. You can’t go back to him.

Malfoy’s eyes shoot down to your chest and back up into your eyes.

For a second, you could see some kind of emotion in his eyes. It was only a split second before he took a deep breath, anger flooding them again. But for that split second, you saw regret, hurt; something you have never seen in his eyes before.

“Where’s the necklace?” Malfoy asks weakly.

You take a small gulp, trying to not fall into his hand, back into his trap. His trap where he uses you, telling you everything you want to hear, and once he’s bored, he throws you out like a piece of trash.

Just as Blaise said.

No. You won’t allow yourself. Not again.

He hasn’t even fucking apologized for what he did.

“You took it off,” he blinks slowly, clenching his jaw.

“Well, I wasn’t going to wear it anymore. It has no meaning-”

“No meaning?”

“Not after what you did,”

You scoff, grabbing his wrist to pull his hand off your face, but as you do, he winces in pain, pulling it from your grasp.

“S- Sorry,” you’re quick to apologize after seeing him grasp his hand to relieve the pain.

“It’s fine-” you cut him off.

“What happened?”

His gaze shoots to you. His stare is sharp- painful. It’s as if he’s throwing daggers at you.

“None of your fucking business, Evans. You still didn’t answer my fucking question,”

He’s mad again. Very mad.

“What question?”

“What the fuck was that with Walker?”

You scoff.

“What’s it to you Malfoy?”

“What’s it to me?” A menacing chuckle escapes his lips, “did last year mean jack shit to you?”

“Apparently it didn’t mean shit to you. Have you forgotten what you did?”

“Of course I haven’t,” he sneers.

“Wow-” you scoff, “wow. So you’re still not gonna apologize?”

You storm up to him, placing two hands on his chest, pushing him back as hard as you possibly could. He fumbles back in shock.

“Fuck you Malfoy,”

“I did it for-” you cut him off.

“Don’t even fucking say you did it for me. You selfish piece of shit!” You raise your voice almost to the point of yelling, “you ruined it. You ruined everything. You ruined us,”

He just stands in front of you, not saying anything.

Is he really not gonna say anything?

“I’m done. I’m fucking done Draco. You can’t keep using me. It’s absolutely vile, and unless you have a good fucking explanation as to why you did that, I’m done with you,”

You turn around before he could say anything, walking towards the door for the girls’ dorms.

A part of you wished he would say something. Anything. You just wished there was a good explanation. Love potion perhaps? Maybe imperious?

That’s a stretch.

You just wish he would do something. Say something.


But he didn’t.

And so you went back to your dorm, to get ready for the party. Where you would hopefully find Atlas again.



As she walks away, all I can think about the words I wanted to say. The words that weren’t spoken. I wanted so bad to hold her. Just her touch. Just my hand on her face. Made me feel calm. I want it back. So fucking bad.

I don’t have time for this. I don’t have any time for this shit.

I need to find Blaise and do some fucking research on this fucking cabinet.

Thank Merlin I have him to help me.

Even though he’s not a death eater, it’s nice to know he’s there for me.

He does so much for me, I forget sometimes.

I would’ve probably pitched myself off the astronomy tower if I didn’t.

I walk up the stairs, pushing open the portrait, where I find Blaise, sitting against the wall, drawing small shapes on the floor.

“Get up,” I order, “we don’t have much time,”

Blaise immediately stands up, slightly jogging to catch up with me.

“How’d it go, mate?”

“Not well- now can we please figure this shit out?”

“Yea, sorry,”

“What have you found out so far?”

Blaise looks down, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Please tell me you did find something?”

“I didn’t find much. The only thing the book said was the same thing we found in all the others. The spell is Harmonia Nectere Passus,”

“Yes, well we already fucking knew that,” I clench my fists in frustration, “anything new?”

“Well, it also said you need to repeat the spell multiple times, testing multiple items? It wasn’t very clear mate; there’s not much else I found,”

I sigh, sick and tired of hearing the same things, over and over again.


We continue to walk down the corridor, hurrying to the library to hopefully find something more there.

Blaise is scared- I can tell. I feel horrible dragging him into this but I need assistance. But I’m scared too. I don’t even know what the fuck to do with this fucking mark on my arm. I don’t fucking know what to do with the bloody cabinet. I don’t know what the fuck to do about Evans. Nevermind the fucking task.

I don’t want to kill Dumbledore. I really fucking don’t but what choice do I have?

Mum’s gonna die if I don’t.

I need her.


I walk down the corridor trying my best not to make much noise since it’s far past curfew. Blaise is to my right, already half-drunk. He’s trying to hold in laughs from the excitement of being out past ten.

“Blaise, will you shut up?” I whisper.

“Sorry- Sorry, yes,” he clears his throat, putting on a serious face.

After a series of lefts and rights down the dimly lit corridor, we finally reach the Gryffindor common room.

“Shit mate,” Blaise bursts out quietly, “I forgot the bloody code,”

“Of course you fucking did. I knew you would,” I stand in front of the lady on the portrait, whispering quietly, “mandrake.”

It’s an odd password; stupid one really.

The portrait swings open, allowing chatter to escape into the silent staircase. A few of the portraits wake up, mumbling a few words, some telling us to shove off. Blaise crawls through the portrait hole first.

As I take a step in, I feel a slight tug on my shoulder.

“Malfoy? Is that you?” a soft voice calls out.

I immediately whip my head around to see who it was.

“Lovegood,” I grunt, “what do you want?”

“I couldn’t help but notice there was a party,” Lola smirks.

“Yea. And you aren’t invited,” I snap.

I never liked the Lovegoods. They’re fucking looney.

“Draco, be nice, I just wanted to slip in and say hello,” she says with a grin.

“No. Ravenclaws aren’t welcome, fuck off freak,”

I start to walk into the common room before I feel her hand grasp me again, this time pulling me back much harder.

Lola spins me around to face her. Out of nowhere, she grabs my tie, pulling her face up to mine. I watch as she glides her tongue over her lips looking me up and down, her blue eyes filled with hunger.

“A little birdie told me,” she puts her finger on my lips, pulling the bottom away from the top, “that you want to get someone back, yes? A little someone named... y/n Evan’s?”

I stare deeply into her eyes, hoping I look intimidating enough for her to leave me alone. I want absolutely nothing to do with her. I just want the feel the sensation of weed fill my lungs, letting me get rid of the thoughts constantly flooding my brain and the burn of firewhiskey.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I lie.

“I’m not like my looney of a sister, Draco. You don’t have to lie to me,”

Mhm, sure.

“Okay, and what if you’re right?”

“I am right. And I can help you get what you want, just let me into the party damnit,” she leans in so her lips are less than an inch away from mine, “pretty please?” She teases.

I feel nothing of what she’s doing. I feel absolutely nothing towards her. But I feel everything for Evans.


Here we go.

My mind is gonna spiral.

“Fine,” I pull away from her, straightening my tux, “c’mon then,”

I lead her into the common room.

I don’t exactly know what she has planned but I honestly couldn’t care less.

We slip through, closing the portrait behind us. As we walk in, chatter and music fill the room. Many cups are sprawled around the room, empty bottles on the floor and tables.

It’s a wreck.

I beautiful one.

“Hey mate!” Blaise calls out from across the room.

As he plows through the crowd of people, he holds up a bottle of firewhiskey.

“Got you some!” he yells.

His words are dragged out and he smells like alcohol already.

“God Blaise, you’ve only been here a minute,”

I grab the bottle from his hand, taking a swing. As I do, I feel the firewhiskey burn as it flows down my throat. Oh, how I’ve missed that sensation.

“What took you so long to get in here?” Blaise burps.

“Lovegood wanted to talk to me,”

“Looney Lovegood?”


“oh shit mate, what did she want?”

Completely ignoring Blaise, I quickly scan the room looking for any sign of Lola. Instead, my eyes land on a familiar pair.


But it wasn’t just her... her and fucking Atlas.

Walker’s hand is on her waist as they both sway to the music, her back to his front. Her fingers are interlaced with his fucking hair and she looks happy. Fucking happy without me.

How could she choose Atlas over me?

How could Walker just come in and take her from me?

Fuck him.

I fucking hate him.

It’s not fucking fair.

“I want to fucking smash his face in,” I mumble, thinking nobody could hear me.

“Tsk tsk, Draco, that’s not very smart,” Blaise teases, completely out of it.

I completely ignore his statement, swinging back the bottle, chugging most of it down.

“Woah mate, calm down!” Blaise exclaims, “you don’t want to black out,”

“Yea. I do,” I mutter.

I continue to watch them dance, growing angrier and angrier with every second. I fucking hate his guts so fucking much.

“I’ll be back, just...” I take another swing of firewhiskey, giving the bottle back to him, “stay around, yeah?”

“Got it!” Blaise continues to move his body to the music, shimmying back into the crowd of people.

I storm through the crowd of people, pushing some people to the side that were in my way.

I come up behind Atlas, ripping him away from Evans.

“Don’t fucking touch her,”

He gives me a look of disgust, before looking over to y/n.

“You alright darling?” he asks.

She nods, in shock of what’s going on. Hermione is holding onto her shoulders, looking at me with a foul expression.

“What do you want Malfoy?” Atlas queries, growing angrier by the second.

“I don’t want you fucking her,”

I wanted to be blunt. I wanted him to know she’s mine. And only mine.

“Woah mate- we’re just dancing. And she can do whatever the fuck she wants. You don’t need to speak for her,”

“Listen to me very fucking carefully Walker,” I walk up to him, grabbing the collar of his shirt, pulling him close to my face.

His eyes widen in surprise as dancing around us stops, the music seems to dim slightly. A few people around us start to chatter, wondering what was going on.

“Draco stop, please!” I hear y/n yell out.

This slightly snaps me out of my gaze as my eyes flick over to her for a second, seeing her worried face.

I don’t want to scare you.

I just want you.

All to myself.



Hermione is grasping tightly onto your shoulder out of fear. You look directly into Draco’s eyes, trying to read what in Merlin’s beard is going through his mind. But as usual, he’s unreadable.

“You can’t just waltz into this school and take whatever the fuck you want,” Draco pulls Atlas closer to him, “she was mine first,”

I look over to Hermione who was searching the room for any sign of anyone trying to stop it. Nobody was. Everyone enjoyed it. They always enjoy the drama.

You watch Atlas’ eyes narrow as he gives Draco a devilish smirk, “watch me,” he spat.

Walker shoves Draco off of him, which makes you jump out of surprise.

Out of nowhere, Draco winds up his arm, throwing a hard punch at Atlas. He hits his cheek which makes Walker fumble back wincing in pain. But his expression of pain quickly turns into a grin.

“Is that all you got?” he challenges.

You watch as Draco flares his nostrils, getting ready to give another punch. He swings his hand back, plummeting it forward towards Atlas’ face. This makes you jump forward, wanting to do something.

“DRACO STOP IT!” You yell.

Hermione quickly pulls you back to safety.

Before you could say something else, Atlas swings a punch at Draco. A hard one.

He hits Draco square in the face, making Draco fumble backwards. You see a bit of blood smeared on Draco’s face as he gets ready to strike back. But before he could, there was a loud cry from behind him.


It was Blaise.

He runs towards Draco throwing his arms around him, restraining him from throwing another punch.

“Blaise- fuck- off-” Draco struggles.

Draco’s eyes shoot to yours as you look at him with a worried look hoping it would be enough to snap him out of whatever is going through his mind. It didn’t work.

He looks back to Atlas, his face growing redder by the second, his jaw clenched more than ever. Malfoy’s shoulders swing from side to side, trying to wriggle out of Zabini’s grasp.

Blaise struggles to hold back Draco as he begins to rip free from his grasp.

You watch as Ron emerges from the crowd of students, throwing himself at Draco, grabbing onto one of his arms, as Baise grabs the other.

Leaning back, they struggle to restrain Draco from getting to Atlas.

“Malfoy! Enough!” exclaims Ron.

“No- I fucking- Let me at him-”

Atlas wipes off a bit of blood coming from his cheek, just waiting for Malfoy to calm down.

You watch as George also comes up behind Draco, wrapping his arms around him, holding him back.

“Woah there Draco, enough,” George tries to calm him down.

Fred walks in front of Draco, placing a hand on his shoulder, also holding him back.

Draco is still throwing himself around, trying to get free from everyone’s grasp. He jerks his shoulders from side to side, every time he does, it gets weaker and less effective.

“Malfoy, you’ve done enough. Leave,” Fred exclaims, sternly.

“Y’know what?” Draco finally rips free from their grasp, scoffing, “fine. Fuck you Atlas. This isn’t over,”

You watch as Draco storms out of the common room, shoving a few people to the side as he does.

Blaise walks up to Atlas, placing a hand on his shoulder, panting.

“Sorry about that mate, you alright?”

Atlas nods as a small crowd of people surround him, starting to question him.

You look over, only to see Draco slip out of the portrait hole, away from the part.

To your surprise, you see Lola Lovegood slip out, following him.

What the fuck?


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