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(18+) "Are you a virgin?" He asks. His eyes seemed to light up with the need of a response. "Yes, I am." I responded shyly. "We're going to have a lot of fun together, chula." His chest rumbles with lust. - Genevieve is kidnapped by the most ruthless, heartless mob boss who everyone knows as the reaper. The reaper has came back for revenge, he wants Genevieve to suffer for everything that her father has done to him. The reaper doesn't love but he can fuck, will that be enough for innocent Genevieve?

Erotica / Romance
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"Are you a virgin?" He asks. His eyes seemed to light up with the need of a response.

"Yes, I am." I responded shyly.

"We're going to have fun together, chula." His chest rumbles with lust.


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I did get inspiration from Fifty Shades of Grey, one of my favorite movies.



A girl who loves too much, a monster who doesn't love at all.

"I fuck hard."

"When I get home, I expect you to be laid out on the bed with your legs wide open for me."



•psychological abuse
•sex scenes
•strong language



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Author notes

I don't recommend it to softies. Also, I just want to say welcome back to my readers who've been here since day one and welcome to my new readers. If you are new, I recommend reading 'Temptation' first to fully understand this book, but it's not necessary, it's just his parents story.
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