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Draco and Adele had been friends for years, they'd been in the Death Eaters meetings together but suddenly, everything changes when they start having feelings towards each other... and it leads to an adventure...

Erotica / Romance
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Protagonist 1,

First Name: Adelaide
Middle Name: Elise
Surname: Riddle - Hale
Nicknames: Adele, Ella, Ellie
Age: 18
Blood status: Half-blood
Hair: Brown, long and curly.
Eyes: Brown
Father: Tom Riddle
Mother: Natalie Hale (deceased)
Siblings: --

Protagonist 2,

First Name: Draco
Middle Name: Lucius
Surname: Malfoy
Nickname: Dray
Age: 18
Blood status: Pureblood
Hair: Short, blonde.
Eyes: Grey/Blue
Father: Lucius Malfoy
Mother: Narcissa Malfoy
Siblings: --

Lyssa Alenna, 18
Blaise Zabini, 18
Narcissa Malfoy, 38
Amber Anderson, 20

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