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3. Letters

Adelaide’s POV

I was very happy for my fate. If I had stayed longer at St Mungo’s and Draco hadn’t found me, maybe right now I would’ve been in a rehab facility or somewhere like that. My life was saved thanks to Draco and Narcissa. If, that day months ago I didn’t persue Draco to leave the school, maybe, neither of us would be alive. If, that few months ago I had fixed the Cabinet, I wouldn’t be here now. I lay on the bed thinking, when a little house-elf entered. “Miss Riddle is taking her potion”, she squeaked. “Oh, Kiki, call me Adele. And I’m taking my medicine all right.” “Great, Adele, Kiki shall leave now!” I lay there. Thinking about how I want to stay here forever. Then an owl busted through the window. Hadn’t Narcissa said the house couldn’t be accessed by people who didn’t know about it? I opened the letter. And it read:

You’re not going to escape me. You thought you could? I’m the greatest sorcerer ever. And I will not give you any more time. You had four months and you wasted them. I don’t know where you are, as the owl can’t talk, but I’m going to find you really soon. Next time I trace you, you are to be counted as dead. You were never any use to anyone, and I am glad that Alecto helped me achieve my goals. I have already organized your funeral in the Muggle world, as no wizard needs to know your name. You’re already dead. You might have ended my whole bloodline, but I have other descedants willing to take your place.

“Draco”. I called, with as much energy that had remained since I read the letter. I heard him storming to my room. “What’s wrong, Adele?” “This.” I gave him the letter and the envelope. Draco got more horrified by the moment. “How could he find us? How could he know where you are?” he said in shock. “Oh, Draco, he doesn’t need to. That’s what owls do. They find the receiver without the address.” “Oh, yeah. But, what does he mean by ‘tracing you’?” “Means of finding me, of course. But, I’m sure he can’t right now. He’s never come here, right?” ” We always go to the Headquarters of the Death Eaters and he’s never come here.” “But my father can still put spells on me with weird ways. I have to be careful. I can never be too sure. Though here, I’m writing back.”

I never cared, sorry. And if I disappointed you, that was the nicest thing I’ve ever done. If I see you ever again, never call me your daughter. You’re not any relative of mine. My last relative ever died sixteen years ago and you’re a stranger to me. Go recruit your Death Eaters again and leave me alone. Adelaide Hale.

Draco’s POV

This time, she’d done the right thing. Getting rid of him. I never wanted to be a Death Eater, but I had no choice with my father. He thought Voldemort was cool and nice, like, I couldn’t see it then. If I could maybe see it then, I would’ve stepped out. But at least now, I saw that Voldemort was getting weaker and I had someone at the house so I was not alone with Dobby. I could say, that Adele made me very happy with her presence. She getting used to the house-elves and had learned how to not get lost in the house. I think that she’d missed Hogwarts a lot. So I’d been to talk to her about it and comfort her if I could. I went to her room, hoping against hope that she wouldn’t be asleep. She was awake, tears in her eyes. I silently stepped in. As I entered she looked up and saw me. I stepped forward awkwardly, hoping she wouldn’t think I was eavesdropping. “Sorry Adele, I didn’t mean to interrupt but I just want to ask you something. And so, I want to ask you, do you miss somebody very much? Like Lyssa?” “Well, the truth is, I miss Lyssa, Blaise and all the others every single day. And I just want to go back to school. But now my reputation is ruined, as much as I want to go back again, I can’t. I feel like, if everyone knew I am a Riddle, I’d been kicked out of school. I heard a beep. It was Adele’s phone ringing and this time it was Lyssa on the phone. “Are you answering?” “She didn’t talk to me since she left Hogwarts. But now’s the time to talk.” She picked up the phone.

Adelaide’s POV

I picked it up. “Hi Adele, look, I don’t think I want us to be friends anymore. I surely can’t be friends with a Riddle who’s father has ruined my life. So, from now on, I’m not any friend of yours. Clear?” “I never cared either.” I closed the phone and turned to look back at Draco. “You see how fake friends are. Lyssa was one of them.” “Give me here.” He copied down her number and put it on his phone. “When you think it’s the right time I will just talk to Lyssa. I just wanted to scare her a little. I want her to see what will happen if she keeps on what she did today.” Gone, it was her choice. I never cared anyway as I said.” Draco left. I tried to stop my tears. Despite of what I’d said to him, I missed Lyssa so much. However, I surely couldn’t go back to school as everyone knew I was a Riddle. Well, I clearly couldn’t do anything else than let Draco and Narcissa take care of me. I turned on my bed and felt drowsy, falling asleep.

Draco’s POV

I woke up, thinking of Lyssa and Adele. I thought Lyssa was loyal, but turns out, she was nothing more than another person that used her. I mean, if she was as loyal to Adele as she said she was, she would’ve been next to her every time she needed her. But now, Adele was alone. At least, I was with her every single day. “Morning!“, I said cheerily. I saw her eyes, and saw what she meant to say. Her eyes were red and I was sure she didn’t sleep a lot last night. “Hello.” she replied. “Are you okay? That call from Lyssa yesterday. I felt something like that would happen after last Christmas. I wanted to tell you that Lyssa was using you, but I didn’t want to break you just then, I knew you’d never want me as your friend if I told you.” “You have changed me so much as a person, Draco, and I feel like you’ve had a very good influence on me. But, Lyssa, means nothing to me anymore.” She sighed. I was about to go, when she stopped me leaving. “I wanted to tell you something. I like it very much here and I’m very happy,but I want to go back to school. I miss it so much, I mean it’s impossible to go back now.” I sat beside her. Eventually, I got in the bed with her. “Well, I want you to stay here. But you can go whenever you want.” Just as I’d started on the gossip, Narcissa entered. She was a little frustrated seeing us together as we’d never been something more than friends. “Breakfast! I think-“. She stopped dead in her tracks. “Uh... yeah.” She turned and left. “Why did she leave?“, I asked him curiously. “She didn’t want to see us together. Maybe she’ll send a house-elf here, they don’t care about us.” Just as he finished the sentence, Dobby came in buzzing with a breakfast tray. “Miss will have breakfast!” He left the breakfast tray and ran back to the kitchen. Adele leaned towards the tray to take something. She took two plates and put pancakes in both of them. She handed me one, and started eating herself. We ate in silence for a while, when she started talking again.

Adelaide’s POV

“I feel so welcome here, and it is the only place where I feel happiness. I like you and Narcissa very much, but I don’t want to trouble you both as I’m old enough to find a job and rent an apartment of my own.” He looked sad. “Well, if you want to leave, you can. Just go and tell Narcissa your decision, so she knows. But I feel like you’re safer here.” I loved him so much, but I couldn’t tell him. And, I felt like I would always stay there, but I couldn’t. Sooner or later, something would happen. I... I was feeling very strange.

~Later that day~

I decided to go to bed early tonight, as I had made my decision and would be leaving tomorrow to find a job. But everything changed. In a nice way. When I was in my bed, trying to get some sleep, I heard Draco tell Narcissa: “I really love Adele, but as she’s leaving tomorrow I can’t tell her anything.” “Tell her now, then. I’m sure she won’t have a problem if you wake her up.” I heard Draco coming in my room and sitting next to me. He woke me up with a kiss.

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