A Gift of Submission

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Chapter 1 - Lush Eres

It was lingerie. Not terribly original, Lucie was thinking. She looked at the label. Eres, Belle de Nuit Matin. The feel of the material was right. Very sensual, an expensive sensation. She didn’t know the brand, so she Googled it. She found the bra for 350 euros, almost dropping her phone as she did so. Ditto the ‘dentelle stretch’ string brief. Eres. 190 euros. Bloody hell.

This was a definite first. Well, someone else choosing her lingerie was a first, but something this expensive? She undressed, discarding her frankly now sad-looking underwear and trying on her gift. It was a perfect fit. She was somehow unsurprised. She felt a small thrill as she stepped into her briefs, caressing her own backside as the string settled between her buttocks, nuzzling comfortably against her ass. She checked the effect in the long, free-standing mirror in the corner of her bedroom. She felt her breasts and turned sideways on to the mirror. Yes, these would indeed be fine, she thought. And then she remembered the other parcel. The discreet packaging contained a small sex toy. Lush 2, it said on the box. The printed note with it said simply, ‘Happy Valentine’s – the gift of submission.’

Her stomach turned, somersaulting anxiety. Oh God, today?

His card elaborated. ‘You remember we talked about you wanting to explore submission?’

Lucie remembered well. She been tied up, slapped, teased and ultimately fucked. He’d taken her in her mouth, her vagina and her ass. He’d whipped her ass. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t have stopped him. He could have done anything to her. She had basically climaxed to the power she felt he had over her. It was a thrilling and momentous orgasm, her mind giving herself over to him, giving up any semblance of control, letting him use her. She had wanted more. She’d asked him if he would surprise her, spring something on her unannounced, force her to accept his dominance over her. They had discussed fantasies, limits and dark desires. It had been a powerfully bonding experience, a conversation they had returned to again and again over recent months.

The card continued, ‘So today, wear the lingerie. Hope you like it. Hope it fits. Insert the Lush. It’ll connect to your phone’s Bluetooth automatically and it will send me a message when you put it in. I can control it from my phone. Your submissive task is to obey. Don’t remove it. And go to work. Submit for the day. We talked about consent… Send me a photo of you in your new underwear as consent. See you later.’

She wasn’t wet enough to insert it comfortably, so she rummaged in her bedside draw for lube, applied it and inserted the toy into her vagina. It was small enough to be discreet. Even in her underwear she couldn’t see it. She felt a little wave of pleasure as she found the device on her phone and activated the connection. This was going to be relatively easy, she thought. She’d let him vibrate her; she’d give in to his whims whilst she went about her day. She relaxed. And then, as she was finishing getting dressed, the stomach knots returned. He’d activated the Lush. It began a slow discrete buzzing. Rising and falling softly. And then it became faster, before receding to almost nothing, before building again. The cycle repeated. She stood up and snapped the consent photo, obedient already. Her phone buzzed shortly afterwards, with a text. A simple, ‘good morning’. Now she was wet. And if she didn’t get on with her preparations, she’d also be late for work. Thankfully the vibrator stopped to allow her to concentrate on coffee, breakfast and casting her mind forward to a day of class preparation, a few meetings, and catching up with colleagues after the brief half-term break.

A few meetings. The enormity of her task dawned on her. It wasn’t just a simple yes. It was giving her trust to him, playing with the fear of discovery.

Barely fifteen minutes later, she got into her car and pushed the ignition button. It must have been coincidence, but it felt like she had fingered herself as she did so. The car and her sex came to life at the same instant, both faintly humming with the promise of power. She sat with the feeling of the rise and fall of sensation in her vagina for a few moments, before putting the car into gear and consciously trying to ignore the sensation between her legs. He was teasing her, a few seconds here and there on her half hour drive. He knew roughly what time she’d arrive. He knew she’d start the day in a full staff meeting. Although she was sure the device was virtually inaudible with background noise, she felt her stomach knot at the fear that all eyes would turn on her and she’d blush beetroot red if he buzzed her in public. She made a brief plan to blame her phone as she locked her car and headed into work.

The first person she saw was Lindsay, the school secretary. Everybody’s mum, and the real authority. She greeted Lucie warmly, with a typically penetrating observation. ‘You are positively glowing darling. Had a busy morning already?’

Lucie blushed despite herself but smiled anyway. ‘He was away visiting his parents last night. We’re going out later.’

‘Well, isn’t he the lucky one!’ cackled Lindsay, good-naturedly.

Lucie could never decide if she welcomed the informal ribbing or if she resented it as intrusive.

She made her way to her classroom, locking her coat and bag in the store cupboard and heading to the staffroom where there were probably cheap, processed biscuits on offer with the instant coffee and supermarket brand tea bags. A slow, building vibration reminded her of that morning’s gifts, and she had to make a very conscious effort to appear nonchalant as she walked slowly down the corridor, both savouring the sensation and hoping it would stop before she walked into the room full of her colleagues. She felt her nipples harden against the soft fabric of her luxurious new bra. She was glad she’d opted for a soft woollen cardigan, which she could pull over her breasts.

She needn’t have worried; a constant hubbub of voices and only one short vibration to deal with during the hour-long meeting. She now had the rest of the day to organise her classroom and tomorrow’s classes. An hour or so into planning and making displays, she had almost forgotten her Lush, so it made her flinch when it commenced a slow, alternating vibration. She stopped and smiled as the sensation crept through her body. And as it increased in both speed and intensity she had to sit on the edge of her desk, putting down her scissors and tape, holding on to the edge of the desk. She had no idea how powerful this little toy was, but this was quite intense already. She smiled and half waved at a colleague passing her door, feeling her face redden as she did so.

As the vibrating increased again, there was a knock at the open door. ‘Visitor for you,’ Lindsay winked, discretely closing the door.

‘Hey Luce, busy I see.’ Marc was holding his phone in his hand and she felt the pattern of vibrations change as he came in.

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