A Gift of Submission

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Chapter 2 - On her knees

Lucie half-panicked when she saw him. She had no idea what he was doing there. Her ‘he-can’t-do-this-at-work’ head was fighting with her ‘I-want-him-to-fuck-me-now’ head.

‘Submissive lesson two,’ he announced in a whisper, as he leaned in to kiss her bottom lip.

‘Marc, we can’t do it here. I’m at work. What are you doing here?’

‘Don’t tell me what we can and can’t do. Who’s in charge?’

‘You are.’

‘What are you going to do?’

‘Anything and everything you tell me to.’

‘Correct. Good girl.’

He checked that the door behind him was closed, took her by the hand and led her into the storage room. It had a light but didn’t lock from the inside. Lucie’s heart pounded. If she were caught in this position, at work, she’d almost certainly lose her job. Was he really going to push her to submit here and now?

‘Your only concern is to obey. Are we agreed?’

‘Yes,’ she heard herself reply.

‘Then on your knees,’ he ordered calmly. ‘Unzip me, take out my cock and suck me.’

‘But Marc…’ she began.

‘You will suck me, you defiant little slut. Now!’

She felt his contempt, his command, his authority. She loved him calling her a slut. She knew she was. He was right, she was a slut.

‘What are you?’ he insisted.

‘I’m a filthy little slut. I’m your whore,’ she replied quietly, eyes downcast.

‘Yes, you are. You are my fucking whore. Now take out my cock and suck me off!’

She felt her hand tremble as she reached up to his zip, pulling it slowly over the bulging form of his cock under his jeans. Kneeling with her legs together, she felt the rise and fall of the vibrations in her vagina. She reached her fingers into her boxers, meeting the head of his cock, wet with pre-cum already. She teased his penis out through the open fly and gave it one long lick from base to glans. Then she felt him grasp her hair tightly behind her neck and force her head onto his cock. She opened her lips and took him in, sucking greedily as she tasted his salty warmth. With one hand she felt his testicles, rubbing and pulling gently at him as held her head tightly and began to fuck her mouth. With her other, she reached down to caress her own gushing wetness. She wanted to move, wanted him inside her now, but she didn’t dare to exercise her will. Her duty today was to obey, to serve, to allow him to use her. She felt his hands move to her throat, strong fingers encircling and squeezing as he continued to thrust his cock into her mouth, deeper than she liked. She felt a hint of fear as she realised she could do nothing to stop him now. He released her throat slightly, he wasn’t going to hurt her, she reasoned. She thrilled at the power he was wielding over her. She was at work, for fuck’s sake. She was in her fucking classroom, on her fucking knees, giving him fucking head. She’d never enjoyed having him come in her mouth, always resisted and asked him to fuck her cunt as she saw he was about to come. Realisation dawned that he was not going to stop this time. She felt him tense and shudder as his orgasm arrived. Her own sex responded in kind, ripples radiating out from the still vibrating toy and her own fingers. Her apprehension at his coming in her mouth turned to arousal, she welcomed him desperately fucking her mouth, spurting his cum into her, and she gulped gratefully on his offering, sucking and licking greedily, swallowing him. She played with the taste in her mouth, the texture on her tongue. It wasn’t unpleasant.

As his shudders subsided, she gave in to her work fears; she sucked deeply at his cock again, extracting a satisfying moan and the last drops of him, before returning his shrinking penis to his boxer shorts and zipping him up.

‘Good girl,’ he said simply. At any other time, she’d have reacted angrily to such a demeaning pat on the head. But with his taste in her mouth and her sex swollen and throbbing, she felt gratitude for his praise. She had been good.

‘I have to get back to work,’ she said. He had maintained his grip around her neck as he came. He released her slowly now.

She looked up at him expectantly.

He picked up his phone and switched her vibrator on to a new cycle. ‘I don’t think we’re done here. You want to show me how you come, don’t you, whore? Show me how you come.’

She was still kneeling, her skirt undone at the waist where she had been rubbing at herself. She looked worriedly at the door. He followed her gaze and inched it open.


He stood behind her, reaching down to her breasts, pulling her bra down under them. He ran his hands around their firmness, his fingers cupping her, his thumbs moving and clamping her nipples to his index fingers. She hadn’t made a move to touch herself, panicked by the slightly open door, confused by the continued power play. He squeezed harder, pulling at her nipples. ‘Now, you fucking whore. Spread your legs,’ he whispered, more menacingly.

She pulled her skirt up around her waist and reached through the leg of her 200-euro underwear. Her fingers plunged once more into the depths of her cunt, feeling the buzzing toy making its contribution, as she first penetrated herself with one hand and then used two fingers of the other to stimulate her clitoris. She was shaking now, the muscles in her legs complaining at her sustained kneeling. He had her again by the throat now, pulling her upwards as her fingers worked their magic. She felt a dizziness creeping over her, light-headed colours framing her pleasure as she frantically called forth her orgasm. She cried out; the sound caught in her throat. He let go of her, caressed her breasts once more before replacing her bra over them.

‘Good girl. Now get back to work,’ he told her, switching off her vibrator, opening the door wide and leaving her kneeling in disarray on the floor. ‘I’ll pick you up at 5, don’t be late. And don’t take that out.’

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