A Gift of Submission

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Chapter 4 - Taken

She had been listening for the car to return, thinking he’d drive around the block just to tease her. She was uncomfortable, and more than a little annoyed now. She certainly wasn’t feeling aroused. She’d reached for a kitchen stool with her foot and tried to pull it towards her, so she could sit, but each exertion pulled excruciatingly at her nipples. She was cold, too. At least she was out of view of windows. Someone would have to be in their back garden to see her now. That thought actually revived her flagging arousal a little. And then she heard the knock at the door.

She pulled frantically at the cuffs, as if expecting them to release her this time. Then she thought better of it and decided she should be as quiet as possible. I mean, the door would be locked, right? The was a creak as the door handle was tried. Lucie’s heart raced. Who would be trying to get in? Marc, obviously. Adding fear to submission. But if she called out, and it wasn’t him? She waited.

‘Anyone in?’ she heard a woman’s voice call. It was Maria. Marc’s oldest uni friend. Luci’s friend, truth be told, even though it was a little uncomfortable from time to time to see the chemistry which still sparked between them both. They’d never gone out together, but despite her rather steamy love life, Lucie couldn’t help but think Maria had the hots for Marc. Call it female intuition.

Then she heard the car return. Her stomach did loops and spasmed as she imagined Marc inviting her in. How would he not? She heard their greetings and then muted conversation, followed by a key in the door.

‘Come and have a seat,’ he was saying, taking her to the lounge, Lucie figured. ‘Tea?’

‘Oh, just water please Marc. I can’t stay. I was just dropping this off for Lucie.’

‘No, don’t get up,’ she heard him say. ‘I’ll be right back.’

He came into the kitchen, took out a glass and filled it with water. He put it down on the counter near Lucie and stood in front of her. He ran the outside of his fingers down her cheeks and smiled. He gave each clamp a renewed twist. She held her breath tightly as she tried to make no sound. He whispered, ‘Good girl,’ before running his hand down her torso, between her legs and exploring her cunt once more with his fingers. She tried to clasp onto them with her vagina, exquisitely frustrated as he pulled out of her, ran his fingers over her lips, and then gave them to her to suck clean. Then he picked up the glass of water and disappeared.

Maria stayed perhaps twenty minutes, maybe half an hour, their muted conversation telling her nothing. She was aware of holding her breath, trying as hard as she could to make no sound, hiding in her own fucking kitchen, naked and cold. When the door closed, Marc returned to the kitchen with a shopping bag.

‘Well, that was fun,’ he said.

‘That was fucking terrifying,’ Lucie blurted out, forgetting herself.

He looked at her with disappointment, before picking up the spatula again and before she could protest, slapping her other ass cheek with a stinging thwack. ‘When spoken to,’ he admonished with a wave of a finger in her face. He put down the shopping bag. ‘This is from Maria.’

Lucie saw him look over her appraisingly, perhaps noticing she was cold. He uncuffed her and led her by the collar to the lounge, again forcing her down onto all fours. He ignited the wood burning stove and led her back to the old leather armchair as he took a seat. She had turned towards him, wet and horny all over again, wanting his cock in her mouth. He had other ideas, and leaned forward, grasping her by the collar and turning her around, so she faced the fire and had her ass toward him. From that position, he could pull on her collar, pulling viciously on her nipples, making her back into him rather than resist the pull. He caressed her ass, both hands squeezing and moulding her, her leash loosely wrapped around her neck. He slid fingers into her cunt, first two from his left hand, then two from his right. Then alternating the two; pushing in with one hand as the other withdrew. Lucie backed onto his thrusts, lifting her cunt up to him desperately.

He decreased the pace tantalisingly and found her anus with a thumb, circling her muscle and pushing gently against it as he continued alternating forays into her cunt. Without a warning, he withdrew his fingers and slid one into her anus, reaching deeply into her. She cried out, more of surprise than pain, but received a yank on her leash and the concomitant tearing at her nipples as her head was pulled back. She cried out again at this and he pulled his finger out of her ass to administer another stinging bare-handed slap.

‘Thank you, thank you, fuck, thank you’ she called out loudly, more for vocal release than anything else. She felt something plunge back into her anus and fingers in her cunt and rode the growing wave of pleasure erupting inside her.

He must have recognised the signs, for he had extracted his cock now and was rubbing it between her ass cheeks. She could feel him holding onto her leash as he entered her cunt, slowly at first but quickly gathering speed as each thrust pounded on her skin and pulled searingly on her nipples. The pain and the pleasure of each thrust was almost more than she could bear; the room and the sounds in it faded out of consciousnesses. All she was aware of was the crescendo of orgasm, shaking her to the core, rising up from her cunt and enveloping her.

She felt the continued ramming of his cock from behind as she squealed out her coming, and he withdraw his cock just too soon for her but then deliciously introduced it to her ass. He slid in centimetre by centimetre, pulling back, pushing in, until she had the full length of him in her ass. She crept a hand back to her cunt to ride out the final waves of ecstasy whilst he let go of all restraint and fucked her wildly in her ass, eliciting grunts from her with each thrust and holding tightly onto her collar, pinching and pulling her nipples excruciatingly until one of the clamps detached itself in surrender and the release gave her orgasm a mind of its own as it flowed and flowed and flowed. She couldn’t help let out a ‘fucking, fucking, fucking, fuck!’ at almost the top of her voice as she peaked and he found a final spurt of energy to deliver his killing plunge, spurting his heat, his lust and his power into her.

In the aftermath of desire, being held and whispered to, Lucie felt a release of inhibition she had never felt before. She could open up, let go, tell this man anything, do anything with him. Let him do anything to her.

‘Marc?’ she whispered later that evening, as they had crawled into bed together.

‘Yes, Luce? What else can I do for you?’

‘I want to watch you fuck someone like you fucked me.’

He didn’t respond straight away. She’d said that before, but perhaps less convincingly.

‘Really. I think I want to watch you fuck another woman. Fuck her and use her. Could you do that?’

‘Sure, I could. If we’re sure it wouldn’t damage us. Are you sure you’d want me to?’

‘I really think so.’

‘Any ideas who?’

Here we go, she thought. ‘I was thinking maybe Maria?’

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