A Gift of Submission

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Chapter 6 - Watching

Marc sat next to Maria, pulled her closer to him, leaned over and with one hand pulled her around to be seated on him. She pulled up her skirt to straddle him as he ran his fingers up her arms. From behind Maria, Lucie couldn’t see their mouths meet, their tentative tonguing. She could hear it though. She felt herself get wet, in an instant. She cast aside judgmental thoughts like, ‘Why the fuck is this turning me on? What the fuck is wrong with me?’ and settled in with her whiskey to watch this play out.

It wasn’t long before she saw her husband’s hands creep around Maria’s back, up under her flimsy top, and to the bra fastening behind. He fumbled with it for a moment, before Maria reached back herself. Maria cast an ambiguous look over her shoulder at Lucie. Concerned? Teasing? Condescending? Lucie couldn’t be sure. ‘Here. Let me.’

Lucie thought she might come there and then; she’d never heard anything so erotically charged.

She was entranced by the sight of Maria’s naked back. She had strong shoulders; she’d been a university swimmer. She had pale, almost transparent skin. Lucie found herself anticipating her breasts.

Maria stepped back off Marc’s lap. She knelt at his feet, undoing his belt and sliding his trousers and boxer shorts inelegantly down to the floor, before pulling them free with his socks. Hands running up his shins, over his thighs. The look on Marc’s face told her that his cock was now in her mouth. It excited her beyond reason to think that she had sucked cum out of his cock and now Maria had his cock in her mouth. Her view was of her husband’s closed-eyed bliss and this apparition of marble skin and blazing red hair bobbing between his legs. She suddenly wanted to see more. She leaned to one side of the armchair, catching Marc’s open eyes as she did. He understood what she wanted. He gently pulled Maria’s head up, pulled her up to him and kissed her full on the mouth. Then he lay her down on the sofa, like some Renaissance nude. He pulled down her skirt and almost non-existent lacy briefs. Then he pulled his own shirt up over his head, standing naked over Maria’s soft and pale invitation. Lucie took in his hairy chest, his arms, his tight calf muscles and his rigid cock. Then she roamed a hungry eye over Maria’s never-ending legs, her neatly trimmed ginger pussy, a cute mole on her stomach, her frankly astounding breasts. She never seen such firm, perfectly shaped breasts outside of a soft porn film. She wanted to touch them, lick them, take the nipples and their surprisingly wide pale areolas into her mouth. She sat still, rooted to her seat, as she watched Marc do just that. Maria arched into him as he sucked on first one breast and then the other. He predictably began his way down her stomach, slowly creeping with his tongue to the sweet folds of her ginger cunt. His tongue crept around her vulva, flicking at her lips and the hood of her clitoris. As he probed more deeply into her, Maria turned and looked at Lucie. Her eyes searched profoundly into Lucie’s. Was this alright? My God, I’m sorry. My god, this is good. Lucie imagined the messages, felt them, smiled reassuringly and tried to transmit back: ‘It’s all good.’ She saw Maria’s face relax into pleasure as she let go of worry and guilt.

Marc was nuzzling deeply at Maria’s cunt, pushing into her with his head, moving her up the sofa with each taste. He looked over her thigh, catching Lucie’s eye. She stared, open-mouthed, as he licked her long and slow. She knew that he would be doing that to her before long. Tonight, tomorrow night, it didn’t matter. She gushed again, feeling almost like she would pee, this time without hesitation reaching down to her cunt, moistening her fingers and circling her clitoris sensually. Maria caught her eye again, followed her arm and hand down to her cunt and moaned, leaning her head back as she saw what Lucie was doing.

Marc had not yet seen, but knelt up from Maria’s sex, and straddled her torso. Maria’s hands found his cock as if on autopilot, stroking his shaft and tugging on his foreskin. He leant forward and found her breasts, moulding and kneading them, grasping her nipples with the same move Lucie knew so well, squeezing between thumb and index finger, and pulling upwards. That’s when he saw his wife masturbating. Maria squeezed hard on his cock when she saw him watching his wife, drawing a gasp from him as well. Lucie plunged her fingers deeply into her cunt, wriggling down in her seat and spilling some of her whiskey over her lap. She undid the fastener on her skirt, opening up the zipper to give better access, widening her legs shamelessly. Odd that she should think in those terms about touching herself, when her husband was sitting over a naked friend, having his dick pulled.

She saw him stretch his hands down to Maria’s throat, and a brief but very clear shake of her head as she yanked hard on his cock again. Clearly, she didn’t like that. Another thrill of arousal as she recalled him choking her in her classroom.

Marc inched forwards, riding his cock up over Maria’s breasts and towards her face. She awkwardly strained forwards to lick his cock, but collapsed back, unable to hold her head for long in that position. Marc reached behind him for a cushion, and placed it behind her head, as she leant forward again, taking him in her mouth. As he thrust into her mouth, he smiled again at Lucie, excited to see how frenziedly she was touching herself.

Maria looked over again, visibly annoyed that his attention had wondered. She pushed him away and wriggled out from under him. She shoved him onto his back on the sofa. With a sly glance at Lucie, she stepped forwards, planting one knee against the back of the sofa, and the other foot on the floor. In that position, she lowered herself onto his cock, performing lunges over him, sinking his cock into her cunt slowly and methodically, over and over again. Marc’s face took on a familiar faraway gaze as he let Maria sink and rise on him. Her pace increased, and then she changed from her piston-like rise and fall, to a grinding, pulsing, drive of her cunt over his pubic bone, crushing his cock under her. Her long hair was plastered over her shoulders, falling on her breasts and catching on the sweat on her body. She looked like Lady Godiva, riding her horse. Riding her husband.

Lucie knew he could come here. It was a position she often finished in and he would give himself to it as she rode him. She hoped it wasn’t over so soon, but she increased her own vigorous fingertipping in anticipation.

Marc raised his hands to Maria’s hips, holding her and controlling her. He pushed and pulled her back and forth over him, looking up at her galloping breasts, leaping and frolicking above him. Suddenly he stopped, holding her still, withdrawing from her, meeting her questioning glance with a soft request. ‘Turn around.’

Maria stood and turned, kneeling on the sofa, her ass towards him. He placed one foot at the back of the sofa, his calf against her thigh, knee to her buttock. With the other foot firmly on the floor in front of the sofa, he grasped her ass, squeezing her milky flesh hard enough to elicit an audible drawing-in of breath. He ran his cock over her ass cheeks, between them, rubbing hard against her. She reached back, holding his cock and drawing him into her. He was going to come now. He knew it, before he even slid into her cunt. Lucie knew it, from the look on his face and the shuddering in his legs. Maria knew it, because he told her. She encouraged him with a loud, ‘Fuck, yes!’ and he rammed his cock hard into her. One, twice, three times and then faster and more and harder and faster and rougher and banging into her ass, slapping skin on wet skin until a cry released his gratification as he released his come into her. She pushed herself back into him and was beckoning on her own orgasm, her right hand playing at her cunt, banging against his balls as he came. She called out ‘Jesus fucking Christ’ as she came, crumpling in slow motion onto the sofa.

Marc fell with her, and as that wave crashed, Lucie’s own swelled and rose formidably before slamming onto the shores of her being, rolling her in every direction, disorientating her and leaving her collapsed, breathless and grateful to be alive.

She didn’t remember how it happened, but she found herself hugging Maria, hugging Marc, holding on to them both in a bond of tenderness and appreciation. In wordless agreement, they made their way to their bed, Maria joining them in chaste, satiated embraces of slumber and slaked desires. The last thing Lucie remembered was reaching for Marc’s hand, intertwining their still wet and sticky fingers over Maria’s breasts and drifting into happy unconsciousness.

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